Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Part 1: The Coming of the Storm

"Ahhhhh...Friday night at last!" Thana said with enthusiasm. She walked out of her office building and smelled the air. A storm was coming. A cool gust of wind rushed up around her legs lifting her skirt a bit and kissing her body. A mischievous grin played along her lips, as the wind proceeded to whip her hair around her face.

"I love thunderstorms," she thought to herself, "Perfect for being just a bit naughty." At first glance, Thana seemed like a regular women in her late twenties. In reality, she was far from it. She was tall, with long blond hair. She had piercing green eyes that greeted you first, they had a knack for captivating most men. Together with her slender face, high cheek bones, and pouting lips, her face was angelic. Framing her eyes, she wore dramatic make-up that was expertly applied to emphasize her large eyes and lush lashes. Though not one for the 'painted face' look, Thana chose natural colors for the rest of her smooth face.

She checked her watch and found she only had about an hour before she was to meet her best friend Allessia. Wow, she worked late tonight. Even though they lived together, the two friends rarely saw each other due to their busy schedules. The weekend was their catching up time. Tonight they were meeting at a new club to dance the night away and have a few drinks. She could hardly wait! So much had happened today.

Thana hurried to her car her heels echoing off the other cars and the concrete walls of the parking garage. She had her keys in hand ready to unlock the car door. Having an uneasy feeling, she looked around inspecting the shadows that played along the walls and corners "I hate this place at night," she thought to herself, "it is so spooky."

"What was that?" she whispered. Straining to hear any type of sound, she closed her eyes to focus. Silence. Nothing but the low hum of the lights. Hmmmm, she could have sworn she heard something. Thana let out a surprised yelp as suddenly the garage was illuminated in a bright flash of light and the ground shook with the explosion of thunderclap. Letting out a nervous giggle to herself she closed the distance to her car and inserted her keys into the lock. She checked the backseat of her car to make sure it was empty and then plopped down behind the wheel. She let out a breath she didn't even realize she was holding.

"Get a hold of yourself, " she scolded at the rear view mirror. Trying to find a way to release the tension in her shoulders, she turned the key in the ignition, cranked her music, and buckled her seat belt. The car purred to life. Checking her blind spots, she carefully made her way out of the garage and turned into traffic.

"Why am I so jumping tonight," she questioned out loud. "I guess that phone call got me a little more rattled than I would like to admit to myself," she reasoned. She let out a deep sigh and flexed her hands that were still shaking a bit.

"I guess that is why you make the big bucks honey," she insisted to herself in the mirror. "It means you have to deal with the weirdos every now and then." She smiled at that thought. She liked weirdos, they made life interesting. Joining the flow of traffic heading out of the city, she watched the the storm clouds claim the night sky. Darkness had swallowed the moon and rain drops started to leave a glimmering coat on her windshield. Concentrating on the road ahead, she cussed the asshole drivers in oncoming traffic that thought they needed their high beams. Almost home, looking at the clock she noticed that the time had ticked away quickly.

"Damn it!" said exclaimed. She only had thirty minutes to get ready and be at the club. Pulling into her driveway, she hit the garage door opener. She scooted out of the car and rushed inside, all the while fumbling inside her monstrous purse for her cell phone. Shoving the blue tooth into her ear, she heard the rapid dialing of her speed dial....then ringing....once, twice....she threw her stuff onto the counter in the kitchen....the ringing continued for the third and fourth time, she was greeted by Allessia's perky voice mail. She hung up. "Fuck! Why can't she EVER answer her damn phone?" Thana stripped off her clothes as she headed for her bedroom to change for the evening. Just as she was putting the finishing touches on her 'clubbing outfit,' she heard a vibrating sound and 'Jesse's Girl' playing softly in the distance. Limping with one shoe off she dashed into the kitchen, snatching the phone off the counter before it vibrated its way onto the floor.

"Hello?" she questioned.

"Hey, what's up? Allessia answered

"Not much, just wanted to let you know I was running just a tad late," Thana explained "I just got home a few minutes ago and I didn't want you waiting out front in the rain."

"Well, there's a surprise," teased Allessia

"Oh please, like you have any room to talk Ally," rolling her eyes Thana continued, "You're late all the time." She walked around the living room searching for signs that Allessia had been there. "I bet you're not ready to go either"

"Why would you say that?" asked Ally

"Well, I do not see your shit strung out all of the living room like normal," responded Thana

Ally let out a genuine laugh. "You caught me," She laughed again "I am almost there. I had a long fuckin' day. I thought I would have gotten off earlier, that is why I told you to meet me there, but noooooo my boss was a dick and wanted to redo the whole mythology section. I was so pissed. He is the only guy I have to take shit from and he decided to come in on a Friday and fuck up my world. What's that all about huh?"

"Who knows why men do half the shit they do Ally," Thana joked. "Maybe he just wants your show to go well, I mean he did invest a lot of money into you lately, plus I hate to say it but you have a history of blowing off details."

"Yeah, but the show is not for another week! I mean come on, I could have done that shit Monday," retorted Ally. "Anyway, I am pulling in the garage I'll talk to you when I get inside...wait.....what the hell?"

"What?" asked Thana

"Er, I guess it was nothing," Ally said sounding a bit distracted. "I could have sworn I saw someone trying to look in our front window, but I don't see anyone. Hold on a sec."

Thana felt her breath get caught in her throat. She felt chills climb up her arms and neck. A lump instantly formed in her stomach. "What did you say?" Her eyes immediately shifted on the front window in the living room. She tried to swallow and she felt that tightness in her shoulders again. She inched towards the window. She could barely talk, "Wait, Ally don't hang up! I am going to look out the window, I want you on the line with me"

"I am not hanging up, I am pulling the car back out so I can shine my headlights across the lawn, it is fucking pouring out here......I can't see shit though all this rain!"

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  1. Love it so far! This is gonna be fun!

    All readers please anticipate Post 2 tomorrow!