Monday, November 24, 2008


Kalena’s eyes burned black as she struggled to sift through the new images that had flooded her mind. She saw the confrontation of Roni and the women and their escape with the Grigori. The Grigori were sometimes called 'watchers' or 'fallen angels', but really they were a halfbreed. Half (would have been) angel and half human. Some are good and some are bad, both excelling at whichever side they choose. They have extraordinary powers, but they do have their limitations. They are only allowed to watch, not interact, unless one of the souls they are guarding cries for help. She had known many of the 'watchers' over the years, well enough to know that this one had played by the rules.

She knew the Grigori had taken the girls to the Light, but there were enough shields in place to prevent her from finding out where… She caught tiny snatches of the happenings with Allessia and Thana, although she wasn’t quite sure if they were real or just falsehoods placed in her mind by another… the sight of Allessia surrounded by glowing lights and she saw Thana staring into a fire…

“You summoned me?” Roni’s voice shattered the images, and Kalena eyes bled back to the startling violet they normally are.

Kalena looked at Roni and felt a fierce hatred swell inside her, as she knew it was her fault that the Grigori had come to steal away the women. She had went to great lengths to ensure the women would be here tonight, and was finally ready to set her long awaited plan into action. Until Roni had screwed that up…

Kalena rose from her seat gracefully and slowly approached the place where Roni stood. Inside Kalena was consumed with anger, yet her face did not betray her. Her face was blank, showing no emotion. Kalena was old, almost ancient. She had had centuries of practice to keep her thoughts and emotions from creeping onto her face and into her eyes.

As Kalena got closer, Roni instinctively took a step back, and knelt down, shifting her eyes to the ground. She knew her master well enough to be afraid. She knew she should not have lost her temper with the girls. Kalena had told her specifically to keep her temper in check tonight, to not let anything come in the way of her plans for the girls, and at the first test, she had failed.

Kalena’s voice was calm, “You were given one charge for this evening, were you not?”

“Yes, master,” Roni answered, her eyes fixed on the hem of Kalena’s dress.

“What were you charged with, child?”

“My charge was to bring the girls to the chamber - for their rebirth, master.”

“And did you succeed in your mission?” Kalena voice was still calm.

“No, master,” Roni whispered, still looking at the ground, afraid to look up.

“YOU DARE TO FAIL ME?!” Her master’s voice thundered against the stone walls, and tore into Roni’s flesh like a blade. Blood spilled from dozens of slices across her arms, face, and chest. Roni gasped in pain. “The girls were to be MINE,” Kalena continued. “They were to be fascinated with us, join OUR army. Your insolence has cost me dearly, and now we will be the hunted.”

Crying, Roni tried to defend herself. “Master, they disrespect…”

“You…. have ruined…. EVERYTHING!” Kalena screamed at the vampire at her feet. Kalena’s power poured out of her. It was scalding hot, smothering the other woman, suffocating her. It rolled through the room, wave after scalding wave, pressing the lesser vampire flat to the ground. Roni writhed in agony, screaming, “I am sorry master!”

“Sorry? You have not begun to be sorry,” Kalena spoke quietly. She lifted the vampire from the floor with only her thoughts, standing her upright in front of her, still floating slightly off the ground. She gently whispered to that piece of Roni that was hers, the piece she had given to her when she had rewarded her with this new life. She whispered and coaxed, calling it back to her… Roni’s eyes widened, full of horror of what her master had begun. Her skin began to shrivel and dry out, as if all the liquid was being siphoned from her body. Blood began gushing from Roni’s mouth, eyes, ears and nose. Roni convulsed, choking and coughing on her own blood.

Still suspending her in the air, she stared directly into her eyes, finally letting Roni see her anger. ‘You will NEVER fail me again. Or I will take back what I have given you. You were nothing before me, and I can make you nothing again.’ She pushed the thought into Roni’s mind, with enough force to make the vampire’s face twist in pain.

With that, she simply flexed her mind, and sent Roni’s body flying across the room, slamming into the far wall. Roni crumpled to the ground, not moving. Kalena turned her back, and her eyes shifted into blackness again as she returned to her search for the girls.


Thana sat in front of the fire, watching the flames lick the wood. Her mind was in shambles. Too much information in too short a time had left her feeling cold and lonely. Allessia was sleeping and had not been able to tell her anything of her dream. Thor had explained very little and she worried for her friend, regardless of Kendrietta’s comforting words.

Hunter had been called away by Thor after the incident with Allessia, although he promised to be back as soon as he could. He had kissed her softly before taking his leave, and she could still feel the heat of his lips against hers. She had been walked back to the courtyard, back to the fire. She sat alone for the first time in hours, making another attempt to meditate and find her center.

She had been told, once again, to ‘study with the fire’. She felt ridiculous, sitting there, staring at the flames. She felt she was wasting time, that she should be starting her training by now. Allessia’s dream, or whatever it was, had helped her tap into that part of her that had been lost through time. Allessia knew what she was, and what she needed to do next, and still Thana sat here, lost. Allessia would be able to fulfill her destiny and Thana would be chopping more firewood to try and keep the fire going so she can sit and stare at it…

‘Stop feeling sorry for your self,’ she told herself. ‘There is a reason you were told to do this. Find the reason.’

She closed her eyes and took several deep, cleansing breaths. She pictured the fire in her mind, just as it was before her. 'Ok, fire...what is the fire?' She thought...

She slowed it down in her mind, each lick of the flame, each shudder of heat. Every flash of color, every shadow it placed on the ground. She dissected the fire, piece by piece, as if taking apart a jigsaw puzzle. She studied each piece individually, exploring their properties, the role each played in creating this amazing phenomenon. After learning what she could of each puzzle piece, she would place it back against the wood in its original place.

She felt the knowledge of the fire burn into her own mind, and her eyes flew open in surprise. The fire was still blazing, even hotter than before, yet her skin felt as if a cool breeze was passing over it. She looked down at her hands… they were red and orange, as if there was a fire burning beneath her skin. She stared at them for several seconds, trying to decide if it was a trick, an illusion, or if this was actually happening. She brought her hand up to her face, and realized that there was no fire beneath her skin – it was ON her skin.

A thin coating of flames weaved its way up her wrist and arm. She followed the path of fire until it covered the rest of her body. Her clothes fell to ash around her, but there was not even the slightest burn or blemish on her entire body. She was engulfed in this skin of fire and it felt wonderful.

She stood up, hands still up in front of her, and surveyed her body. She saw her skin begin to soak up the flames, like water being poured across dry and cracked earth. Her skin still radiated a bright red orange color, but the flames were being swallowed by her skin. ‘No, don’t go’, she thought. ‘Don’t leave yet’. At her word, her hands exploded in flames. She felt satisfaction that it responded to her thoughts, and her mind was free of fear or doubt. She knew it would not harm her.

She began focusing her mind on the fire itself, trying to push it from the rest of her hands to the center of her palms. The transition was seamless, and it left her cupping two handfuls of pure fire. She stared in wonder for several minutes before closing her hands into fists, extinguishing the flames. She felt a rush of excitement and a smile spread across her lips. She felt the warmth of the fire deep within her, lying dormant until she called it back.

She glanced at her feet, and realized she was still nude. She heard a throat clear, and she turned instinctively towards it. Indra stood several feet away. She stared directly into Thana’s eyes and a pleased smile on crept across her face. She shrugged out of her cloak, and walked over to Thana, offering it to her. Thana took it, and slipping her arms in first, and then wrapping it around her body. The material was luxurious, much softer than she ever would have imagined. The cloak felt weightless, yet covered her completely. She had a quick panicked thought that the cloak would get destroyed if she had any problems with her new talent. She wasn't quite sure she could control it completely, that would take time and practice....

She thought for a second about giving it back, and just going naked for a day or so until she knew what to expect… but then Thana suddenly heard a voice in her mind, and she knew it was Indra. It was as if the voice spoke directly into her ear.

“Do not worry. Your fire cannot burn that cloak, even if you wished it…” Thana glanced up quickly, eyes questioning the woman before her.

Indra was staring at her, smiling again. She knew Thana had heard her. They locked eyes for several moments, until finally Indra spoke again, this time aloud, “So it begins.”


  1. Very, very good... I liked the way you dealt with Kalena and Roni plus the hidden message to Thana. Great Job !!

    Give me a few days to come up with something. I'll try not to mess up the properties of them again... and fix what I screwed up.

  2. I liked the confrontation between Kalena and Roni. AWESOME!