Saturday, November 15, 2008


“What the fuck just happened?” exclaimed Max. “Where did they go? And HOW?” Max looked around in confusion finally able to move. All three ladies had disappeared. He had never seen or felt anything like it before. The others just looked at each other not answering. Max let out a long sigh and locked his hands behind his head burying his fingers in his thick dirty-blond hair. He found a chair and sat down. Leaning forward with his elbows on his knees he took another deep breath. The club was vibrating with the bass of the music, people were dancing, and having a great time…. all unaware of what had just taken place among them. He watched the crowd with his bluish-gray eyes. He could hear hundreds of hearts beating at different paces. His shields had been torn away; he was now vulnerable to his hunger. Heartbeats were thundering in his head.
He stared at his hands, which were tingling. Trying to get rid of the sensation he shook them. “I feel weird,” he thought to himself. “Like I am in a dream, I need to get control over myself.” Closing his eyes and centering himself, he began to rebuild his shields…. he didn’t want to hurt anyone.
Max had been having a hard time with his new self. Living in Rome these last few months he had seen some crazy shit, but this…. he didn’t know what to think. Supernatural experiences always seemed to affect him more so than the others. Max had been reborn for about 8 months now… not a long time for one of his kind. His transition had been very difficult, that is why he had stayed in Italy for so long with Roni. Not only was she the one who turned him, she helped him cope with his new being. Roni was family now. She wasn’t really his cousin in the traditional sense, she was his cousin by blood yes, but it was by vampire blood. Vampires that belong to a specific group are considered family and he was the newest member, the one with the least control. Slowly opening his eyes he felt more comfortable now, his metaphysical walls were in place and strong. He stood up and walked over to where the others were.
“Now what do we do?” he asked.
“What do you mean ‘we’ Max?” she practically yelled at him. “I vote that Max gets to go and tell Kalena that he failed.” her eyes blazed at him.
“ME?” Max snapped back. “You were the one who lost their temper!”
“Thana and Allessia had overstepped their bounds!” she hissed. “Insulting you, having an shitty attitude, and trying to leave, plus I just don’t like them.”
“Well that is not my problem,” Max informed her. “If you hadn’t jumped the gun and went psycho, I could have gotten the situation under control. I told you before we came over here, I should to do this myself.”
“Please…” she said with a chuckle. “Like I would trust something THIS important to someone like you…. You haven’t even been one of us for more than a year.”
James thought for a moment. “That is true Roni,” he said softly. “Although… he has known the women for years. They trust him…or should I say trusted him.” He just looked at her with hint of sympathy, “I believe that he could have controlled the situation. So you will be the one to go and tell our Masters this devastating news… for you are the one who failed.”
For a moment, Roni looked as though she had been slapped across the face. Then the shock seemed to flow off her beautiful features, as she regained control of her emotions. “Fine.” She said in a low tone, which oozed with rage, “I will go and tell them, if they punish me so be it.” She stared at James for a sec as if she thought briefly about challenging him, but thought better of it and then left. One by one, Max, James, and Hunter eventually occupied the nearby booth to have a seat.
Hunter piped in for the first time, “Masters…. Viktor is here too?”
“Yes he is,” James said studying Hunters reaction.
Hunter knew that at this moment James was scrutinizing every muscle in his face and the pulse in his neck. His face instinctively went blank. His mind was screaming at him to get the hell out of there… now, but he knew how to play this game; he played it often. James and Viktor were both vampires, Hunter was not… by his choice. Most of the time they left him alone about his decision, out of respect to his wishes. After all, he was their only family left from their old life; even though, neither of his brothers fully trusted him. It was a very dangerous game he played with his brothers, if they ever found any evidence that he was a traitor to them, they would kill him…. brother or no brother.
“Well, in that case I should probably be on my way.” Hunter said. “I do not think I wish to see him yet.”
“You know Hunter, this hostility between you two needs to end.” James offered.
“It is not I that needs to end it James,” Hunter said angrily. “I have always done my job, yet he treats me like a traitor because I will not consent to letting him kill me.”
“We are not dead!” James growled. James’ power lashed out at him. Hunter felt a searing pain slice down his left cheek. He flinched and sucked in some air has he controlled the pain. “Do we look like rotting corpses to you?” James asked with fury. Hunter sharply opened his eyes glaring at James. He felt the warm liquid trickle down his cheek to his chin. Hunter felt his own power rising up through him…. ready to defend or fight if necessary. He knew that his eyes had already bled from green to black as he stared across the table at his brother.
Shadows were now slowly descending around them; light could not escape where the shadows touched. James noticed that the isolated corner where their booth sat was being devoured by blackness. One could not even see the raised platform on which the booth sat. James glanced back at his brother; Hunter gave him an evil grin. Trying to protect his ears from the pressure that was building, Max covered his ears. His ears began to pop…he heard nothing but silence.
James shifted nervously in his seat, “Hunter, think of the guests…. what would they think if all of the sudden this corner was in total blackness?” James asked keeping his voice soothing and calm. “You forget yourself brother, please… get control.” James looked around cautiously; no one seemed to think anything of the spectacle, probably just thinking it was a trick of the lights.
“Do not worry about them James…they will not care what they see. I have made sure of that,” said Hunter. Hunter relaxed his body and his eyes had returned to normal. The darkness around them gradually melted away and the sound returned with the booming of dance music. He stood up and moved beside James. He put his hand on his shoulder leaning his mouth to his ear…. he whispered, “For the record, it is you who has forgotten himself. Don’t…. ever …threaten me again…. or it will be a challenge between us.” He paused to let his warning sink in, then continued “I may not be a vampire, but I am more powerful than you are…. so don’t ever forget that.” He rose from his brother’s shoulder and nodded to Max as he left the booth.
“Holy Shit!” said Max with his eyes wide open. “That was your brother?” he questioned.
“Yes, sorry I was not able to formally introduce you,” replied James as he searched his pockets for his cigarettes.
“What was that all about? If you do not mind me asking…” Max said.
“It is a touchy subject, but one that you should be aware of,” James replied. “Hunter is not one of ‘us’.” Even though he figured that one out on his own, I mean he wasn’t an idiot, Max nodded urging the other man to continue with his story.
“Try as he might, Viktor has been unsuccessful in convincing Hunter that he needs to be reborn. It is a reoccurring disagreement between them.” James lit his cigarette. “The most recent disagreement ended in accusations and threats. How should I put this….. hmmm…well… Hunter sees his offer as offensive. All he sees is giving Viktor permission to kill him, and in reality Viktor just wants to give him a new and better life.”
Out loud Max said, “Ahhhhh,” but his mind was deep in thought.
Not wanting James to know, but Max completely understood where Hunter was coming on this issue. Max’s thought were racing “Well, you DO die and you feel your whole body die. It was an awful and painful experience,” he thought to himself. “I can see where he would be reluctant, I mean this was not exactly what I signed up for. I was lied to,”
No else knew, but he had his regrets about his acceptance into his new family. He had liked his old life. Max mourned its loss. He was a good-looking guy, he had money, friends, and lived life in the fast lane. Max had never settled down with a family of his own, but he had wanted to eventually. He should have just accepted death when it had came for him. Instead, he fell victim to Roni and all her promises. Memories flashed in his mind. Now that he thought it about, the car accident was her fault! He had been thrown from his car and a metal rod had pierced his chest. His body was sprawled across the highway and suddenly Roni stood over him. She apologized over and over. She said she had lost control of her car, yet she didn’t even have a scratch. When Max asked how that could be, she whispered her secret to him. He was intrigued. She told him simply “I can save you, give you a new life. You will never have to worry about dying, ever again” she had told him many other things. “I was so scared…I was dying,” he thought to himself. “I was desperate.”
Fear shot through his chest as he remembered he wasn’t alone. He had forgot that James had a talent for reading faces. He did not want his face or emotions to betray him. When Max looked up, James was not even looking at him, he sighed silently to himself. “That was close, I should be more careful” Max thought.
Viktor was standing about 20 yards away from them. He had came out to talk with James when he had seen the heated disagreement between his two brothers. Not wanting to escalate the situation, Viktor had decided to stay out of sight. He had heard everything that was said, for his hearing was excellent…as was any vampire’s. Though, his hearing was even more exceptional then most, he could hear what was said, but also what wasn’t said. He had gotten nothing from Hunter for he had protected himself by forming that black hole type atmosphere around them…nothing could escape that, not sound, light, nor thoughts. Unfortunately for Max, there was nothing to protect his precious thoughts from being penetrated by Viktor. He had heard every thought.


A cool breeze softly tickled at the two women who were both unconscious on the ground. An orange hue from the harvest moon dimly reflected off the surface of the body of water that was nearby. Nocturnal animals bustled around for food on forest’s edge, hidden in the darkness. Crickets chirped their nightly song breaking the silence of the night. Then a hush fell over the forest as soft rustle came from the woods. A cloaked figure glided towards the two women. Barely making a sound, the figure reached them and kneeled in the grass. Gently the man tried to wake the women. They just rolled over and groaned in response. He chuckled and tried again to bring them to consciousness. Again he failed. He dare not press the matter…teleportation can be brutal on the senses, especially the first time. Accepting defeat, the man stood and turned to the forests edge letting out a series of soft whistles. Dark figures cautiously emerged from hidden places and moved out into open approaching the cloaked one.
“Bring them.” was all he said. The group of people fell on them covering them with blankets and jackets...getting them ready for transport. The cloaked one began making his way back to the dense forest with the small group carrying their precious cargo close behind him.


  1. I love it.... great job, and the mysterious bond intensifies especially between the brothers, that was good.

    Okay, next... does she know we are waiting in anticipation. Or at least I am.

  2. Great job! Although I was hoping for more infomation about where the hell the girls went... :)

    Give me a day or two!