Thursday, November 27, 2008

Meeting the Higher Council and the Mentor

Viktor watched with narrowing dark brown, almost black eyes, as James rushed down the steps to the lower level. Between James and him, not only was he the eldest. But, he was the strongest and most powerful. Viktor had always gotten his way with James. James was basically scared of what he might do to him. Viktor knew his younger brother would be gone for most of the night, possibly even into tomorrow’s day.

For the next half hour, Viktor just stood off to the side of the main room, overlooking the club. As his customers would walk by him, they would smile and comment what a grand club the Point was. Thanking him for creating a fine establishment. He would politely nod too many of them asking if they needed anything. As his staff, would come up to have him sign this document or that piece of paper, for his approval of the more expensive wines to be brought up from the wine cellars. Snapping a finger here and there at one of his staff members, sending out the impression, he was the man in charge to anyone around ….. looking at him.

Every inch of his six foot seven inches height was showing him as a suave, refined, very well-groomed man in his late thirty’s. He definitely appeared to be the gentle businessman, he was trying to portray. Dressed immaculately he wore an expensive designer double-vested black suit that revealed his sturdy wide shoulders and firm chest. Wearing a very crisp light blue dress shirt under his jacket with gold diamond studded cuff links at his wrist, with a gold wrist watch on his right hand. At the high neckline, tied into a perfect knot was a multi-color shade of blue, a long tie that was coordinated to match his shirt.

His full head of hair was close to the color of coal black, and he kept it very neatly combed around his ears with just a hint of sideburns off to the side of his iron clad cheek bones.

His mustache was neatly trimmed as it ran the full length under his straight nose and around his firm mouth running into the well groom short bread that spread over his square chin and jaw line. When he chose to smile he had the perfect smile, barely showing the few of his white front straight teeth. His smiled did not reach those eyes of his that his very thick dark eye lashes covered when he blinked, and his eyebrows were just on the edge of being called bushy.

The brother’s should have been happy with this opening night, it was a booming success. It would have been perfect had Roni not fucked it up, and ran those two young women off … destroying the plan that had been put into place months and months ago, a plan that was being dependent on.

Viktor was trying desperately to show no emotion through his eyes and his stance. For anyone looking at him he appeared calm and composed, inside he was furious.

After he felt enough time had elapsed he took his leave to go deal with the outcome of this dreadful event … Viktor was riding up his private elevator. His mind was working ninety to nothing… as he began thinking how to explain to the higher council that a new plan was in need. That Plan A was fucked.

He already knew some of those questions they were going to ask. What could plan B, be? What could he offer them in exchange? How could they recover? Who would pay for this error?

He could only tell them, those things he knew for a fact. That both his brothers had done their jobs; James and Hunter had done what was requested of them. Hunter had watched over both Thana and Allessia for months, almost a year …. He had gotten them here to the Club, tonight. And between, Max knowing the girls, he introduced them to James. James had gotten them up to the family’s quarters, and was even making Thana feel relaxed around him. Both, Roni and Kalena had been introduced to them. Kalena herself allowed them to go back down to the clubbing area. Then Roni had stirred the pot …

Viktor was finally able to be pissed and show it. Yet, he knew he needed some answers, he knew the few things he would be able to tell them would not be satisfactory.

Now, as he was exiting the elevator into his family’s private living area at the POINT … he felt his body changing into the Master Vampire he had been for years…

His smoldering eyes looked down at his hands, his nails were now long sharp points aged with the color of yellow over them. He reached his hands up over his head to slick his dark hair back. It felt longer and almost wet to his touch. His eyes began to burn as they changed to a deep yellow gold with the pupils rim a deep red. He felt his mouth opening wider as the two long front sharp fangs began to appear, he ran his long thick tongue over his upper lip to his lower lip wetting the dryness from them.

Reaching up to his neck he ripped the tie off and threw it across the room, as his feet stomped through the main parlor area. He was starting to feel the hunger deep … that would have to wait.

As his body walked in front of the beveled mirror there was no reflection of his person shown. He reached the wooden door off to the side yanking the handle opened …. he threw it up against the hallway wall… bouncing back slamming shut.

Taking a few steps down the hall, from a hook on the wall as he walked by it, he grabbed his long black cape off of it. Tossing it around his neck, it swirled open as it went around his upper body to hang low past the back of his knees it showed the deep red silk under lining. Quickly looping the ends together, tying it around his neck. His arms swung at his sides as his footsteps became faster his heels clicking, echoing off the bare stone walls as he walked to the next section hallway.

By now, he felt all of the supernatural strength he possessed coming full force into his being. He continued to storm through the small hallway to Kalena’s room, supposedly her safe room.

She was no longer safe from him.

As he simply waved his hand at the piece of wood between him and her… it splintered off the doorframe. He stepped through the pieces. His look was one of pure evil. His face had completely turned pure white, his cheek bones were hollow shells, narrowing his face, his chin was pointed and round.

As he flew at them, both Kalena and Roni were stunned by his presence. His flight was quick and fast. Before either was able to say a word, he had waved both hands up in the air… their bodies came up off the ground to slam against the wall ….. high up to the ceiling. They were suspended there squirming against the cold hard stone.

As he hover in front of them. With his over bearing thoughts his demand was simple, ‘You will go with me before the council… and you will explain how YOU fucked up their plan. You will take full responsibility of this unfortunate change. I’m sure you will have only the next few hours before one of you, if not both of you will see Hell, I’m sure,’ dropping them hard on the ground.

He floated down to stand in front of them, he said, “Lead the way.” The two struggled up right. Kalena’s hand was at her throat. Roni just moaned more in pain. The threesome began to walk towards, the monstrous fireplace in the room. Kalena turned the scone that was attached to the wall. The bricks began to move apart, opening to show a passage way, that Viktor knew would take them down deep into the underground tunnel leading away from the club to an ungodly Hellish hole.


Thana had enjoyed the sensational feeling …. she had received from that incredible ….no…tremendous heat of the astonishing flame as it engulfed her body. She was still standing completely entranced by how it had spread throughout her entire body. She thought about the over all amazement, the surprise, the unbelievable marvel of what had just occurred within her being. Now, she wondered just how she could bring it back, if she needed it. She was closely examining her palms.

Suddenly, once again, she heard Indra’s thoughts intruding in her mind, as she told her, ‘Thor, sent me here… I am to be your mentor … until I am reassigned and another takes my place.’

Thana glanced to the other woman, saying, “My mentor?”

“Yes, to help teach you a few things,” she heard Indra’s actual voice say. Before she heard the older woman’s thoughts, continue, ‘And, since you appear to not want sleep. We shall begin … now. There is so much and so little time. We will need to practice on several things. First your ability and knowledge to read other thoughts …. friend or foe, I think we have a good beginning on that, we just need to work on how you can shield those thoughts from your enemies, we will come back to that in a few minutes,’ Indra was now smiling at her, as she began repeating Thana’s thoughts back to her, thinking, ‘But, you seem to want to know more about the heat inside you. And, well …. we do need for you to master your control of that astonishing flame that engulfs your body. So, we will start with that.’

Thana green eyes showed her surprise at the older woman’s ability to read her mind.

Indra’s own stance became firm as her thoughts added, ‘So, Thana you need to get complete control of that internal flame … become one with the fire that resides in the depth of your being. Learn to bring it forth, at your command…. in a moments notice. To do that, I want you to target something, aim your hand… your finger… your eyes and then let go…. but, with control… of the flame… shoot it at some object … see what happens. But, just don’t aim at me, please.’ Now, Indra’s chuckling could be heard out loud.

Thana’s own doubtful thoughts were ‘… can I do that…’

Indra’s, ‘you’ll never know until you try… So, I say try it,’ as she took several steps away from Thana.

Thana looked around and found a small limb lying on the ground. She walked slowly over to it, bent down and picked it up. Placing, it over close to the fire pit, just in case. She stepped away a couple of feet ….

Indra’ thoughts interrupted her… ‘Step further away… you will be surprised.’

Thana glanced up questioningly, ‘further away? I’ll be lucky to even hit it, if I do achieve the impossible.’

‘Yes, try a dozen steps …. or more… back away from the object,’ was Indra’s answer, ‘you must have faith…. you do have the power… trust me,’ she thought with patience and understanding.

Thana moved further away, she closed her eyes to think about the flame inside her … concentrating hard…. as she reopened her eyes… those deep green pupils of hers now were sparkling, glowing like red-orange bright flames to anyone that could see them … she stared at the limb lifting her right hand up, pointing a finger at the tree limb …..her eyes were focused on the tree limb… as her thoughts were ‘flame and burn….’

Monday, November 24, 2008


Kalena’s eyes burned black as she struggled to sift through the new images that had flooded her mind. She saw the confrontation of Roni and the women and their escape with the Grigori. The Grigori were sometimes called 'watchers' or 'fallen angels', but really they were a halfbreed. Half (would have been) angel and half human. Some are good and some are bad, both excelling at whichever side they choose. They have extraordinary powers, but they do have their limitations. They are only allowed to watch, not interact, unless one of the souls they are guarding cries for help. She had known many of the 'watchers' over the years, well enough to know that this one had played by the rules.

She knew the Grigori had taken the girls to the Light, but there were enough shields in place to prevent her from finding out where… She caught tiny snatches of the happenings with Allessia and Thana, although she wasn’t quite sure if they were real or just falsehoods placed in her mind by another… the sight of Allessia surrounded by glowing lights and she saw Thana staring into a fire…

“You summoned me?” Roni’s voice shattered the images, and Kalena eyes bled back to the startling violet they normally are.

Kalena looked at Roni and felt a fierce hatred swell inside her, as she knew it was her fault that the Grigori had come to steal away the women. She had went to great lengths to ensure the women would be here tonight, and was finally ready to set her long awaited plan into action. Until Roni had screwed that up…

Kalena rose from her seat gracefully and slowly approached the place where Roni stood. Inside Kalena was consumed with anger, yet her face did not betray her. Her face was blank, showing no emotion. Kalena was old, almost ancient. She had had centuries of practice to keep her thoughts and emotions from creeping onto her face and into her eyes.

As Kalena got closer, Roni instinctively took a step back, and knelt down, shifting her eyes to the ground. She knew her master well enough to be afraid. She knew she should not have lost her temper with the girls. Kalena had told her specifically to keep her temper in check tonight, to not let anything come in the way of her plans for the girls, and at the first test, she had failed.

Kalena’s voice was calm, “You were given one charge for this evening, were you not?”

“Yes, master,” Roni answered, her eyes fixed on the hem of Kalena’s dress.

“What were you charged with, child?”

“My charge was to bring the girls to the chamber - for their rebirth, master.”

“And did you succeed in your mission?” Kalena voice was still calm.

“No, master,” Roni whispered, still looking at the ground, afraid to look up.

“YOU DARE TO FAIL ME?!” Her master’s voice thundered against the stone walls, and tore into Roni’s flesh like a blade. Blood spilled from dozens of slices across her arms, face, and chest. Roni gasped in pain. “The girls were to be MINE,” Kalena continued. “They were to be fascinated with us, join OUR army. Your insolence has cost me dearly, and now we will be the hunted.”

Crying, Roni tried to defend herself. “Master, they disrespect…”

“You…. have ruined…. EVERYTHING!” Kalena screamed at the vampire at her feet. Kalena’s power poured out of her. It was scalding hot, smothering the other woman, suffocating her. It rolled through the room, wave after scalding wave, pressing the lesser vampire flat to the ground. Roni writhed in agony, screaming, “I am sorry master!”

“Sorry? You have not begun to be sorry,” Kalena spoke quietly. She lifted the vampire from the floor with only her thoughts, standing her upright in front of her, still floating slightly off the ground. She gently whispered to that piece of Roni that was hers, the piece she had given to her when she had rewarded her with this new life. She whispered and coaxed, calling it back to her… Roni’s eyes widened, full of horror of what her master had begun. Her skin began to shrivel and dry out, as if all the liquid was being siphoned from her body. Blood began gushing from Roni’s mouth, eyes, ears and nose. Roni convulsed, choking and coughing on her own blood.

Still suspending her in the air, she stared directly into her eyes, finally letting Roni see her anger. ‘You will NEVER fail me again. Or I will take back what I have given you. You were nothing before me, and I can make you nothing again.’ She pushed the thought into Roni’s mind, with enough force to make the vampire’s face twist in pain.

With that, she simply flexed her mind, and sent Roni’s body flying across the room, slamming into the far wall. Roni crumpled to the ground, not moving. Kalena turned her back, and her eyes shifted into blackness again as she returned to her search for the girls.


Thana sat in front of the fire, watching the flames lick the wood. Her mind was in shambles. Too much information in too short a time had left her feeling cold and lonely. Allessia was sleeping and had not been able to tell her anything of her dream. Thor had explained very little and she worried for her friend, regardless of Kendrietta’s comforting words.

Hunter had been called away by Thor after the incident with Allessia, although he promised to be back as soon as he could. He had kissed her softly before taking his leave, and she could still feel the heat of his lips against hers. She had been walked back to the courtyard, back to the fire. She sat alone for the first time in hours, making another attempt to meditate and find her center.

She had been told, once again, to ‘study with the fire’. She felt ridiculous, sitting there, staring at the flames. She felt she was wasting time, that she should be starting her training by now. Allessia’s dream, or whatever it was, had helped her tap into that part of her that had been lost through time. Allessia knew what she was, and what she needed to do next, and still Thana sat here, lost. Allessia would be able to fulfill her destiny and Thana would be chopping more firewood to try and keep the fire going so she can sit and stare at it…

‘Stop feeling sorry for your self,’ she told herself. ‘There is a reason you were told to do this. Find the reason.’

She closed her eyes and took several deep, cleansing breaths. She pictured the fire in her mind, just as it was before her. 'Ok, fire...what is the fire?' She thought...

She slowed it down in her mind, each lick of the flame, each shudder of heat. Every flash of color, every shadow it placed on the ground. She dissected the fire, piece by piece, as if taking apart a jigsaw puzzle. She studied each piece individually, exploring their properties, the role each played in creating this amazing phenomenon. After learning what she could of each puzzle piece, she would place it back against the wood in its original place.

She felt the knowledge of the fire burn into her own mind, and her eyes flew open in surprise. The fire was still blazing, even hotter than before, yet her skin felt as if a cool breeze was passing over it. She looked down at her hands… they were red and orange, as if there was a fire burning beneath her skin. She stared at them for several seconds, trying to decide if it was a trick, an illusion, or if this was actually happening. She brought her hand up to her face, and realized that there was no fire beneath her skin – it was ON her skin.

A thin coating of flames weaved its way up her wrist and arm. She followed the path of fire until it covered the rest of her body. Her clothes fell to ash around her, but there was not even the slightest burn or blemish on her entire body. She was engulfed in this skin of fire and it felt wonderful.

She stood up, hands still up in front of her, and surveyed her body. She saw her skin begin to soak up the flames, like water being poured across dry and cracked earth. Her skin still radiated a bright red orange color, but the flames were being swallowed by her skin. ‘No, don’t go’, she thought. ‘Don’t leave yet’. At her word, her hands exploded in flames. She felt satisfaction that it responded to her thoughts, and her mind was free of fear or doubt. She knew it would not harm her.

She began focusing her mind on the fire itself, trying to push it from the rest of her hands to the center of her palms. The transition was seamless, and it left her cupping two handfuls of pure fire. She stared in wonder for several minutes before closing her hands into fists, extinguishing the flames. She felt a rush of excitement and a smile spread across her lips. She felt the warmth of the fire deep within her, lying dormant until she called it back.

She glanced at her feet, and realized she was still nude. She heard a throat clear, and she turned instinctively towards it. Indra stood several feet away. She stared directly into Thana’s eyes and a pleased smile on crept across her face. She shrugged out of her cloak, and walked over to Thana, offering it to her. Thana took it, and slipping her arms in first, and then wrapping it around her body. The material was luxurious, much softer than she ever would have imagined. The cloak felt weightless, yet covered her completely. She had a quick panicked thought that the cloak would get destroyed if she had any problems with her new talent. She wasn't quite sure she could control it completely, that would take time and practice....

She thought for a second about giving it back, and just going naked for a day or so until she knew what to expect… but then Thana suddenly heard a voice in her mind, and she knew it was Indra. It was as if the voice spoke directly into her ear.

“Do not worry. Your fire cannot burn that cloak, even if you wished it…” Thana glanced up quickly, eyes questioning the woman before her.

Indra was staring at her, smiling again. She knew Thana had heard her. They locked eyes for several moments, until finally Indra spoke again, this time aloud, “So it begins.”

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Kendrietta walked down a dim lit hallway, leading Ally to her new room. Feeling sluggish from the night’s excitement and her two unworldly excursions, a nice deep sleep sounded like heaven to her. Ally had no clue to what time it was, her body told her it was very late. Coming to another old and worn door, Kendrietta opened it and stepped inside assuming that Ally would follow. Ally entered the dwelling and smiled. “Cozy,” she said. Candlelight flickered casting a warm light across the room. A small round table and two chairs where to her left with three candles as the centerpiece. In the far back left corner was a bed covered with quilts and pillows, it looked so inviting to her. There sat another small table on one side of the bed that held more candles. To her right was a small wood-burning stove with pipes burrowing into the top of the stonewall. Beside it sat a pile of cut wood and a bucket of water. The walls in this room seemed to be cut and smooth. A part from a few fur rugs, the floor was bare stone that had been smoothed and polished.
“Can I get you anything before I leave?” Kendrietta asked.
“Not really,” Ally answered. “I think I am just going to sleep for the rest of the night. I am exhausted.”
“Oh, I am sure of it,” She smiled. “I remember when I journeyed through my first regression of my past lives, it was draining.” With that she moved to the door,” until tomorrow then?”
“Yeah, good night,” Ally smiled at her as Kendrietta closed the door. Walking straight to the bed, she began stripping off her clothes leaving a small trail behind her. Only wearing her panties, she flung the blankets back, arranged the pillows how she liked them, and climb in bed letting out a relaxing sigh. She was asleep almost instantly.
She opened her eyes in what seemed like mere minutes, and sat up in bed. She could not see anything…no candlelight or the soft red glow from the stove. She sat quietly on the bed, with most of her body still under the covers…listening. Nothing. Goosebumps covered the exposed skin not protected by the quilts. She shivered. “Damn it is cold in here…” she thought. She uncovered herself and moved towards the area where she remembered the stove to be. She walked…and walked…and walked…what the hell? Where was the stove? It should have taken her less than ten steps to reach the damn stove. She stood still, listening again. Nothing. Just the darkness and cold accompanied her. “Brrrrrrr,” she rubbed her arms. Her feet were freezing! She turned around and started to walk back in the direction from where she came from. She was naked and needed those blankets before she froze to death! After about five steps she stopped again…. she made fists with her toes. Grass?…she was walking in grass? “How the hell did I get outside?” she thought. She was trembling now.
“Don’t be scared,” said several wispy voices. The voice seemed to echo all around her and overlap one another. The voices were so soft she could barely hear them.
“Who’s there?” she demanded. As if to answer her, seven silver orbs appeared out of nowhere. They were about the size of marbles and they were floating in a circle surrounding her at about eye level. Slowly each one began to give off a soft colored glow, giving each one a halo. She squinted her eyes from the sudden source of light. The orbs were now silver in the center and had a colorful hue around them, each a different color. With the light the orbs were producing, Ally looked around at her surroundings…. nothing but blackness as far as her eye would see. She just stood in the middle of these bulbs of light not knowing what to do. She was about to shout out, when she noticed a mist building around her feet. It was warm. It started to raise and fill the area around her. She could see the rainbow of colors mixing with each other and reflecting in the small droplets of moisture within the mist. “How beautiful,” she thought. Then without warning each orb exploded and instantly reformed, each one capturing portions of the mist. Ally hit the ground covering her head and closing her eyes; the sound was deafening and sounded like glass shattering. Silence.
She opened her eyes and her mouth dropped open in astonishment. “Oh my…” she whispered as she stood. Each orb was now a ghostly figure. None of them had feet; they were apparitions floating in the air, all with a globe of colored light where their heart would have been. She studied the seven ghosts and noticed that six of them were women and one was a man. Each of them was dressed in clothes from different time periods. She stood in the middle of these seven ghosts unafraid…. for she knew each one of them. They were all smiling at her… the same exact smile. Overwhelmed with emotion, she beamed. It was Ally, all seven of them, just from different lives past, they looked different from her present appearance, but the all had the same slightly crooked smile.
“I am glad to see that you are not afraid of ghosts Ally,” came a pleased voice from the darkness.
She stopped smiling and looked around. “Who’s there?”
“A friend ma’ lady…do not fear. I am here to help you.” A figure was slowly becoming visible through the array of lights. She could only see one side of his face due to the shadows caused by the light, but the side she did see was a pleasant one. She immediately looked down at her nude body. Shit…
“How do I know you tell the truth?” she questioned the distant figure.
“You don’t.” he said, smiling showing off his dimples in his cheeks. She couldn’t help grinning back at him. She started to walk out of the circle to try and hide her nakedness from the stranger.
“STOP!” he yelled holding his palm up. She stopped mid stride, startled.
“What?” she asked. “What’s the matter!”
He shook his head letting out a deep chuckle and lowered his hand, “Forgive me, but you must not leave the center.”
“Oh,” she said looking around. “Why not?”
“You will undo everything we worked for tonight,” he said coming closer to her. “Trust me, it was not easy to get here.” He was now at the edge of the circle right in front of Ally, she could finally see him clearly. He had dark brown hair with hints of lighter brown. His hair was long enough that it hung in his eyes a bit, but the rest was neatly trimmed and styled. He was staring straight down at the ground, slipping out of his jacket.
“Here,” he said handing her his jacket.
“Thanks,” she blushed. She slung the leather jacket around her quickly, pushing her arms through the long sleeves. The jacket was warm from the body heat of its last owner. It felt so good. It covered all of her private areas nicely because the jacket was way to large for her.
“Okay, you can look now.” She said as she finished zipping it up. He lifted his head and met her eyes with his and smiled. “Looks a little big on you,” he said with a grin. He had kind, confident eyes. They were chocolate brown with flecks of gold in them, she felt as if they were seeing through her, right into her soul. His face was squared shape and clean-shaven. He had another dimple in the middle of his chin. He was much taller than her, she guessed him to be about six foot. He was wearing a black long sleeved shirt that hugged his body at just the right places. Bringing her attention to a thick chest and broad shoulders. Even against the black of his shirt his skin was bronzed.
“Sorry, I am not following you…. what do you mean ‘I’ll undo everything’?” Ally said frowning. “No offense, but I have no idea who you are, where I am, how I got here, what’s going on, or how to escape.” She was flustered now.
He tilted his head a bit and looked at her from the side looking as if he was trying to decide something. He put one of his hands in his jean pocket and the other came to up to his chin not really to rub it, just to hold it while he thought.
“Well, there is much you do not know then…” he said playfully. “Which question would you like to answer for you first Ally? By the way, I am Ethan.” He nodded to her.
“Nice to meet you.” She said. She looked around, “where am I? I mean, one minute I am in bed and the next I am here. Is this a dream or something?”
“Yeah, something like that.” He said.
“If this is my dream, why are you here? Are you real or just someone I conjured up?” she pried. He started to pace a bit and a crease had formed on his brow.
“Well, Ally that is a little bit more difficult to explain,” he admitted. “First off, I am real and I am here to help you. This dream is your dream, but I helped to manifest it into a dream that would help you discover yourself. As you have already noticed, these,” he motioned to the floating mists, “represent past lives. These were the most crucial lives in developing your overall being. What you need to do is to embrace them. Absorb their experiences and knowledge. Right now you are not tapped into them, they are not one with you. So far all you have done is trigger some memories, which is good, but you need to bridge all these lives into one. Then when you wake up, then you have armed yourself with most of the weapons needed to fulfill your tasks ahead.”
“And you can help me do that?” she asked looking back at him.
“Yes, if you let me,” he said seriously.
“How?” she was scared and excited at the possibilities.
“It is one of my gifts,” he replied. “Though, in order for me to help you, you have to give me control of your dream.”
“You’re not in control now?” Ally asked.
He chuckled that deep, warm chuckle again. “Are you kidding, it took me forever to get in here. You have a very strong mind, even in your sleep.”
“Thank you, but why do I have to give you control of my dream? I do not like giving up control,” she admitted.
“I know,” he said softly. “But as it is now, I can only manifest parts of this vision. I can only manipulate your ideas or memories to what you need to see. In a weaker mind I would already have gained control, but in yours…I need you to give it to me. If you would trust me, I can make what happens in this dream very real and it would benefit you immensely. Do you understand?”
“Not really….” She said.
Ethan patted down his pockets finding nothing; he reached up and undid the leather necklace that hung around his neck. “Ok, in a normal dream, if I gave you this,” he placed the necklace in her hands. “When you woke, would not have the necklace because this is not real. On the other hand, when I am in control, you would wake with that necklace physically in your hands if I wished it.”
Ally’s eyed widened, “You can do that?” she whistled out loud. “That is kind freaky. Do you invade peoples dreams often?”
“Most of the time, only when need be or if it is requested of me,” he said like it was no big deal. “Other times it is for fun,” he admitted. He gave her a sly grin. She shook her head.
“What?” he asked innocently.
“So, we need to do something in this dream that needs to be real…correct?”
“Indeed,” replied Ethan.
She took a deep breath and let it out. “Okay,” she said sounding very timid, “how do I do this?”
He got very serious all of the sudden. “You sure?”
“No, but I am going to use my intuition and trust you,” she added, “please do not disappoint me, if you do I will hunt you down.” She smiled.
He didn’t smile, “I believe you.” Ethan continued, “Unfortunately, if I wanted to I could make sure that you never woke up, or I could simple kill you.”
“Ummm…why would you tell me that? That is not the best way to gain my confidence.” She was a little scared now.
“I am not meaning to scare you, I just want you to be fully aware of what you are deciding.” He said gently. “If you do not want to go through with it… nothing happens…. if you are still willing, then I need to you to think of a visual image of your shields, like a wall, tower, whatever you see as your mental protection. Then…tear them down, that shall grant me passage and your mind will allow me to take over.”
She looked at him for a few seconds. Then she closed her eyes and did as he told her. Ethan closed his eyes as well, waiting for the ideal moment. Her stonewall was impossibly tall and impenetrable. Then by her command, the stones fell apart one by one. As the wall came dangerously close to being destroyed, she panicked and the wall began to rebuild itself.
“Shit…” exclaimed Ethan. A sharp pain shot through her head, she grabbed her forehead with her left hand and collapsed to her knees…screaming in agony. As fast as the pain started, it was over.
Ethan was also on the floor on the all fours. Panting between each word he asked, “Are… you …. okay?”
Ally was now in the fetal position now; she rolled to where she could see him. He looked like he was in pain too. “Yeah, I guess,” she groaned. “Was that my fault?” She couldn’t help but laugh.
“Yeah…that was definitely your fault.” He answered. “Whew…” Ethan stood up. “I thought you were going to kill me there for a second.” He laughed, his voice a tad shaky from the adrenalin. “I had to act fast and force my way through there at the end, that is why there was a small amount of pain. You began to resist me.”
“I am so sorry. I didn’t mean for that to happen.” She said. “So did it work?”
“Yes it worked, a little painful, but it’s done.” He said. “When you are ready, I need you to go back to the center, okay?”
“Sure.” Ally got to her feet and stood in the center. “Now what?”
He looked at her for a moment, his face grim. He sighed and said, “Please forgive me Ally.” He backed away from the circle and closed his eyes.
Immediately, the seven orbs erupted into a rainbow of blinding lights. A furious wind picked up and blew all around her. She shielded her eyes and screamed. Above her she heard thunder, she looked up to see swirling clouds it looked like a small hurricane and in the center, another larger globe spinning tremendously fast. Lightning hit one the seven orbs and started a chain reaction, lightning leaped from orb to orb, traveling the circle in seconds. The moment the lightning came full circle the orbs exploded and she felt them hit her body like a gunshot. Her terrified scream echoed everywhere, her body bowed backwards. The orbs embedded themselves into her body in a straight vertical line, like they were trying to cut her in half from head to toe. At exact same time, the globe sent down a flood of fiery light and then came crashing onto her. The impact of the globe, created a dome of white power that started where Ally stood and expanded out around her, illuminating everything and growing in size. It built up speed as it traveled just a tad slower than the speed of sound. Ethan heard it coming and then felt it hit him. Ethan was blown off his feet in the wake of the powerful dome and thrown several yards.

Ally sat straight up in bed screaming at the top of her lungs. She threw her covers off kicking her legs wildly, “I’m burning!! I’m burning!! HELP ME!!” She thrashed so wildly; she fell onto the cold floor.
The door burst open and people seemed to pour into her room. Someone immediately scooped her up and cradled her in his or her arms telling her that it was just a dream. “You’re not on fire,” someone reassured her soothingly. Ally’s heart was about to pound its way out of her chest. She was breathing so hard her lungs felt like they were burning. Voices of the people in the room were all talking at the same time.
“What happened to her?”
“Look at her skin!”
“What are those marks?”
“Why is her skin glowing like that?”
“She is burning up! Someone get some ice and cool rags!”
Then a very calm voice silenced everyone. A cool hand felt her forehead, “Ally, can you hear me?” Thor carefully took her from the others arms; he cradled her against his chest as he lifted her off the ground.
“Yes,” she whispered.
He sat her back on the bed and kneeled in front of her. He raised his hand to her forehead where one of the seven marks were, it was emitting heat, and rubbed his thumb over it. “Don’t worry, they are not permanent. They will fade in a short time.”
She looked at his eyes knowing that her could not see her, “I felt my body burn,” she whimpered and a tear trailed down her cheek. Thana was there curled up on the bed beside her, holding her. Pain showed on her face. She hugged her close.
“No my dear, it wasn’t your body burning per say, it was the melding of your past lives into one being. Each one governed a particular chakra and each chakra resembles a color of light, all that knowledge and power is now in one body and soul.” Thor paused and turned to the others in the room. “Ally is once again traveled down an exhausting path, we should let her rest.” Without farther explanation, everyone left the room. Thana kissed Ally on the head before leaving.
Ally laid on her bed with one candle burning in the room for light. She lifted her right hand, which was clutched shut. She opened her hand and there in the dim light she saw the leather necklace Ethan had given her. She smiled.

“It was real,” she thought to herself. “You were right Ethan, I did need your help. There is no way I would have had the strength to do that myself....I owe you one,” she said to know one.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Connection

With unshed tears still filling their eyes, they held them in check … not allowing them to overflow completely down their cheeks. Not, yet.

They looked at each other and then back to the elderly man in front of them … Thor.

Immediately, as their eyes rested upon him their hearts filled with a peacefully ease … cleansing their deep rooted emotions, as a deep recognition, filtered through them. Not, only through their minds eye, but, their united souls. They saw what they had never seen before.

Allessia was the first to nod her head in agreement, surprise filled her voice as she spoke, “Yes, I do remember the Light.” Her voice changed with a deep pride, she stood up, before adding, “My mother, from that past life was known as Queen Camilla. She was the Creator of the Light Warrior’s. Those beings were a special group of males and females trained to be warriors, given the mission to protect the Order of the Light. I was known as Princess Eva of the Light. I ended up being the last known female to have the secret knowledge of how to bring forth the internal sword of light …. from my being. I vaguely have memory of it all.” She paused looked around, stating, “I believe to remember all that I need too from that life and all the powers that were bestowed upon me. I will need a place to meditate and self sacrifice for 48 hours to cleanse my body and my soul. I need to find the connection to my inner being …. I need to remember all that was taught to me.”

Her voice change to uncertainty while saying, “I’m not sure I have the power and the strength. Now, today, as I once had …. as that female …. Princess Eva of the Light, I believe I am different now.” Her voice shook, “I know I am different,” held doubt in her ability even though she knew she had the knowledge of what he was referring too.

Thor smiled, “Yes, Allessia, you are most definitely different, now. In fact, you are much stronger in this life… then you lived those years’ before. You must trust me… have faith. Because, unfortunately, you will not have 48 hours to discover all you need. But, what you need to do is to look deep inside you. To see just how strong and powerful you have become, through the many passages of times you have crossed. Time and events have made you stronger than ever. And, now not only is it in the strength you possess and need. But, with the powers you can share with others’, as well especially your best friend here …. Thana.” He waved his hand towards her.

Thana had sat there in awe of what all was being said and with what she had actually found herself remembering ..... about her own past lives. But, once she finally found her voice to speak, “Unfortunately, I do remember some of those past lives…. the hunger I felt when the Dark One’s habitat was forced upon … into me. I remember the fight of refusal at first…. then truly joining with them for the hunt and the kill …at first I joined because of the betrayal I felt. But, then my inner balance came forth, I just couldn’t understand how I could do those awful acts of violence to those unsuspecting men, women and children. But, I justified it as being forced, too. I remember trying to limit what I did.” Her tears fell as she remembered how her heart ached as she stood outside her body looking down on those she had harmed.

She wiped her eyes to add, “But, I especially remember, how and what one particular Dark One did and would command to be done. He was known, as their Grand Master. He was a mean fucking son of a bitch. I truly believe he was more than just a simple Vampire. Hell, he was closer to the devil himself. His powers seemed unlimited. We all knew him by the name of Grand Master Bera….”

As that name was spoken….an inhuman groan came from their elderly trainer, Thor, as he cried out, “You knew the Grand Master, you have been with him,” in disbelief, thinking he had been wrong in allowing her entry into his paradise, the first time doubt had ever enter his mind for many years. His own hand came quickly up to his throat and his face was distorted in pain, before he quickly recovered to hide his inner painful encounter.

Thana immediately clarified, “No, no… not actually knew him, as far as meeting with him, being with him. But, yes, I was aware of him. I heard countless stories of his horrors. No, I was never allowed closer than probably hundred feet from wherever he was kept. But, I saw the destruction he could do. All he had to do was put forth a command out to his creatures to do something and they did it. His name was bantered around to put fear into one.”

She took a deep breath, “If forced, now, I would chose death over life … I mean true death… not reborn death, then to truly follow him, again.” Thana looked at this gentle man, “I am sorry, if he was the one that took your eye sight from you,” She had risen to move before the elder to bend in front of him, adding, “if I brought pain to you by mentioning his name that way, I’m deeply sorry.”

Thor’s voice held a pleasant tolerance as he told them, “No, that is not it. Please, my child do not humble before me. I lost my eye sight from another, a few years back. What pains me most is the simple fact from many years ago.” Now, his smiling mouth became sobering, “In another lifetime, for us immortals, time has no boundaries. But, Bera seduced my sweet loving sister…. Velnetta Thornton, she was known among… the Order of the Light as one of our High Priestess. She was one of the most kind and loving beings’ ever known to grace this universe. In her prime Velnetta was granted the unity with one of our High Guardian Priest of the order. They gave birth to Indra. You just met her. She’s the one that brought you in here to me.”

He paused, as he told them the story, “Many years later, after Indra’s birth, Bera came upon my sister, Velnetta … he used his powers of seduction on her and eventually she gave birth to another …. you have met him, too. He is known as Hunter Gamlin. He has a torn placement… between the Dark Ones and the Order of the Light; with both of his parents’ true blood running deep in him. So, far he has chosen the Light over the Dark.” His mouth smiled again, “I consider Hunter more than a dear nephew of mine. He is closer to my son… I helped raised him. As an infant child, Velnetta used her powers to send him to me, and by my own I sent him back to her as needed. Bera never suspected she and I were influencing him as we have done. However, Indra was left here with her father, when Bera took Velnetta. Since then her father was destroyed by Bera himself, and I have had the pleasure to raise her.”

Thor, continued, “But, with Bera as Hunter’s father, he must show some appearance to be one of them, and until lately everything was working perfectly in our plans. Now, his older half brother has become suspicious of him. Viktor watches him closely when he is around them. Hunter mainly complies with them because of a hope and his unconditional love to one day reunited with his loving mother. Bera holds my sister captive somewhere in his den. I no longer have a way to contact her. But, I continuously hear her screams of wanting to be released. Her tortured soul has haunted me throughout the many years. She has lost her way back to the Order of the Light; and, neither Hunter nor I can get to her. That is what brings pain to my heart and makes me grieve her loss way.” Thor bent his head.

“I’m very confused.” Ally asked, “I thought Hunter was the younger brother to James and the older one named Viktor, the Gamlin brothers? Are they all Vampires or some other night creature? They were all together at the club, I assumed as part owners of that club.”

“Yes, in this day and time they took the name Gamlin. And Hunter is half-brother to both of them. They share the same father Hektor Bera. Hektor was married, still is married to the mother of the two older boys. Their mother is as wicked as their father. But, I do believe she not only prowls the night, but, the day as well. She has discovered powers to allow her creatures to overcome the night passage. Through her, she passed that ability through to James, he has access to day and night. But, I do believe Viktor is more like his father… he is strictly a night creature.” He turned towards Thana, “I believe you have met James. In fact, Thana, what I sensed, tonight between the two of you. James has already put designs on you. I have no doubt he picked up on your past life together …well…. almost one of them.”

Thana said, “Yes, I felt weird around him. Like almost a sexual desire that needed to be fulfilled… if it already hadn’t been. It was strange. I’m not usually like that when I first meet someone,” she shook her head, laughed lifting her left eye brow up a little, “Well, maybe on the second meeting….but never on just the first time. But, I felt as if I had … you know… been with him before… intimately.”

“Ah…ah…” Thor nodded, “Maybe, you have. You need to look deep inside, and figure that out. It could be a weapon to use in your favor.”

“So, we were brought to you for you to train us?” Ally, asked, “How and when does this training begin?”

“Impatient …. Good,” his smile was earth shattering, “Ally, now I asked you... how can... I ... train you and Thana when you already have the knowledge …. No, as your teacher… I will be here to help guide you. If and when you need a push in the correct direction or position to achieve all that you have available within you. All you really needed was somewhere to begin your own re-training. As Light Warriors you once were, you have the ability and powers deep," he waved his hands as he spoke, "...pull them forth.. get control of them again. Then between the two of you take the authority to lead the many warriors here in the Order of the Light.”

Thor said, “It has come the time where the Dark Ones need to be shown their limits. They no longer have the right to prowl through the night and day taking victims, as they please, to build their stronghold.”

Thana asked, “So, where do we go, here or to another place for us to begin?” She now stood beside Ally.

Ally said, “I need to fast and meditate, first, before I will be good to anyone, especially myself.”

Thor raised his hands, “Please, take Allessia to her dwelling.” Thor stood as he turned he said, “Thana, stay here, this should give you what you need. Look into the fire... find what you need.”

Smiling to himself, … Thor thought he should know by now he can’t pull his shadow trick by him. He sent a message out telepathically, ‘Hunter be gentle… she might not remember everything just yet,’ chuckling and thinking as he walked out of the area, leaving the two misguided lovers alone.

In the near distance a shadow that had been blended into the walls, shook his head as Thor’s message reached his inner soul… thinking ‘Damn you, Thor, how do you do that?’

You could hear the chuckle as the elderly continued to walk away.


James was staring out onto the dance floor .. several women had caught his attention. He needed to release his frustration with someone from the opposite sex… he really didn’t care who it would be this evening. He just needed a bed partner for the rest of the night.

He had hoped that Thana would be the one. But, now that was impossible…. He had no idea where the Hell, she took flight, too. Plus, he could no longer sense her. When they had met downstairs, he had sent several images to her of what it could be like.. them together. Her eyes had lit up and her breathe caught in her throat as those visions floated through her minds eyes, she had been very receptive to the idea …. But, now she was gone, until he found her again.

He still needed someone … who could he choose… his eyes and mind was roaming from one young lady to another cruising around the room to find someone that was here ….. all alone….. that no one would miss.

Viktor could read James’ sexual drive stirring inside his brother’s body … he was eying several of their patrons… he sent his brother a friendly reminder… ‘No … none of our guests or customers… we do not need to have the morning paper and TV broadcasts… headlines to read ….. ‘New Nightclub the Point --- Missing Young Women on Opening Night.’ Take Roni she’s always willing, and you’ve always come away from her very satisfied.

James’ head snapped up as he glared at this older brother, thinking, “Fuck you Viktor…. I want a fresh piece… I’m just wanting a bed partner for tonight .. I’m not hungry … I don’t always have to devour them…. make them mine… like you do. Unlike you, I can control that side of my animal instinct during sex, you and your animals never think about control… just the lust and taste of blood.”

Now, James just stood up and was walking towards a nice young woman … probably barely in her twenties… his nostrils flared as he sensed a virgin…. just what he needed.

Viktor stepped in front of his brother, now he growled …. between clenched teeth he said just under his breath.. “I said, No. Go to Roni or some other place… not one of our club patrons. I mean it…. we will not be closing this establishment down because of your inabilities to get control.” He tossed up his hand, “Disguise yourself ….. go down the street …… to another club.... pick someone off the streets… I don’t fucking care who or where else, but, just not one of our customers. Not from this club… never!”

James knew better than to take on his deadly brother… Viktor would come out victorious …. not him. He turned and stormed out the building. As he rushed down the street, he knew Roni probably had her hands full trying to make amends with Kalena, he didn’t want to get in the middle of that argument. He would find someone willing.


Once Thana was alone, she did as she was told… she sat down in front of the fire to begin to revisit her past …. those lives she had endured over the centuries, she kept coming back to a vision of one particular life .... a life she had shared with another. How long she had sat there she wasn’t sure…. But, hours had passed by.

Finally, Hunter quietly stepped forward … until he was directly beside her. As he uncloaked himself from the darkness with ease, he simply sat down beside her.

Thana was startled at first, her throat closed up as a shot of fear took root. Then as she found her green eyes locked onto his darker green eyes ... his was beckoning to hers almost saying ... meet me half way.

Then her heart recognized his. Without knowing what brought him to her, she leaned towards him as he leaned towards her, his deep voice whispered, “I believe this is at least the second time we meet in this life time…but, oh I have missed you in my others.”

She smiled and nodded as if agreement.

His lips touched hers, heated breaths mixed with the others’ a pleasurable moan was released against the other’s hot mouth.

His hand was gentle as he slowly began to caress it down her slim shoulder, down her arched back, up and under her top to the side of her incredibly soft full breast, the other was making its way on up to press gently to the back of her head.

Her soft sweet hands were slowly moving around his back to hold him closer to her, caressing up around his neck.

An instinctive need to deepen the kiss, made him press his tongue gently against her tightened lips. Those soft lips of hers remained closed. He moved his mouth and his lips gently over her lips, taking the upper lip between his lips. As his hand caressed back to her soft shoulder, his hand continuing up the slender neck up to open his hand under her ear as he kissed her lips between his lips. Now, his fingertips slowly began caressing her jaw bone to softly stroking the outer side of her cheek. With his gentle touches, she inhaled a soft breath through slightly parted lips. Allowing his tongue to slip into her honey sweet mouth, now, his hot thick tongue met with her delicate soft one.

An electrifying heated sensation shook the two bodies to the depth of their souls. Sending a shock wave through the woman’s body, she moaned with a delightful emotion. For a brief second, she seemed stunned as his tongue moved around with hers. She was hesitating for only a second. Before suddenly, he felt her tongue as she moved it along his, to stroke his. As tongues intertwined with the others, a deeper moan was expelled from the man.

Taking a quick inhaled breathe through his nose brought the sweet hint of her scent of cologne she wore… it was intoxicating.

All he knew, it felt wonderful having Thana in his arms. It had been a lifetime or two since he had held this warm vibrant woman in his arms. A deep need drove him to continue to kiss those luscious lips of hers.

He withdrew, opened his mouth wider and took hers again. Kissing her lips another time and then another, his mouth was roaming over the softness of those full lips with a hunger of a starving man.

She met him with a hunger of her own, as she realized they were actually one in the same … he was her soul mate… she had missed him forever. Tears had filled her eyes with that knowledge as they were threatening to overflow, to run down her cheeks. As, now she felt he was back within her arms surrounding his body against hers.

When he laid them back onto the floor, she willingly went with his arms wrapped around her, hip to hip. Before either knew what had happened they had stripped off their clothing laying naked in the others arms.

Hunter began to explore Thana's lower slender backside, over her bare hip to cup her naked bottom. He held her tightly to his body. His large powerful hands began to touch the warm softness of the naked flesh of this gentle but powerful woman beside him. Trying to spark an excitement from her …. he wasn’t disappointed.

At the soft velvet gentle touch of her hands found the firmness of his hot body.

He wanted to kiss her forever. As one long slow kiss ended, another began, with another and another kiss. As their shared kisses lengthened, it became a devouring of the other’s mouth with the hot sizzling fiery tongues swirling within the others.

With the intensifying passion consuming their bodies, his common sense, was trying to resurface … telling him they had just gotten back together …. they should take it slow. But, then he perished the thought of what was right or wrong…. vanishing those thoughts in the extreme feelings being created in him.

With each kiss he could hear the deep emotional filled panting, their labored breathing increasing between them. He could feel her yielding breasts pressed hard up against his firm chest. He felt all those beckoning sensations of hers, as her legs moved up over onto his own, rubbing over them up and down his calf driving him completely wild.

A slow flowing surge of desire he could no more control than the rising of the day’s morning sun, burst through his body. It was nothing like simple pure lust, but, a wanting he felt to the depths of his bones. He knew he must take them to heaven, plus he just needed her. He needed to have all of her, every gentle round curve of her body.

With every quickening response by his touch, he was completely aware of the knowledge, that he could have her. He felt the truth of it with every trespass she allowed. With each caress he made with his hands over her body, the slide of his hands over her buttocks, the press of his hips against hers. He sucked on her tongue, a sweet lewdness he couldn’t resist, and her groan nearly undid him on the spot.

He angled his head to kiss her throat, but, his lips no sooner touched her skin when he sensed the first soft touches of hers searching over his entire body. Now, her hands were touching his body, caressing up his back over his shoulders. As her hands tunneled through his hair, holding him closer, and he was compelled by her touch.

Moving his leg up to the ‘v’, between her legs, he heard her moan, again. As he pressed his knee gently over her womanly hotness, she moaned loudly and moved into him.

He lower his mouth to take the harden bud of her full breast into his mouth, his tongue rolled over one, then over it again… and again. He heard a slight moan of pleasure from her. He moved to the next breast ….. giving each one equal time.

The softness of her hands roamed all over his hard muscular body. He felt those velvet soft hands caressing off his neck, down the side of the back of his shoulder. She smoothed her hands slowly down the wall of his iron firm chest to the hard ridged places over his abdomen. She was hesitating at his hips to move over the hard muscled of his upper thigh. She stopped…. with a sudden show of shyness. His pelvis came forward in a slow, rhythmic thrust. His erection was immediate and undeniable. She came to life again, as she slipped her hand between them, to enfold his male hardness in her velvet soft hand. His moan was loud with her soft gentle touch to his hot body.

This irresistible angel woman of his was overwhelming him with all her eagerness to be closer to him. He easily rolled them flat as he was on top of her. He eased his hand down to the juncture of her thighs, a heavenly place made even more so, as he slipped his fingers between her legs. She eased them apart … consenting to his invasion as his finger stroked through the folds of her sex, her whimper of pleasure was heard through the room. He inserted his finger into her incredibly hotness, as he moved in and out she was incredibly soft and suddenly wet, relaxing, as her tightness eased. She was ripe for making love.

Her hand found his hardness, once again, stroking her hand up and down over his erection in a slow rhythmic movement.

He caressed her outer thigh down to her knee to help bring it up, as he pressed forward, she guided him carefully slowly into her silky satin softness. As he pushed partway inside of her, the extreme tightness of her womanly prize wrapped around his hard shaft, it felt like a tight glove, as he went deeper.

He pause his movement. He couldn’t think, his mind was unable to make sense of anything. All he knew he was lost, but she was so hot, and he so wondrously wanted her to fit to him. His last reasonable thought was he needed to go slow, not to rush through this first love making between them .. take it slow and easy. No, he probably needed to stop and he began too…. he just held himself in check, not moving. Thinking he needed to pull away, they need to get reacquainted.

Then he felt her soft mouth panting feverishly at his neck … he felt the soft arch of her neck under his mouth. Suddenly, she arched her lower body up against his hard shaft … embedding him in her. Now, he was buried deep inside her.

From his own desire, he released a low surprising moan of complete pleasure, “Oh…yeah…hmmp…Thana…”

As he heard her soft sigh, “Oh yesss, Hunter…more...”

He no longer could stop as he withdrew partway and slid in again, deeper. They began to move slowly with each other like they were made for each other. He had never known of a time he had made love to any other like they made love to one another… so openly affectionate… passionate.. he missed her all these life times. But, now she was back in his arms.

He softly licked her neck with his tongue, then he began to place a wet kiss there with his mouth, he gently sucked the base of her neck, he felt the hot breath of her own sweet mouth on his neck.

Suddenly, that sweet mouth of hers latched onto a section of his skin, drew his skin into her small dainty mouth and held it there, he could feel a petite tongue moving back and forth over his skin, before she gently began to suck on his neck.

As they continued to slowly rock back and forth moving as one together. Her sucking action became powerfully strong, forceful and with an even more concentrated passion on his bare skin, not letting go. She was moaning and moaning over and over and as she inhaled a quick breath, he felt the sharpness of her teeth around the skin at his neck.... not breaking the skin... just holding it there.. she had her power over him.

Now, their slow rocking motion gradually increased becoming wilder. At first, they were out of sync. Now, his brain was functioning once more, enough to realize he needed to change the rhythm of their loving movements to a smooth tempo, to bring them back to an even pace. To ensure each reached an organism together. He shifted their bodies slightly, moving up and down with her.

He whispered, “Oh… sweet angel….”

Her sharp fingertips were caressing digging into his back as her hands continued to massage him all over his back. Her hands were caressing him everywhere, her soft mouth broke its suction from his neck to move to another place on his upper chest… as she starting latching her mouth onto his upper chest, over and over to suck hard for a few seconds before letting go and moving to another area to latch on there. Leaving signs of love marks wherever her mouth went.

Her moans were becoming one of need, she seemed out of control. She moved her legs tighter around him, he felt her heels dig deeper into his backside to hold his body tighter against her body.

Now, he could feel her soft mouth as she sucked deeply back in the middle of his neck, this time not letting go as she drew more and more of his skin into her hot mouth…as she moaned deeply in her throat.

Her lovely body was moving with his keeping the fast pace he was moving them at. His hand moved down under her firm slender butt to lift her up more into him as he plunged deeper into her hot wetness.

She moaned with unbiased pleasure.

Hunter could feel the dampness of their perspiration building up over their bodies … it was dripping off the sides of his arms … as he continued to pump his body into hers.

Her heave of sigh of pleasure, as she yelled, “Oh… almost … oh … yesss…more…”

It was his undoing as he found he could barely hold onto his own release. He was completely aware of this slender loving woman under him … of how her hot moistness was clenching tighter around his harden shaft. The heels of her feet were locked around him… holding him closer into her, driving him insane.

As he sensed her lovely body was beginning to reach her climax, he quicken their rocking movements.. he knew she was seconds away … he felt the trembling clenching of her muscles sending sensations of extreme tightness all around him was more intense …. she was close to her climax …. almost there… he couldn’t hold his any longer he released his hot semen into her, just as she let out an gentle yell as she gasped, “Oh… my oh … . God ….ohhhhh… Hunter… .”

He exclaimed, “Hmmmm…..oh…. hmmmp.”

As her body began to quiver with her emotional release he felt her mouth clamped down on his shoulder blade, her sharp teeth gently biting him.

Just as sudden, she relaxed her hold, but her mouth stayed at his bare shoulder for a moment, placing wet kisses there, before he felt her body ease in his arms.

Hunter was completely drained with all his spent emotions. Desperately he was trying not to collapse his body onto Thana slender body. Somewhere in the loving of her, he came to realize she was his again, not just in a dream, but she was here with him … his Thana an extremely real passionate woman.

Gently, he rolled over onto one side keeping his arm wrapped around her soft yielding body bringing her with him, his whispered confession, “Thana … you are mine… we are one again. Never leave me.”

She snuggled into his chest and stay there, her sweet emotion filled voice, “Always, through time and space… you never leave me… Hunter,” in an accusing tone.

He chucked, “I never meant too the last time… now rest … when we wake your training awaits you.”

Within seconds the intimate once strangers… now, lovers again …. slept.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Journey

Ally opened her eyes, slowing looking around the room. ‘Where am I?’ she thought.

“Are you awake?” Someone said softly, their voice cracking and strained. Ally quickly turned towards the voice, and the sudden movement made her head exploded with pain and a thousand colors swum in front of her eyes. Her stomach lurched; she rolled to the side and vomited onto the stone floor. Cold chills racked her body, as she stared at the ground, until her head began to clear. She felt a hand on her shoulder, and she cautiously turned her head again to see her companion…

“Oh, Thana, thank god!” She cried. “What happened? Where the hell are we?”

Her friend looked at her for a second, before replying quietly, “I’m not sure. I’ve only been up about 10 minutes or so. I haven’t seen anyone, but I hear something out there,” as she pointed to the other side of the room. Ally’s eyes followed Thana’s pointed finger and saw a crude wooden door…If you could call it that. The planks were old and warped, with large gaps between each one. The bottom of several planks were broken and splintered and left a space of about 3” or so from the bottom of the door to the floor. Ally quickly glanced around the room. From all sides they were surrounded in stone; the ceiling, walls and floor, all a rough, uncut stone. Yet where they laid was piled high with satin pillows of all colors. With that exception, the room was oddly empty.

Ally slowly sat up and turned to her friend. “Have you tried the door yet?”

“Yes,” Thana said. “There’s no lock on it, hell there’s not even a handle, but it’s like a maze out there. There is no way I was leaving here without you. I was afraid I would never find my way back.” Thana was still talking quietly, as if she feared someone was listening.

“Are you ok, hon?” Ally asked.

“Yea, I’m just still a little disorientated. I can remember being at the club, and Heather showing up, which by the way, was CRAZY. But after that it’s all a blur. Just scares me, I don’t know where I am, how I got here, or WHY I’m here,” she paused, licked her lips, then said “and that just scares the hell out of me.”

Just then, the door creaked open to reveal a young woman in a dark cloak. She stepped into the room, and smiled. Her skin was radiant, almost glowing, against the blackness of the fabric. Her eyes were violet gemstones, the light flickering within them with every movement.

“Greetings, young ones, I am Indra. It is wonderful to see you awake, and I’m sure your heads are full of questions. Unfortunately, at this time I am not permitted to answer any of them. But once your strength returns, we shall continue on to the Courtyard where Teacher awaits.”

At her word ‘strength’ the girls felt warmth begin deep within their bodies. From the center of their being, the internal heat seemed to boil, radiating outward until it bubbled against their skin.

“I am ready,” Thana declared. Her voice was stronger now. The shaking that had been present before was gone now, and was replaced with vigor.

She stood swiftly, gracefully to her feet. The fluidness of her movement shocked Ally, as well as herself. She looked down to her friend with a smile and extended a hand. Ally reached up and pulled herself to her feet, stumbling to keep from falling as the unexpected forcefulness of her own movement had thrown off her balance.

Indra smiled again, “I am sorry. I am out of practice, and I may have opened too much too soon. Forgive me. It has been many years since any souls have been brought here as you have.” She held up a hand to silence the girls as they both opened their mouths. “Please no questions just yet. Just follow me - Thor is anxious to meet you both.”

The two followed the cloaked figure out of the room and through a series of corridors. They appeared to be underground, as their surroundings were similar to the room they had just been in, all stone, and now they could here the constant dripping of water somewhere. As they got further from their room, the walls began to change - slightly as first, and then it became more and more prominent. The once bare and course stone walls gradually began to sparkle with inlaid gems and crystals.

The halls appeared to be well lit, with the light reflecting off of each gem in a rainbow of colors, although the original light source remained a mystery. There was no sign of modern lighting, and no candles or torches were lining the hall. It almost seemed as if the light was coming from the walls themselves… and from their guide. It was as if she was their candle, lighting the way to their mysterious destination.

After the final turn, they stepped out into a vast circular room, so enormous that you could not clearly see the farthest side. The stone walls continued up and up, never finding a ceiling to meet. Instead they collided directly into the night sky with the full moon center stage, directly overhead. The ground was no longer stone, but plush with grass and vegetation. Trees, bushes, and breathtaking flowers bloomed sporadically throughout the great room, leaving a large clearing in the center where a small fire was flickering. As the cloaked woman glided towards the fire, the two friends gazed in awe at this spectacular sight. Thana saw a squirrel run up a tree and a brown rabbit hop from one bush to the next. There was a small brook snaking its way through rocks and wildlife, until it cascaded into a large pool on the east side of the room. It was like a secret world tucked away from the rest of humanity.

And in the center, behind the fire, sat the Teacher.

Thana and Ally both walked up to the clearing warily, not really know what to expect from this man sitting before them. He was a large man, and although he was obviously older than either of them could have guessed, his body was still quite muscular, not as frail as one would expect. He was making a mixture of something with a mortar and pestle, his hands never slowing or faltering in his task.

He had a silk cloth covering his eyes, tied behind his head, yet his head raised and he smiled as they approached, all the while continuing with his work. “So wonderful it is that you have been brought here, Allessia, Thana. We have been awaiting your return for quite some time now.”

Thana, looking confused, said “Return? I’m sorry sir, but you must be mistaken. I have never been here in my life! I’m sure I would remember this place, it is amazing.” Allessia nodded in agreement next to her.

The Teacher smiled and replied “Yes, yes, I know you have never been here. Not in this lifetime, you are correct. But that does not mean that you have NEVER been here before this day. Please, both of you sit. Let us speak freely, as there is much to say and little time in which to say it.”

The girls situated themselves across the fire, and waited patiently for the man to begin.

He continued to mix his concoction, added a little of this, a little of that, as he started talking.

“Your two souls have been connected since the earliest of days. Each life you find each other, sometimes as friends, sometimes as family, sometimes even as rivals. Whether or not you believe in past lives is irrelevant. What is important is that you are willing to again accept the awesome responsibility that the Order of the Light wishes to bestow upon you once again.

At the beginning of each life cycle it is unclear what will present the greatest threat. It changes through the eras, each time a different force is working against us. In this cycle, it is the Dark Ones. They have existed for centuries, longer than you or I, yet until now, have been satisfied with their confinement to the dark hours. It is no longer so. They have begun to push their way into the mainstream of society, posing as humans, and ruining innocent lives along the way.

We do not need to eliminate their entire race, as not all are guilty of this misdeed. In fact, to purge their entire race would be impossible. They are incredibly powerful, resourceful, and increasing harder to kill. But a faction of these beings have strayed, gone rogue one might say. They need to be removed before they increase their numbers any further.”

The man stopped for a moment, seemingly staring into his bowl, then suddenly called out “Kendrietta? Bring the folst root, my child. And place the water on the fire, please.”

From against a tree to the left, Ally saw movement. A woman appeared in front of the tree as if she had been a part of it, and suddenly stepped out. Her skin was a warm brown, matching the tree perfectly and her dark hair was twisted up in twine with small leaves and twigs woven in. She was small, only about 4 feet tall, but graceful and stunningly beautiful. She smiled shyly at the two women as she brought the Teacher the things he had requested.

He took the root and mashed it into the rest of the mixture, then added it all to the water and began to stir, first one way then the other.

“Before you decide if you would like to continue your training, you must take a journey to your past lives and see what tasks you have been asked to perform in the past. Hopefully on this quest you will understand the importance of the Order and what we have pledged our lives to upholding.”

He deftly poured two small cups of murky liquid, not spilling a drop, and Kendrietta took them from his hands and gave one to Ally and one to Thana.

“Drink. Don’t worry, the taste is pleasant,” She said softly and with a knowing smile.

“Bottoms up” Ally said and drank her cupful in one swallow. Thana mirrored her friend, and then both set their cups on the ground.

It was as if a flood of memories stampeded through their minds. The first memories were from the turn of the century as barmaids. They had been close friends, working for Allessia’s father. They saw flashes of dark eyes in the woods, mutilated bodies in the Towne Square, a mob of townsfolk with torches and spears hunting the forest lurker. Ally and Thana had helped fight the monster, a werewolf. Thana dealt the final blow.

Time sped back, even further, life after life, showing the path they have cut through time together. From the French revolution, to time with the pharaohs in Egypt – always together, sometimes sisters, sometimes friends and even once Thana was Allessia’s mother. And they were together as priestesses in a Mayan civilization, working together to rid their culture from the demons trying to cross over from the mythical underworld Xibalba. And succeeding, over and over again.

And the last memory, so very long ago, when they were enemies. Thana was a creature of the night, a Dark One, turned by her lover against her will. Thana was angry about her new life that had forced upon her, and she wreaked havoc across the countryside. She was hunted and destroyed. Allessia slew her with a sword that shone with a blazing light, almost blinding.

Both women opened their eyes, brimmed with tears, not knowing what to say or do next.

“Thana, Allessia, this is why we need your help” Thor spoke again. “Allessia, you have hunted them before, and Thana you know the Dark Ones better than anyone else we could have found. You know their minds, everything they might do. What their powers are and you should still have a few powers of theirs, buried deep but we can find them and we can use against them. Allessia, you, and only you, have wielded the Light. And you must do it again.”

Saturday, November 15, 2008


“What the fuck just happened?” exclaimed Max. “Where did they go? And HOW?” Max looked around in confusion finally able to move. All three ladies had disappeared. He had never seen or felt anything like it before. The others just looked at each other not answering. Max let out a long sigh and locked his hands behind his head burying his fingers in his thick dirty-blond hair. He found a chair and sat down. Leaning forward with his elbows on his knees he took another deep breath. The club was vibrating with the bass of the music, people were dancing, and having a great time…. all unaware of what had just taken place among them. He watched the crowd with his bluish-gray eyes. He could hear hundreds of hearts beating at different paces. His shields had been torn away; he was now vulnerable to his hunger. Heartbeats were thundering in his head.
He stared at his hands, which were tingling. Trying to get rid of the sensation he shook them. “I feel weird,” he thought to himself. “Like I am in a dream, I need to get control over myself.” Closing his eyes and centering himself, he began to rebuild his shields…. he didn’t want to hurt anyone.
Max had been having a hard time with his new self. Living in Rome these last few months he had seen some crazy shit, but this…. he didn’t know what to think. Supernatural experiences always seemed to affect him more so than the others. Max had been reborn for about 8 months now… not a long time for one of his kind. His transition had been very difficult, that is why he had stayed in Italy for so long with Roni. Not only was she the one who turned him, she helped him cope with his new being. Roni was family now. She wasn’t really his cousin in the traditional sense, she was his cousin by blood yes, but it was by vampire blood. Vampires that belong to a specific group are considered family and he was the newest member, the one with the least control. Slowly opening his eyes he felt more comfortable now, his metaphysical walls were in place and strong. He stood up and walked over to where the others were.
“Now what do we do?” he asked.
“What do you mean ‘we’ Max?” she practically yelled at him. “I vote that Max gets to go and tell Kalena that he failed.” her eyes blazed at him.
“ME?” Max snapped back. “You were the one who lost their temper!”
“Thana and Allessia had overstepped their bounds!” she hissed. “Insulting you, having an shitty attitude, and trying to leave, plus I just don’t like them.”
“Well that is not my problem,” Max informed her. “If you hadn’t jumped the gun and went psycho, I could have gotten the situation under control. I told you before we came over here, I should to do this myself.”
“Please…” she said with a chuckle. “Like I would trust something THIS important to someone like you…. You haven’t even been one of us for more than a year.”
James thought for a moment. “That is true Roni,” he said softly. “Although… he has known the women for years. They trust him…or should I say trusted him.” He just looked at her with hint of sympathy, “I believe that he could have controlled the situation. So you will be the one to go and tell our Masters this devastating news… for you are the one who failed.”
For a moment, Roni looked as though she had been slapped across the face. Then the shock seemed to flow off her beautiful features, as she regained control of her emotions. “Fine.” She said in a low tone, which oozed with rage, “I will go and tell them, if they punish me so be it.” She stared at James for a sec as if she thought briefly about challenging him, but thought better of it and then left. One by one, Max, James, and Hunter eventually occupied the nearby booth to have a seat.
Hunter piped in for the first time, “Masters…. Viktor is here too?”
“Yes he is,” James said studying Hunters reaction.
Hunter knew that at this moment James was scrutinizing every muscle in his face and the pulse in his neck. His face instinctively went blank. His mind was screaming at him to get the hell out of there… now, but he knew how to play this game; he played it often. James and Viktor were both vampires, Hunter was not… by his choice. Most of the time they left him alone about his decision, out of respect to his wishes. After all, he was their only family left from their old life; even though, neither of his brothers fully trusted him. It was a very dangerous game he played with his brothers, if they ever found any evidence that he was a traitor to them, they would kill him…. brother or no brother.
“Well, in that case I should probably be on my way.” Hunter said. “I do not think I wish to see him yet.”
“You know Hunter, this hostility between you two needs to end.” James offered.
“It is not I that needs to end it James,” Hunter said angrily. “I have always done my job, yet he treats me like a traitor because I will not consent to letting him kill me.”
“We are not dead!” James growled. James’ power lashed out at him. Hunter felt a searing pain slice down his left cheek. He flinched and sucked in some air has he controlled the pain. “Do we look like rotting corpses to you?” James asked with fury. Hunter sharply opened his eyes glaring at James. He felt the warm liquid trickle down his cheek to his chin. Hunter felt his own power rising up through him…. ready to defend or fight if necessary. He knew that his eyes had already bled from green to black as he stared across the table at his brother.
Shadows were now slowly descending around them; light could not escape where the shadows touched. James noticed that the isolated corner where their booth sat was being devoured by blackness. One could not even see the raised platform on which the booth sat. James glanced back at his brother; Hunter gave him an evil grin. Trying to protect his ears from the pressure that was building, Max covered his ears. His ears began to pop…he heard nothing but silence.
James shifted nervously in his seat, “Hunter, think of the guests…. what would they think if all of the sudden this corner was in total blackness?” James asked keeping his voice soothing and calm. “You forget yourself brother, please… get control.” James looked around cautiously; no one seemed to think anything of the spectacle, probably just thinking it was a trick of the lights.
“Do not worry about them James…they will not care what they see. I have made sure of that,” said Hunter. Hunter relaxed his body and his eyes had returned to normal. The darkness around them gradually melted away and the sound returned with the booming of dance music. He stood up and moved beside James. He put his hand on his shoulder leaning his mouth to his ear…. he whispered, “For the record, it is you who has forgotten himself. Don’t…. ever …threaten me again…. or it will be a challenge between us.” He paused to let his warning sink in, then continued “I may not be a vampire, but I am more powerful than you are…. so don’t ever forget that.” He rose from his brother’s shoulder and nodded to Max as he left the booth.
“Holy Shit!” said Max with his eyes wide open. “That was your brother?” he questioned.
“Yes, sorry I was not able to formally introduce you,” replied James as he searched his pockets for his cigarettes.
“What was that all about? If you do not mind me asking…” Max said.
“It is a touchy subject, but one that you should be aware of,” James replied. “Hunter is not one of ‘us’.” Even though he figured that one out on his own, I mean he wasn’t an idiot, Max nodded urging the other man to continue with his story.
“Try as he might, Viktor has been unsuccessful in convincing Hunter that he needs to be reborn. It is a reoccurring disagreement between them.” James lit his cigarette. “The most recent disagreement ended in accusations and threats. How should I put this….. hmmm…well… Hunter sees his offer as offensive. All he sees is giving Viktor permission to kill him, and in reality Viktor just wants to give him a new and better life.”
Out loud Max said, “Ahhhhh,” but his mind was deep in thought.
Not wanting James to know, but Max completely understood where Hunter was coming on this issue. Max’s thought were racing “Well, you DO die and you feel your whole body die. It was an awful and painful experience,” he thought to himself. “I can see where he would be reluctant, I mean this was not exactly what I signed up for. I was lied to,”
No else knew, but he had his regrets about his acceptance into his new family. He had liked his old life. Max mourned its loss. He was a good-looking guy, he had money, friends, and lived life in the fast lane. Max had never settled down with a family of his own, but he had wanted to eventually. He should have just accepted death when it had came for him. Instead, he fell victim to Roni and all her promises. Memories flashed in his mind. Now that he thought it about, the car accident was her fault! He had been thrown from his car and a metal rod had pierced his chest. His body was sprawled across the highway and suddenly Roni stood over him. She apologized over and over. She said she had lost control of her car, yet she didn’t even have a scratch. When Max asked how that could be, she whispered her secret to him. He was intrigued. She told him simply “I can save you, give you a new life. You will never have to worry about dying, ever again” she had told him many other things. “I was so scared…I was dying,” he thought to himself. “I was desperate.”
Fear shot through his chest as he remembered he wasn’t alone. He had forgot that James had a talent for reading faces. He did not want his face or emotions to betray him. When Max looked up, James was not even looking at him, he sighed silently to himself. “That was close, I should be more careful” Max thought.
Viktor was standing about 20 yards away from them. He had came out to talk with James when he had seen the heated disagreement between his two brothers. Not wanting to escalate the situation, Viktor had decided to stay out of sight. He had heard everything that was said, for his hearing was excellent…as was any vampire’s. Though, his hearing was even more exceptional then most, he could hear what was said, but also what wasn’t said. He had gotten nothing from Hunter for he had protected himself by forming that black hole type atmosphere around them…nothing could escape that, not sound, light, nor thoughts. Unfortunately for Max, there was nothing to protect his precious thoughts from being penetrated by Viktor. He had heard every thought.


A cool breeze softly tickled at the two women who were both unconscious on the ground. An orange hue from the harvest moon dimly reflected off the surface of the body of water that was nearby. Nocturnal animals bustled around for food on forest’s edge, hidden in the darkness. Crickets chirped their nightly song breaking the silence of the night. Then a hush fell over the forest as soft rustle came from the woods. A cloaked figure glided towards the two women. Barely making a sound, the figure reached them and kneeled in the grass. Gently the man tried to wake the women. They just rolled over and groaned in response. He chuckled and tried again to bring them to consciousness. Again he failed. He dare not press the matter…teleportation can be brutal on the senses, especially the first time. Accepting defeat, the man stood and turned to the forests edge letting out a series of soft whistles. Dark figures cautiously emerged from hidden places and moved out into open approaching the cloaked one.
“Bring them.” was all he said. The group of people fell on them covering them with blankets and jackets...getting them ready for transport. The cloaked one began making his way back to the dense forest with the small group carrying their precious cargo close behind him.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stranger Danger - The Awakening

Thana wanted to scream out for Ally to run, get away… save her self …. tell her she felt some thing awful was about to happen …. her mouth would only open … but the words were stuck … she reached her right hand up to clutch at her throat. She knew somehow this woman… who had acted as their friend not an hour earlier… was now controlling her every thought… and her body.

Thana was trying to fight to no avail, against the powerful need of a force that came from Roni…. to come with her … Thana tried blinking her eyes to break the stare that Roni had on her … holding her in a trance… making her do things she did not want to do. Nothing was working, she felt her body beginning to slowly walk by Roni’s side. She could barely breath … she wanted to faint, yet her feet took one step then another.

Ally had quickly moved closer to her friend reaching out to her, as Thana’s call for help finally registered in her muddled brain, plus as she saw the frightened look on her friends face said so much more to Ally. In the corner of her eye, she saw James walking towards them.

As all of them had taken another few steps …. when suddenly, all around them … it was as if the room was slowing down ….. moving in a slow motion picture ….. all the people surrounding them were beginning to move slowly …. their movements became even slower … and slower …. almost as if they were about to stop ….. as they were walking ….. dancing… talking … then all together …… everyone, except the three of them, Roni, Thana and Ally…

The other three in their group, Max, James and Hunter… also had come to a dead stop in their tracks. But, the three men minds, were opened and watching, unable to speak or help…. But could hear and see everything that was taking place around them.

The deafening hush had fallen over the room, now all the talking had stopped, the music was silent.

And yet, Ally could see the band still trying in the middle of a song …. the singer’s mouth was opened as his eyes were closed, the drummer had his sticks in the air, ready to come down hard on the drums, the guitarist’s hand was up like he was about to strum down onto his guitar.

Now, the remainder of the room every other person stood completely still, mouths opened, drinks held up to their mouths, smiling or laughing. They were …completely frozen …. unable to hear or see what was happening.

The sparking lights from above were a dim blue …. no longer swirling around the room taking it from a brighter light to a dim romantic one… just a dim bluish color.

It was as if the few chosen were caught in a vacuum sealed area.

Ally noticed she could move her eyes, as she was able to glance to the side. She even was able to take a step off to the side, as a stunned sensation took hold of her. She watched her dear friend come forth weaving through the masses of statue people planted in the middle of the room. Her friend continued walking across the floor to where they were standing.

This friend was all of maybe five foot six inches, probably weighed no more than 110 pounds. At first glance you would think just an average person, nothing spectacular. As you took a closer look, you would notice the strange color of the small round eyes. Light green with a sky blue rim around the edges of them. Showing the deep indication of concern, love and peace, now held even a greater sign of kindness as they met Ally’s …. Those eyes were smiling back to her.

Roni, pissed and shocked, looked up and around to see who dare had the power to hold time. Once she saw the person walking towards them. She cursed, “Damn you,” asking in a hatred voice, “How were you able to get access in here? You are not allowed to interfere without being requested.”

With one of the sweetest smiles ever, the reply was dripping with kindness very honest and sincere, “You do not have to tell me, anything. I know my place. And for your information I was requested …. earlier this evening I was asked to come ….. to assist my good friend Ally …. and when as I just walked in … I could hear Thana’s cry for help…. by rights given to me through Ally’s friendship … allowing me the pleasure to intervene.”

Now with a little sarcasm held deep in the voice adding, “Plus, this helped immensely at the door,” holding up an item for all to see, “it is amazing what human people will do when they know the law has come to their doors. Doors are opened, the private VIP status waived. Many people extended out to their better nature. Well, all but you …Roni…I still wonder if you have a better nature, any more?”

Now, the friend’s face became not so sweet and kind. And, with a very quiet but a firm confident voice demanded, “Signorina Petroneia Lashko, I suggest you release your devilish hold, or suffer the consequences. My friend, Thana can barely breathe.”

When the woman did not immediately do as she was told, one word was fiercely spoken, “NOW!” it shook through the corners of the room, echoing back to where they stood. And, she simply raised her small petite hand … up and straight out …. open palm in front of Roni’s face. Now, those peaceful eyes became darken …. firm and hard … looking as if actual daggers were shoot forth… as to say I’m not fucking with you, do it!

Now, those few that stood around, not completely frozen, could hear as Roni’s hold on Thana was released and Thana inhaled a loud deep breath inside to fill her lungs. As she bent forward, coughing for a brief second. Before standing back up in disbelief looking about unable to fathom was she saw around them.

Now, both Thana and Ally were stunned to silence. As they watch their dear friend Heather Goodwin lock wills with this evil person.

Heather’s thick heavy locks were very long, a shade of golden blonde with red streaks. Now it was styled in two braids hanging down her back, one on her left and one of her right. Her normal hair style while she worked her day job. Her face had a slightly tanned color with a few freckles’ sprinkled over her nose. Most people wouldn’t even notice her in a crowd, for she looked just like any other average person.

Her friends were unsure of what to think or do. They just stood there looking in admiration between their friend and this new acquaintance they had just met tonight.

Heather’s hand was still held up in front of Roni’s face, but, now the evil woman was the one having difficulty breathing at this time. Her eyes looked as if they were about to pop out… they were wide with fright. Her hands were gripping her throat … struggling.

Then Heather took one sweeping motion with her hand, everyone including Roni…Max, James and Hunter all became frozen completely …. Unable to talk or hear or see what was about to take place.

Heather sweet friendly smile looked at her friends saying, “I don’t have time to explain in details, just trust me. You will be okay and it is time for your teachings to begin…. a little earlier than originally planned. But, yet still time, and we don’t have much of that now.”

She looked from one to the other. “You are about to take the next phase of your life’s journey…”

Ally was the first to speak, “What are you talking about?”

Thana asked, “A journey where…”

Now, Heather looked at each of them individually as she shook her head, “Yes, a journey…. Thana …”

To Ally she said, “I can only tell you some things…..”

Ally said, “I’m not going anywhere… something has happened to Max, and he isn’t himself … I want some explanations.”

Now, Heather said in her soft velvet voice, “Please, alright, I understand …. your reluctance … after this evening… But, you need to Trust me… open your minds to me, allow me …..”

She gave them a second to comply.

Then Heather barely lowered her head closed her eyes ….. as she slowly became the creature she was…. a golden sparkling sheen surrounded her being ….her whole body began to glow. As those two braids of her hair began to unbraid them selves ….. to flow out and up around her head as if a gust of wind was taking it up and out. Her day uniform she wore in disguise, began to turn into a shimmering blue loose gown covering over her body…. as silver and golden wings began to appear where those two braids of hair once hung at her shoulders …. Wings began to spread out into their full glory ….. widened as she spoke to them …. not in words …. but with her thoughts she began to inform them… ‘I’m the Angel of Valor …. sent here. To protect you, until the time, when you finally asked for my help …..then to serve you. Tonight was that night. But, now, it is your time… you have come to the edge where you need to learn how to handle all the powers within your beings. You will need them to defeat evil such as this one,” pointing to Roni. “I am forbidden to hurt them, only detain them, unless they were about to kill you. Then it would have become a free for all. Yet, I do not want to hurt them. But, allow you to overcome them.” As she smiled to both young women, now, this Angel creature looked timeless… aged with knowledge and yet so young with her gentle appeal.

She looked into Ally’s eyes, as she sent a message only to her through her mind, thinking ‘Ally we have been friends for most of your life, it was at a time back then because you needed me. You requested someone to look over you. I was given to you.’

She turned to look in Thana’s eyes, to send a silent message to her, ‘Thana, because Ally asked me to befriend you … I did and I have, always since we met.’

Now, Heather’s thought were for both of them, ‘Now, because I was called upon…. Through Ally calling me to seek my help… and you Thana yelled for help… with both of you needed me tonight ….I was allowed to not only help you but to show you…. the proof you need to see. …. nod if you hear me.’

Thana nodded, with a serious look on her face.

Ally nodded… with unshed tears building in her eyes..

Now she continued to speak to them, ‘Yes, Ally, your friend Max needs your help. You are correct in your thoughts…. he is not the Max you once knew … he needs you to release the hold they have on him before it is too late. He is your soul mate and you only have until the next full moon… The Gamlin brothers are in need of salvation and possibly Roni, too. Thana, you and one of those brothers have a shared destiny… Nod if you hear me.”

Both girls nodded once more.

But, Ally thought ‘Will, we still be friends.”

Heather smiled, as if to say always. Without answering the question and as quickly as Heather had become the angel, she was now in her human form ….. the police officer.

She said in her human voice, “I will always be with you, but, the next time we met… it will not be in this human form. You will need to look into my eyes … through my reflection… you will know, it is I.”

Heather paused for a long second, looking from Thana back to Ally, “I can only give you both a few more hints, and that is all. First, both of you listen, by using not only the ten percent the normal person uses of their brain, but, one hundred and ten percent of your minds, …. Just open up and concentrate… open and receive the thoughts that surround you … they will tell you a mountain of wealth. Second, evaluate those you encounter between good and evil… get to know both sides. Third, allow your mind, your body and your spirit to enter the others …. to become one….. the united one …. no one will be able to harm you once you do. Seek the knowledge that over flows fills your body, in your blood, in your heart, and in your emotions, especially your compassion for those around you. You have the ability inside to turn your knowledge into forces of weapons that will defeat those that have been ordered to do you harm.” She added, to each, “Ally, remember your painting are magical. Thana those that you have encounter through your help can be your army in need.”

Both, Ally and Thana said, “I’m confused.”

Heather simply smiled at them, “Yes, you will be for the next few hours… then clarity will strike hard and strong….” She glanced around the room, “I only have one more minute. It is time that you soar to your training place. Now, stand close to the other, look into the others eyes… see the place we all were in our youth… at the age of ten when we formed our bond of trust and friendship. Through that you will reach the place you need to be…..”

Thana interrupted, handing a small piece of paper to Heather, “Will you collect my suede coat… I sure as Hell don’t want to loose it, please.”

Heather laughed, “Alright, Thana…. But, after your training you no longer will need its’ warmth to keep you warm and secure.”

And she finished, “Remember, you only have until Tuesday to release Max, and the Gamlin brother’s of this wickedness. Now, close your eyes, think hard… an elder guardian that wishes to lead you on your journey … will be there to receive you and train you. Accept the knowledge… bend to the will of the guardian’s teachings.”

As both Thana and Ally stared into the others eyes for that brief second, before they closed them… thinking of the area they three of them went every day as young ten years olds… where Thana and Ally first met.

Heather waited until just the right moment… before she released her hold of Roni, Max, Hunter and James from under her spell ….

The four stood watching as the two young girls began to fade into a glimmer of silver, gold and blue … bright swirling lights…. something hit the ground, as they disappearing all together. The club’s bracelets were the only evidence that the two women once were there.