Thursday, November 27, 2008

Meeting the Higher Council and the Mentor

Viktor watched with narrowing dark brown, almost black eyes, as James rushed down the steps to the lower level. Between James and him, not only was he the eldest. But, he was the strongest and most powerful. Viktor had always gotten his way with James. James was basically scared of what he might do to him. Viktor knew his younger brother would be gone for most of the night, possibly even into tomorrow’s day.

For the next half hour, Viktor just stood off to the side of the main room, overlooking the club. As his customers would walk by him, they would smile and comment what a grand club the Point was. Thanking him for creating a fine establishment. He would politely nod too many of them asking if they needed anything. As his staff, would come up to have him sign this document or that piece of paper, for his approval of the more expensive wines to be brought up from the wine cellars. Snapping a finger here and there at one of his staff members, sending out the impression, he was the man in charge to anyone around ….. looking at him.

Every inch of his six foot seven inches height was showing him as a suave, refined, very well-groomed man in his late thirty’s. He definitely appeared to be the gentle businessman, he was trying to portray. Dressed immaculately he wore an expensive designer double-vested black suit that revealed his sturdy wide shoulders and firm chest. Wearing a very crisp light blue dress shirt under his jacket with gold diamond studded cuff links at his wrist, with a gold wrist watch on his right hand. At the high neckline, tied into a perfect knot was a multi-color shade of blue, a long tie that was coordinated to match his shirt.

His full head of hair was close to the color of coal black, and he kept it very neatly combed around his ears with just a hint of sideburns off to the side of his iron clad cheek bones.

His mustache was neatly trimmed as it ran the full length under his straight nose and around his firm mouth running into the well groom short bread that spread over his square chin and jaw line. When he chose to smile he had the perfect smile, barely showing the few of his white front straight teeth. His smiled did not reach those eyes of his that his very thick dark eye lashes covered when he blinked, and his eyebrows were just on the edge of being called bushy.

The brother’s should have been happy with this opening night, it was a booming success. It would have been perfect had Roni not fucked it up, and ran those two young women off … destroying the plan that had been put into place months and months ago, a plan that was being dependent on.

Viktor was trying desperately to show no emotion through his eyes and his stance. For anyone looking at him he appeared calm and composed, inside he was furious.

After he felt enough time had elapsed he took his leave to go deal with the outcome of this dreadful event … Viktor was riding up his private elevator. His mind was working ninety to nothing… as he began thinking how to explain to the higher council that a new plan was in need. That Plan A was fucked.

He already knew some of those questions they were going to ask. What could plan B, be? What could he offer them in exchange? How could they recover? Who would pay for this error?

He could only tell them, those things he knew for a fact. That both his brothers had done their jobs; James and Hunter had done what was requested of them. Hunter had watched over both Thana and Allessia for months, almost a year …. He had gotten them here to the Club, tonight. And between, Max knowing the girls, he introduced them to James. James had gotten them up to the family’s quarters, and was even making Thana feel relaxed around him. Both, Roni and Kalena had been introduced to them. Kalena herself allowed them to go back down to the clubbing area. Then Roni had stirred the pot …

Viktor was finally able to be pissed and show it. Yet, he knew he needed some answers, he knew the few things he would be able to tell them would not be satisfactory.

Now, as he was exiting the elevator into his family’s private living area at the POINT … he felt his body changing into the Master Vampire he had been for years…

His smoldering eyes looked down at his hands, his nails were now long sharp points aged with the color of yellow over them. He reached his hands up over his head to slick his dark hair back. It felt longer and almost wet to his touch. His eyes began to burn as they changed to a deep yellow gold with the pupils rim a deep red. He felt his mouth opening wider as the two long front sharp fangs began to appear, he ran his long thick tongue over his upper lip to his lower lip wetting the dryness from them.

Reaching up to his neck he ripped the tie off and threw it across the room, as his feet stomped through the main parlor area. He was starting to feel the hunger deep … that would have to wait.

As his body walked in front of the beveled mirror there was no reflection of his person shown. He reached the wooden door off to the side yanking the handle opened …. he threw it up against the hallway wall… bouncing back slamming shut.

Taking a few steps down the hall, from a hook on the wall as he walked by it, he grabbed his long black cape off of it. Tossing it around his neck, it swirled open as it went around his upper body to hang low past the back of his knees it showed the deep red silk under lining. Quickly looping the ends together, tying it around his neck. His arms swung at his sides as his footsteps became faster his heels clicking, echoing off the bare stone walls as he walked to the next section hallway.

By now, he felt all of the supernatural strength he possessed coming full force into his being. He continued to storm through the small hallway to Kalena’s room, supposedly her safe room.

She was no longer safe from him.

As he simply waved his hand at the piece of wood between him and her… it splintered off the doorframe. He stepped through the pieces. His look was one of pure evil. His face had completely turned pure white, his cheek bones were hollow shells, narrowing his face, his chin was pointed and round.

As he flew at them, both Kalena and Roni were stunned by his presence. His flight was quick and fast. Before either was able to say a word, he had waved both hands up in the air… their bodies came up off the ground to slam against the wall ….. high up to the ceiling. They were suspended there squirming against the cold hard stone.

As he hover in front of them. With his over bearing thoughts his demand was simple, ‘You will go with me before the council… and you will explain how YOU fucked up their plan. You will take full responsibility of this unfortunate change. I’m sure you will have only the next few hours before one of you, if not both of you will see Hell, I’m sure,’ dropping them hard on the ground.

He floated down to stand in front of them, he said, “Lead the way.” The two struggled up right. Kalena’s hand was at her throat. Roni just moaned more in pain. The threesome began to walk towards, the monstrous fireplace in the room. Kalena turned the scone that was attached to the wall. The bricks began to move apart, opening to show a passage way, that Viktor knew would take them down deep into the underground tunnel leading away from the club to an ungodly Hellish hole.


Thana had enjoyed the sensational feeling …. she had received from that incredible ….no…tremendous heat of the astonishing flame as it engulfed her body. She was still standing completely entranced by how it had spread throughout her entire body. She thought about the over all amazement, the surprise, the unbelievable marvel of what had just occurred within her being. Now, she wondered just how she could bring it back, if she needed it. She was closely examining her palms.

Suddenly, once again, she heard Indra’s thoughts intruding in her mind, as she told her, ‘Thor, sent me here… I am to be your mentor … until I am reassigned and another takes my place.’

Thana glanced to the other woman, saying, “My mentor?”

“Yes, to help teach you a few things,” she heard Indra’s actual voice say. Before she heard the older woman’s thoughts, continue, ‘And, since you appear to not want sleep. We shall begin … now. There is so much and so little time. We will need to practice on several things. First your ability and knowledge to read other thoughts …. friend or foe, I think we have a good beginning on that, we just need to work on how you can shield those thoughts from your enemies, we will come back to that in a few minutes,’ Indra was now smiling at her, as she began repeating Thana’s thoughts back to her, thinking, ‘But, you seem to want to know more about the heat inside you. And, well …. we do need for you to master your control of that astonishing flame that engulfs your body. So, we will start with that.’

Thana green eyes showed her surprise at the older woman’s ability to read her mind.

Indra’s own stance became firm as her thoughts added, ‘So, Thana you need to get complete control of that internal flame … become one with the fire that resides in the depth of your being. Learn to bring it forth, at your command…. in a moments notice. To do that, I want you to target something, aim your hand… your finger… your eyes and then let go…. but, with control… of the flame… shoot it at some object … see what happens. But, just don’t aim at me, please.’ Now, Indra’s chuckling could be heard out loud.

Thana’s own doubtful thoughts were ‘… can I do that…’

Indra’s, ‘you’ll never know until you try… So, I say try it,’ as she took several steps away from Thana.

Thana looked around and found a small limb lying on the ground. She walked slowly over to it, bent down and picked it up. Placing, it over close to the fire pit, just in case. She stepped away a couple of feet ….

Indra’ thoughts interrupted her… ‘Step further away… you will be surprised.’

Thana glanced up questioningly, ‘further away? I’ll be lucky to even hit it, if I do achieve the impossible.’

‘Yes, try a dozen steps …. or more… back away from the object,’ was Indra’s answer, ‘you must have faith…. you do have the power… trust me,’ she thought with patience and understanding.

Thana moved further away, she closed her eyes to think about the flame inside her … concentrating hard…. as she reopened her eyes… those deep green pupils of hers now were sparkling, glowing like red-orange bright flames to anyone that could see them … she stared at the limb lifting her right hand up, pointing a finger at the tree limb …..her eyes were focused on the tree limb… as her thoughts were ‘flame and burn….’


  1. So the training begins!! C'mon sleepy, your turn! lol :)

  2. Yeah yeah Gonna have to give me a few days of course. You know...the holidays and crap. Not Bad Dream...I have to say that I am surprised that you kept it short this time ROFL!
    Kisses! Great job as always, we'll se where I take us next lol