Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Rules for the Authors

Rule Number One:
We do not talk about storytime.

Rule Number Two:
We DO NOT TALK about storytime!

Rule Number Three:
If a character dies, you can NOT bring them back to life! Except as a ghost, a character of the opposite sex, an animal or an inanimate object.

Rule Number Four:
If any characters in the story are given the name "Angie" or "Shelly" they must be smokin' hot, skinny with big boobs. And have great teeth :)

Rule Number Five:
Any story that brings in stupid little spacemen or "God" him/her self will be removed and the offender will be given a chance to redeem herself with a new post. :)

Rule Number Six:
You cannot make any character fall in love or have sex with any of their Real Life ex's. You are however, allowed to kill the Real Life significant other's ex's. :)

Rule Number Seven:
All names used are accurate and do, in fact, depict actual people. Unless you feel it is a negative portrayal of you, then we state that it is a fictional character, but we ran out of names so just used yours.

Rule Number Eight:
No main characters will have any children. To start with, anyways... :)

Rule Number Nine:
Movie Star Sex is acceptable and encouraged. AND all in good fun!

Rule Number Ten:
If you have no sense of humor, get offended easily, or have a tendency to "cry about it".... you may want to refrain from reading any further.

Please feel free to post comments to tattle on a writer who may be breaking a rule! Also, we encourage you to post any storyline suggestions you may have for the next segment of the story. Please remember this is a writing exercise to just encourage us to write something daily. Expect a certain degree of mistakes and just enjoy it for the reading!


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