Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Plans Change

Continuing from a previous post:

As he flew at them, both Kalena and Roni were stunned by his presence. His flight was quick and fast. Before either was able to say a word, he had waved both hands up in the air… their bodies came up off the ground to slam against the wall ….. high up to the ceiling. They were suspended there squirming against the cold hard stone.

As he hover in front of them. With his over bearing thoughts his demand was simple, ‘You will go with me before the council… and you will explain how YOU fucked up their plan. You will take full responsibility of this unfortunate change. I’m sure you will have only the next few hours before one of you, if not both of you will see Hell, I’m sure,’ dropping them hard on the ground.He floated down to stand in front of them, he said, “Lead the way.”

The two struggled up right. Kalena’s hand was at her throat. Roni just moaned more in pain. The threesome began to walk towards, the monstrous fireplace in the room. Kalena turned the scone that was attached to the wall. The bricks began to move apart, opening to show a passage way, that Viktor knew would take them down deep into the underground tunnel leading away from the club to an ungodly Hellish hole.


Kalena turned and faced Viktor and Roni.

She spoke quietly, eyes on Viktor the entire time, “Roni, your attendance will not be necessary. You will wait here.”

Roni slowly nodded, still in pain from her earlier punishment, and took a couple steps back until she was on the other side of the passage doorway. The stone wall slid back into place, leaving Kalena and Viktor in blackness.

Their eyes adjusted immediately, and Kalena glared at Viktor. Viktor’s face was distorted, his eyes wild with anger.

“Take me there, now, Kalena,” he said, his words were almost lost by a guttural growl.

Kalena abruptly laughed through the darkness. “You forget yourself, servant. You are not MY master Victor. No one sees the council without my recommendation or direct invitation from them. You know that. Your anger has clouded your mind.”

“My powers have surpassed yours, woman. You will do what I ask, or I will tear your heart out myself!” Viktor roared and lunged toward her.

Viktor body froze in midair. His eyes widened, his jagged mouth open in a scream that never found its way out of his lungs. Kalena stared at him, her eyes gleamed red in the dark. She tilted her delicate head to the side, looking at Viktor with intrigue. With an easy thought, she gradually shifted his body to where he was directly in front of her, eye to eye.

“Surpassed me, have you?” She said softly. “Surpassed ME? Who in the hell do you think you are? You think your shape shifting abilities make you more powerful? Or perhaps, your mind reading? Even the simplest of creatures can master that…or is it your brute strength? A lot of good that will do, when you are unable to move… Or maybe your pathetic excuse for telekinesis? Is that what makes you superior to me, slave?! Your powers do not seem to be helping you now, do they?” She said with a smirk.

She walked closer to the suspended figure, his face frozen, all but his mouth, which flapped open and closed repeated like a fish. The sight made her giggle. She leaned in and whispered in his ear, “You are nothing compared to me, my defiant little child. I am the one who created you. You may think your powers are unmatched because of who your father is, but your father and I are similar in ways you cannot possibly imagine. Yet, your father could not watch you die all those years ago, and all but begged me to change you… and for that he will always be in MY debt. We have the same creator, he and I, and the powers that course through my veins will forever exceed yours. You will always be less than me, and you KNOW it. And now…I am going to make sure you will never forget your place again…”

A snarl escaped as her lips pulled back, revealing her dainty fangs. She stroked the side of his face gently, before burying her fingers into his thick black hair. Her fingers twirled a lock of hair for a moment before snatching a handful, ripping it from his head, along with most of the attached skin. His mouth twisted again into an empty scream, only to be met by a petite fist. Several teeth fell to the ground in a trickle of blood, as well as his shattered hollow fangs. Her fangs sank home then, and she tore them downward. She ripped and slashed her way through his neck and throat. Blood poured down their bodies, her dress quickly becoming soaked, the material clinging to her flawless curves. Her arms reached around his body. Her perfectly manicured hands dug into his back, tearing through flesh, breaking bone. His body bowed from the damage before falling limp in the air. She whispered one last time into his mutilated ear, “You are lucky I am feeling so merciful today, pet. Or I would ruin you so completely, even with your impressive healing talents, you would have trouble fixing the damage…”

She promptly dropped him to the ground, letting him swim in a pool of his own blood and gobbets of flesh.

Kalena chuckled again as she absent minded licked her fingers clean. ‘Feeble slave,’ she thought, as she turned on her heel and continued down the black hall. She moved rapidly, as she had many things that needed to be addressed before he healed and was back in her way. He was becoming more trouble than he was worth. With each year his arrogance was getting increasingly worse, and she was so very bored with fighting her own. ‘He just needs to be eliminated all together,’ she thought to herself. ‘After we take the girls back, of course’…

She knew Hector would be pissed, and with good reason, but she could handle him. She knew of his charade as the so-called Grandmaster and she knew the true power behind the throne would support her in this decision. The real Grandmaster, Alec, had offered his title to Hector a thousand years before, in hopes that his enemies would assume him dead and gone. It had worked, of course, as all his plans did. But the title had long since gone to Hector’s head, and he had truly begun to believe he was untouchable…

She glided through the hall, to a winding staircase. The stairs went down, and down and down. A mere human would have spent 15 minutes or more going to this room, but she had made the journey in less than a minute. She stopped abruptly at a solid stone wall. She smoothed her hand down the front of her dress. The hand came back up smeared with Viktor’s blood. She placed her blood soaked hand against the cool stone and pressed. The stone began to warm immediately, and shifted slightly back. Kalena smiled, pulling her hand away. The door continued to groan its way open as Kalena brought her hand up to her mouth. She stopped, realizing the blood was cold and was beginning to congeal. Damn, she thought. A powerful being like Viktor had extremely potent and delicious blood in his veins. Her mouth still tingled from the sensation of it, and she could feel the power flex in her veins. It had been a pleasure tasting his essence, and she silently decided she would taste it again before she disposed of him.

Once the opening was wide enough, she slid past the stone and into a room with just one thing - an enormous mirror. The mirror was set in a gilded gold frame. It looked ancient - because it was. The reflective surface was not the type of mirror you would find today, but more of a polished glass with metallic flecks throughout. She walked up to the mirror, and stared deep and hard. She pictured the Council, all 6 members spread out across the world. They were almost never all in the same place as that would be too dangerous. There was usually seven members, to ensure a quorum on any vote or decision, but the seventh had forced the Council to exterminate him only months before and he had not yet been replaced yet.

Kalena had, of course, expected her appointment immediately, which she had not received. It had been made clear that the Council would hold that appointment out in front of her, like a carrot on a stick, until this issue with the girls had been settled. If it was resolved to their satisfactory, the position would be hers. If not… well… if not, she may be the one wishing for death.

She allowed her thoughts to call to each of them individually, petitioning for a brief gathering to discuss the past 24 hours. She knew she would be held responsible for the faux pa but it was better to go to the Council then to have them come after you…

Faded images slowly started to appear before her, one at a time. Fuzzy and indistinct at first, then they slowly started becoming crisper. Hector and his wife, Mala, were there together, of course. They were the only two members allowed to reside together. She could see Drake, Nikol, Baren and Jazza all start to come into focus as well. She was glad her favor was still high enough to merit an audience, although she secretly wished they hadn’t shown, as she feared it would be a difficult meeting for her.

“Greetings, Council Members,” Kalena said, bowing her head.

“Hello, Kalena. I must admit I was surprised by the call tonight,” Jazza said, smiling. She was always the friendliest of the group, if you could call a vampire that could invade your mind and drive you completely insane from 1000 miles away ‘friendly’.

Before she could respond, Mala spoke “I understand you are having problems keeping your Kiss in order. Defiance is a poor sign of leadership.” Mala had been against the possibility of Kalena’s appointment from the start and never let an opportunity pass by, to make her look incompetent.

“The two in question have been reprimanded. I assure you, there will be no further issues, Lady.” Kalena was grateful that they were not meeting in person. She feared her words to be false, and any vampire worth their salt can smell a lie. When you tell a lie, your body produces hormones with a very distinct smell… she was sure she reeked of it.

Hector laughed. “I will be very impressed if that is true Kalena. I know my son, Viktor, is a real pain in the ass. I was amazed that you even allowed him into your Kiss after the incident in Spain.”

Kalena smiled. “He is a very headstrong creature, but of course, very powerful as well. He is an asset in more ways than one.”

“Let us cut to the chase, shall we?” said Drake. “We know why you have summoned us, and I must say, personally, I am not surprised the Light stole the women back. It was foreseen that way. You must now concentrate on getting them back. Thana is the key. She was once one of us, and should be the easiest to steal back. She lived as a creature of the night for 300 years – she was extremely powerful and she enjoyed the life, I remember distinctly.” He grinned devilishly before continuing. “She would be the easiest to persuade back. And if we get her, Hunter will have no choice but to follow. And she may very well be the key to finally pulling Allessia into our world as well.”

Hector spoke hurriedly, “If Hunter was convinced to join us as well, your seat is guaranteed, Kalena.” He had been waiting centuries for an opportunity like this to present itself, and his anxiety showed.

“What is my task, my Lords, Ladies?” Kalena asked.

Nikol spoke, finally. “Oddly, your first task does not concern either Thana OR Hunter.” Hector scowled at this. She continued. “I have no objection to allowing the women to continue their training with the Light. The knowledge and powers they will come to possess over the next few weeks will be invaluable when we finally have them with us.” The others nodded in agreement.

“No, your first order of business will be to secure Max’s safety. Tuesday he completes his first year of his rebirth, and his true powers will begin to manifest themselves. The Seer has informed us that his power will be the most dominant of any vampire born in a millennia. We must ensure that he continues to be ours, at all costs. Once his powers are established, he will need time of his own to master them.”

“What is this power you speak of? And ensure he stays with us – is there a chance he would not?” Kalena questioned, not quite certain what Nikol was meaning.

“The power is unknown so we must be cautious. The vision was unclear regarding his actions after his Quickening, and we prefer to stay vigilant. You must do whatever necessary to keep Max in your Kiss and under your tutelage.”

Kalena sat thinking for many moments. How would she do that? Brainwash him? Use force, threats?

Baren, who had sat silently through the entire conference, now spoke. “Use whatever is necessary Kalena. Use any weapon at your disposal.” His eyes narrowed, as if trying to force his thought into her mind from halfway around the world.

“I will do as asked. And I will wait for your next order regarding the women.” Kalena finished.

The others nodded, and Baren spoke again, “Do not contact us again. We will send a call when we feel the time is right.”

His image wavered, and began to fade, the others each following in turn until only Jazza was left.

“You must not fail in this Kalena. Know that I will help you in any way that I can, although I would prefer if you contact me in an alternate fashion if my help is ever required,” She said with a smile. Jazza was the only member who did not agree with the way they had dangled the Council Seat at Kalena. She felt she was worthy and did not deserve to be put through this charade. The task they had appointed her was near impossible, and they knew it. Few expected her to actually succeed. Jazza’s image finally faded and the glass went black.

Kalena sat and thought about what had been discussed. Max was going to be powerful, eh? That would be a definite advantage to their cause. ‘Keep him safe… from what?’ She thought. Surely even with his limited powers, he should be able to protect himself from their enemies. She decided to go ahead and speak with him anyways, and possibly persuade him to stay close to her for the next 2 days. ‘Yes,’ she thought. ‘I will keep him VERY close.’ She smiled at the thought. ‘And I will start immediately…’

She focused her Sight on Max, her eyes fading to black. She knew Max was in the club, but she needed to know where.

A scene unfolded, one she was not expecting. Viktor, obviously healed by now, was standing over him his eyes engulfed in a red glow. Max was cowering in the corner, his shoulder shredded into so much meat, and large claw marks gashed across his chest. The wounds were starting to heal already, but the blood that soaked his clothes made it apparent that this beating had been taking place for a while.

Viktor was yelling, “So you don’t want to be a vampire anymore, eh, Max?!” Viktor rushed at the cowering figure and another slash across Max’s face appeared. Viktor’s movements were so incredibly fast, that the cut appeared instantaneously.

Kalena’s eyes snapped back to violet and then bled to red. ‘Damn it, Viktor!’ she thought, as she rushed back for the stairs. At least now she would have her reason to kill him.


Thana laid awake in bed next to Hunter, going over the events of the last few hours. Thana had been trying, unsuccessfully, to get some sleep like Thor had suggested, but her body just wasn’t cooperating. Every time she closed her eyes, new images would flash in her mind - some from past lives and some as recent as from the past day. She had gotten to the point where closing her eyes was keeping her from sleep more than getting her closer to it. She lay there, listening to Hunter’s breathing, steady and even, and let her mind wander back to Ally.

Allessia had surprised everyone with her new talent, especially Thana. Allessia was never one for violence, and she worried about her friend being pushed into the position of ‘warrior’. Although Ally had seemed comfortable enough holding the sword, she still felt bothered by it. Maybe it was HOW comfortable Ally was with the sword…

Thana had recognized the sword also. She remembered it piercing her chest, slicing straight through to her heart. She remembered the burning, the agonizing pain of the blade, as well as the thump of the hilt as it slammed into her chest. She remembered at that time she had truly welcomed the death, but the excruciating pain had been unexpected.

She remembered being told that the Sword of Light was one of the only relics that could bring true and instant death to the creature she was at that time. All other methods, such as cutting out the heart and removing the head, were thought to be more painful and drawn out because you were technically still ‘alive’ until the last bit of heart was removed and you felt a blade bite through that last bit of muscle as your head fell from your body. She had wanted it over quickly, and had painstakingly sought out her chosen demise.

Her chest tightened at the memories that had come flooding back. She was almost getting used to the recollections frequently berating her mind, as she had been forced to remember things at regular intervals, ever since the vision quest she and Ally had gone on the night before. But many memories still eluded her… like, why had she been so eager for death? She knew she had been very powerful, more so than others her age, yet that power had not been able to squelch the feeling of needing it all to be over.

Thana dropped her feet to the ground, and slid from between the covers. Standing next to the bed, she reached for the cloak Indra had given her. Wrapping it snuggly around herself, she moved her eyes to the dark fireplace and brought flames to life in the heart of the stone alcove. She was beginning to get a hang of this new gift, and felt more comfortable using it more often. She walked softly over to the fire, and kneeled down before it.

She decided if her body wanted her to remember things, she would open herself up to it and just get it over with. Maybe then it would let her rest…

She began her breathing, slow and deep, working towards a meditative state. She concentrated on breathing, in for 5 seconds, out for 10 seconds, until she no longer needed to count in her head. She visualized a black shroud around herself, slowly peeling away, as if stripping away all the negative thoughts and feelings and discarding them into oblivion. She allowed a pure light to begin pulsing deep in her chest, brighter and brighter until it consumed her person and she could no longer distinguish where her body ended and the light began.

Hitting this plateau, she began letting her psyche open and roam freely, rifling through all the thoughts swimming in her mind. One image she kept going back to was an image of Max. Her heart ached, knowing what they had done to him, destroying all the light and happiness behind his smile, replacing it with something much more sinister and dangerous. She tried to push through that, back to her past memories as she had planned, but her mind would not allow it. Giving in, she let Max’s image fill her thoughts, and began her meditation. The image became clouded as she strained to keep a hold on it. ‘Must not let it go,’ she thought. ‘My mind needed me to see this,’ as she fought for a deeper concentration, a deeper understanding of what her mind was begging her to explore…


Pain exploded through her jaw and her sight was blurred with tears. ‘Oh my GOD! What the fuck was that???’ she screamed in her mind. She felt as if she had been slapped with a brick. She tasted copper on her tongue, and felt the liquid copper leak out between her swollen lips. She spat it out onto the floor and struggled to open her eyes, when she felt herself lifted off the ground and slammed backwards into a wall. She was held there, suspended in the air. The force holding her there was pressing against every inch of her body - pressing her relentlessly, until she felt the wall begin to give behind her. She was dropped immediately, landing squarely on her feet, feeling pain shoot through her ankles, into her calves and knees. She screamed in pain, and fresh tears sprung to life as she curled into a ball against the wall.

She looked wildly around a room that she did not recognize. The walls painted gold and beige and the marbled floors were littered with shattered vases, torn paintings with splintered frames, and blood was splattered throughout the entire mess. Her blood, she was sure of it.

She must be remembering a torture from a past life, but it was so very intense. She could feel her shoulder throbbing and her chest was on fire. She saw a massive figure in front of her, its eyes glowed red and blood dripped from his hands. She assumed that was her blood too…and she was suddenly terrified. She looked around for a way out of the room even though she knew if she tried to run, she wouldn’t get very far at all. This huge ‘thing’ in front of her wanted her dead. She could smell his hate for her like a thick cloud of cologne in the air.

The figure yelled at her, “So you don’t want to be a vampire anymore, eh, Max?!”

…….Wait… What??? Max?!! He thinks I’m Max!

Before she could process the thought any further, a brick slam into her face again, only this time she heard the crunch of bone shattering under the blow.

She sobbed in pain as she struggled to look up at her assailant. Who would want Max hurt like this?

When her eyes finally focused on the face of the attacker, she froze in shock. It was Viktor! What in the fuck is Viktor doing kicking the shit out of Max?? I thought they were on the same side! A foot swung with lightening speed and she felt the wind get knocked out of her as it connected with her torso.

She took a second to relearn how to breathe, just enough to shout, “Fucking stop it, Viktor!” She was shocked as she heard Max’s voice yell out instead of her own, but was unable to give the idea much attention as she was blinded by pain yet again, this time her own doing. The shouting had caused the pain in her jaw to shoot up through her ear and behind her eye, making them tear up again.

He stopped, looking down at her with rage, his voice fighting through anger for every word, “If you want me to stop, fucking make me, you whiny little shit.”

‘He WANTS to kill me…er, Max…I can see it in his eyes,’ Thana thought to herself. Knowing Max would be dead regardless, she let her hatred for Viktor fill her. Without thinking and with inhuman speed, she rushed him. She slammed into him and they fell to the ground hard, Viktor breaking the fall. She heard herself snarling, and felt her teeth sink into Viktor’s flesh.

Realizing what was happening, she pulled back, the taste of blood filling her mouth. It was like drinking an electric current, the scorching liquid poured down her throat leaving a fiery trail in its wake. The blood woke a piece of her that she didn’t know was even there, one that demanded more of Viktor’s blood. The heat she had swallowed down was beginning to warm her from limb to limb. She felt the bones in her ankle start to mend, and a power began radiating from her fingertips. The feeling was familiar, like an old friend that had finally come home, in fact…

A voice far in the back of her mind was still screaming to plunge fangs back into the man on the ground, but she fought against it. The voice was overwhelming, screaming, demanding, and finally begging to let it take over and mutilate the body underneath hers. Her head snapped back, away from the temptation below her and a scream was ripped from her throat, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” She wasn’t sure whose scream it actually was, hers or the voice’s, but she knew she had to get away from the blood pouring out of Viktor’s wounds before she started lapping it up like a starved cat.

She used the last of her strength to pull herself back and rolled to the side, off of Viktor, who took full advantage of the situation. He sprung up launching himself several feet away to regain his composure. He had not been expecting to be attacked like that, and the surprise still showed on his face.

He lifted his hand to throw his opponent against the wall again, yet this time, nothing happened. Thana stood up, a smug smile spread across her lips. His power didn’t work on her anymore, apparently. Maybe she could make it to the door after all…

She looked past him, to the door, and it suddenly flung open, Kalena standing in the doorway.

“Stop this NOW!” She shouted, her voice boomed, causing Thana’s knees to buckle and give out under her. Viktor lunged at her once again, and she flung her hand up, trying to keep her assailant from hitting her again. Viktor’s body was pushed back across the room, and slammed into Kalena, who was still standing in the doorway.

‘Oh, shit,’ Thana thought to herself. She looked down at her hand, and then back up to the pile of bodies in the doorway. Kalena’s eyes were red again, and she looked very, very pleased.


Thana gasped for air, as she fell sideways onto the stone floor in her room. She coughed and choked as she struggled to breathe. Each breath sent pain through her lungs and down her sides, around to her back. She gagged on the bloody taste in her mouth, and vomited on the floor.

She heard Hunter talking to her, although he sounded so far away. Every inch of her body was in pain, she was broken. She wanted to call out to him, to tell him what had happened, but her jaw would not work. She reached for his hand, and was just barely able to hang on, as she heard him shouting for help.

He whispered in her ear, telling her that he would fix it, that everything would be okay, but she knew better. She knew that she had taken a beating meant for an unbreakable vampire, and was lucky to have survived it. But she had survived. And once she was able, she had to find out what in the hell she had done, and she knew Thor would be the one to explain.

She knew now that her visit to Max was not a past memory of anyone’s, it had happened in this time, right now. She had somehow pushed Max aside and took his place inside his body. She worried that maybe she had pushed him out for good, but decided it must have been his voice in there, begging for the blood…

She let Hunter hold her and whisper promises in her ear, as he carried her to another part of the maze of underground rooms. She knew he would not leave her and she finally passed out in his arms, just as Thor’s face appeared over her own.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Revelation on the Horizon

Thor announced, “Well, now that everything is fine and all of us are here together, I suggest we go back … we still need to discuss a few things. Try to put our minds together to come up with the best possible solution to a devastating situation that is just on the horizon.”

Everyone stood just waiting for someone else to make a move.

Thana walked over to her dear friend with deep concern, asking her, “Ally, are you really alright? Your face seems different ... you have this look about you.”

Allessia looked up at her to reply, “Oh… I think I am definitely different. What about you?” Glancing at Thana from head to toe, “what are you wearing… what happened to your other clothes?”

Thana looking down at the piece of clothing she was wearing, she had forgotten that Indra had given her a few things. Chuckling she said, “It’s kind of a long story, let’s just say I burned up my other outfit and Indra was kind enough to lend me a few of her things … she assures me these can’t be burned. I love this material, it feels so soft. Feel it.”

Allessia looked confused, “How did you burn them up?” as she touched the sleeve.

Thana said quietly, “It’s amazing, I’ll have to show you for you to believe it.”

Thor coughed to interrupt them, “Please, let’s move down the hall, we really need to put some type of plan together. Allessia, Thana if you want to join us, do so, or if would you rather not that will be fine, as well. ”

Now, he just began walking from the room, calling out names, “Ethan, Hunter, Indra, Jace, Kendrietta and Talon join me,” like it was a command no longer giving a choice. Briefly turning his head to the girls, as they followed, as he knew they would, he added, “Allessia bring your sword … I don’t want anymore of you feeling odd and incomplete, and you taking us all down, again. Thana, I think you have gotten control of your fire, just be careful.”

Without skipping a step he added, “Hunter, quickly introduce Thana and Allessia to Jace and Talon. Come on we have much to do in a short time.”

As the group proceeded down the hallway, Hunter did as he was told, “Well, Allessia you just met Talon. But, Thana this guy here is Talon he will be giving her some instructions on the use of her sword, to become an excellent swordswoman. You might want to ask for his help, as well, Thana. And, this other guy is Jace….” He paused, smiled before adding, “Let’s just say he is well versed in dealing with many undead creatures. I’m sure Thor will want him to give us all some advice on what all we will need. I know how to deal with my brothers and their kind. You already have met Ethan. So, it looks like we all know each others names, at least.”

Both, Thana and Allessia was looking over the two new guys. One at a time they said, “Hello.”

Allessia leaned around the group as they all continued to walk, to shake the hand of these two men.

Thana added, “I would shake your hand but I might set it afire, forgive me that one small gesture, please. I’m not as confident as Thor is that I have it under control.”

When Thor heard her say her comment, he had to chuckle to himself. Out loud he said, “Well, Thana I trusted you had it under control for the simple fact that my courtyard wasn’t completely burned to Hell and back.”

Indra actually found she had to laughed, adding, “Well, that one area by the pond doesn’t look too good, at this moment… it took me a few seconds to bring enough water up to put it all out.”

Thana’s cheeks turned red, “How many times do I have to say, sorry, for that, at least I didn’t get you, Indra, be thankful for that small thing, please.”

Now, as they all entered the huge room. Once again, they began taking the places they had been sitting in before they rushed from the room.

Indra went on to say, “AND I am very thankful for that as well. But, you wouldn’t have harmed me too bad. I can handle a little fire, when I’m dressed for it. I make sure that I have the correct garments on when I know you will be around.”

Allessia asked with impatience, “Okay, I really want to know what the Hell you all are talking about. Will someone tell me?”

As Thor took his chair, he just deeply sighed, knowing it was going to be another round of horseplay, unless he did something about it.

Hunter was already guiding Thana over to sit in the chair by Thor’s left, allowing her to sit where he normally sat, with him sitting on the arm of her chair.

Thor spoke up, “Hunter, place a large piece of wood in the fireplace. Thana before you get too comfortable. I give you permission to show your dear friend Allessia what you and Indra are discussing.”

Raising a hand up he added, “But, Thana, be very careful and just stroke up the fire in the fireplace … concentrate and aim precisely. I trust you not to set my room in flames.”

Thana stood up.

Indra immediately took a few steps away.

Thor thought ‘Indra … how dare you ... show some respect to your student. Now, move closer to her.’

Indra shook her head, but, she took those steps back to stand close to Thana, as she was told. Sending up a silent prayer.

He sense they all were about to move away, when the saw Indra stepping away. Thor thought, ‘The rest of you stay put.’

Now, everyone just stood and watched.

Thana took a deep breath, closed her eyes to concentrate. As she was raising her hand to point at the wood in the fireplace…. her eyes opened they were glowing like the color of fire… her hand turned the color of red-orange for a brief second before the flame of the fire shot forward in a straight line to the wood, it burst into flames. She turned her palm up and closed her other hand around it… capturing and extinguishing the flame that had rested in her palm. She closed her eyes again as a huge smile broke out over her face. She had done it… she felt proud.

Indra, said, “Well, done, very well done.”

Allessia, “Holy shit, when did that happen…no How did that happen… Thana are you alright? Thor what is going on here?”

Hunter touched Thana’s shoulder, and immediately removed his hand, shaking it, saying, “Shit… she’s hot… I mean like burning … Thana are you alright.” He took a step in front of her.

Talon just said, “You think that is wise, walking in front of her. Are you that brave?”

Thor announced, “She is fine. She will be our weapon of fire, we will need to accomplish what needs to be done. Now, everyone sit down, please.”

He thought, ‘Talon, get a chair for Allessia, if you want her by your side, unless, Ethan will switch with you.’

Talon immediately went to the side of the room to pick up a nice easy chair, placing it beside the one he had used just a few minutes ago, saying, “Allessia, here would you like to have a seat, here?”

Jace had walked over to the sofa where Ethan had sat … wanting to be close to Allessia also, saying, “Allessia, you can sit here, Ethan you can have my chair.”

Ethan said, “Take your own fucking seat,” as he sat back down where he was at.

On one sofa sat Indra and Kendrietta, smiling at the men… as they proceeded to make asses of themselves.

Allessia looked from one man to the other, finally, she said, “Thank you Talon and Jace. But, I think I will just take a sit over on the floor by Thor, it’s closer to the fireplace. I feel a little chilled.” And that is what she did.

Thor already seated moved his head from one to the other, like he was staring at them individually, in his mind he was saying to the group, ‘let’s please have some silence and self discipline, you are all warriors are you not’ ... it took less than half a second until everyone became silent, serious and took their designated seats.

Finally, he was looking at Hunter, as he made his request, “Hunter, lift the lid to the table…” placing one hand out to the coffee table in the middle of the group.

Hunter immediately stood back up. He began handing Ethan all the loose pictures and items from the table top.

Ethan sat them on the sofa by him.

Hunter lifted the lid from the coffee table, carried it over and set in down on the floor behind the chairs.

As the lid came off, a very pleasant aroma came from within the inside of the table the lavender scent floated over the room.

Everyone became very calm as they scooted up to the edge of their seats to peer into the opening trying to see what was inside the table’s bottom. All that was visible was two huge rectangle pieces of wood on the back was two hooks and a wire attached to the hooks. They looked like picture frames turned upside down lying on a piece of velvet material. The material was a deep purple color.

Hunter came back to where he had been sitting, “Thor, the lid is off, now what do you want me to do?”

“Just wait,” as Thor instructed, “Indra, see the large ruby in the center on the north side of the case in front of you … twist it half a turn, then push it in.”

Indra leaned forward and did as she was told…

Suddenly, they heard a squeaking sound ….. as the bottom of the compartment of the table, began to move up to become the new top of the coffee table.

Thor looked at his right side, saying, “Allessia, would you please lift the two frames off, hand one to Indra and the other to Kendriette.”

She stood back up and moved over. She picked one up and just handed it to Indra, then took the other one out handed it to Kendriette.

Thor said, “Indra, turn it to face the group.”

As she did everyone gasped out loud.

With a deeper gasping sound that first came from Allessia, as well as her surprised voice asking, “Thor, how did you get this… When ….”

Thana interrupted as she said, “I remember it, Ally.”

Thor said, “Allessia, I would like for you to describe to me what …. you see on it? What it represented to you?”

Now, Hunter had chimed in, “I don’t believe it.” He stood up and moved closer, “How could she have….”

Allessia began talking, “Thor, this is one of my paintings. I painted it probably, well, I would have to guess years ago. Way before I put them in any art shows.” Taking a very deep breath she stated, “The one that Indra is holding is of a sad lonely lady, sitting in a room all by her self. She is seated facing the window, so you don’t see her directly. But, the way I had her sitting on a wooden window seat in front of an extremely large bay window looking out into a darken night. There are clouds that surround the area that she is looking at, with several high scraper buildings in the distance with a mountain in the east. It is like she is wishing for something or someone… looking very much in despair. Her left hand is raised up to her forehead, pushing some strains of her long hair away from her brow. And although she isn’t directly visible to the viewers eye, like a true portrait would. Her reflection appears back at her from the glass of the window. It shows her overall beauty, she is dressed in a formal looking gown with a scooped neckline. In her deep violet eyes you can see the sadness that the woman feels. Even with all her despondent look she still has a very gentleness about her, almost like a radiant being, an angel without the wings.”

She paused, as she looked closer making a connection, “She almost looks like Indra, only the woman in my painting is much older than Indra is now. Where Indra’s hair is a shade darker, then the woman’s it is almost light brown to blonde. And, on her lap is her right hand she holds a picture. It is of a cute young boy with the same coloring of hair as hers, and a man … and ….” She stopped talking.

Thor said, “and … go on.”

Allessia looked at the picture and then back up at him, “Well, Hell Master, it looks like you. But, I have never met you before this trip, I swear. I mean you might be a few years younger than now, but, the resemblance is eerie. Even if I say so myself it is very remarkable,” she glanced around the room to the others and asked, “AM I right, doesn’t it? It looks like Master Thor.”

You could hear “yes…” from several voices.

From Ethan was, “It’s fucking amazing… weird.”

Hunter said, “I have to say it is more than Fucking weird… because, that’s my mother, Velnetta and I’m that little boy I would guess probably when I was around age twelve, and yes Uncle it is you. We are the ones in the photograph she holding and what is even, more strange, is I do not remember ever taking a picture with you.”

He walked on over to kneel down in front of Indra, to say, “I never realized how much you do look like our mother. But, you do. She is beautiful and you are, too.”

Indra immediately looked closer to the picture, “So, that’s our mom? I never got to know her like you got, too. I was still so young when she was taken. I only have vague memories of her. She is pretty isn’t she? Thor, it is you and Hunter.”

Thor asked, “So, Allessia do you remember why you painted that picture.”

She thought for a second, “It just came to me one day in a dream. Then that next morning I couldn’t do anything until I sketched it out and then I started painting it…I think it took me maybe two days to paint it. It was like something I had to get done, right then. It was like the woman was asking for my help, like she was being held as a prisoner. And yet, I didn’t know what to do or anything. So, I just painted it… and eventually put it up for sale.” Then she brought her hand up to the mouth, saying very excitedly, “wait a minute. But, this painting wasn’t the only one I did around that same time. I had a series of dreams, each night… for a week or more, until I painted the Damn things, then they disappeared from my night dreams.”

Thor laughed, “No, you are correct, this is not the only one, Kendrietta turn your painting around.”

When she did, everyone shouted out.



Thana joined them, “Jesus Christ… Allessia I don’t remember this one.. but, I know that face … it is of pure evil. Although, I only saw it in my own nightmare, he’s a monster in the flesh.”

Hatred filled his voice as Hunter exclaimed, “And, this one is of that evil man that was the sperm donor to my mother, to produce me. I refuse to call him my father.” He stormed away from the picture stating, “Thor, she does not need to tell you how it looks… she has captured his image to perfection.” But, with a tone in his voice that showed his confusion and questionably he added, “How…. I do not know… but, I know without a doubt this is of him. I see some of both Viktor and James in him, even unfortunately my self.”

Hunter looked at Allessia, thinking why had she painted him that scene, the one of his mother… what the Hell is Thor up, too? He continued to walk over to the other side of the room and suddenly he was being consumed into the dark shadows, as his anger took him into it.

Thor heard Hunter’s thoughts ….

And just as sudden Hunter heard Thor thoughts … yelling inside his head…. it sounded as if he was shouting at him.

Thor thought, ‘Hunter, don’t you go off sulking like a spiteful child, get your ass back over here.’

Hunter’s thought was, ‘You’re the ass, why didn’t you prepare me for this,’ as he walked back over to the group and just sat down on the floor beside the chair Thana was sitting in … his chair at Thor’s side.

But, now, he said so everyone else could hear, “Okay, old man what do you want us to see next. Maybe, I need another Damn drink before the next show and tell, someone hand me that fucking bottle.”

Jace handed the bottle over to him…

Hunter just looked at it and decided there was only enough for him, he just drank from the bottle.

Thor asked, “Allessia, please tell us about this picture in your own words.”

Allessia looked at the man on the floor, “Hunter, I’m sorry it upsets you.”

To the rest of the group she said, “Well, this painting is like a collage with several images around the edges, it has a background that looks like the setting was in a cave. There is an open coffin setting up high on a stone based pedestal behind the main image. That one main image is dead center on the page … and strange as it seems, that image is of a person. As Thana mentioned, more like a monster. And as we all heard from Hunter, that one image has a few features that I now think has a slight resemblance to Hunter … Sorry, Hunter, but I can see some of his facial features, that looks like yours. Like your high forehead, your firm jaw line, those strong cheek bones of yours, even the straight nose between those deep set eyes of yours. I know right at this minute your pupils have turned that same deep dark, almost black color, as his. I think it is because Hunter’s your eyes become that dark when you get very angry …. and you seem to be right now. But, usually, you look a lot nicer and friendlier.”

Talon joined in saying, “Yeah.. .lighten up Hunter, we all know you aren’t anything like this ugly guy.”

Ethan added, “Even in your dreams, I could never see anything like this monster. Take another drink and then ease up, bud.”

Thana first just touched his shoulder very lightly with her hand, trying to give him some comfort. He felt so tensed she began to massage his neck and shoulder area.

Allessia continued, “But, I think most importantly was the look of strength and power the image had, that Hunter possess, also. And, Hunter you are so much more handsome then this guy.” She smiled at him, as he was relaxing again, “But, there of course are many differences and very noticeable. The picture is of evil incarnate … showing two fangs dripping with blood from the sides of his mouth against a face that looked as if there was not a drop of blood running in his veins. I remember thinking that he had just taken several more lives, to feed on.”

She paused, adding, “Another difference, as well is the deep dark black head of hair that hangs down to his dark covered shoulders. He has a black shirt on, and you can see his shoulders and upper arms, but, that’s all. Back to his eyes, if you look very close there is a touch of red flame, you could almost see Hell’s fire rising up in the very center of his eyes as he stares back from the canvas. The images that I placed strategically around him are of several other Vampires males and females. All on the feed, some are large and some smaller images, plus if you look closer you will see some show signs of aging and others are in their prime of life, or I should say were. Now,” she pointed to some areas, “here you can see deep dark shadows along the walls of the cave that everything is portrayed in. If you look, even closer to the walls of the cave there are superficial pictures of innocent people’s faces that I heard screaming in torment during this dream.”

She shivered as she finished, “I remember feeling very frightened as I painted this one, not knowing for sure why it came out this way.”

Thor asked, “So, other than what you described you have nothing else to say about this one. Does anyone else see anything that Allessia hasn’t told us?”

Kendriette spoke up, “I see that it looks like a cave yes, but, to me it could easily represent some type of underground subway … Allessia, are these tracks here?” she pointed to some dark lines that looked like wooden planks with a steel rod in the center of two rows, two sets.

“Yes, oh… my I forgot that. Yes, those are railways for a subway train… and I never thought anything of it before now, but, right here.” Allessia pointed to one of the walls in the background, adding, “are the words barely visible, but it reads New York City, NY.”

Talon asked, “So, Thor do you believe these are symbols for us to find HIM there? Hunter, what do you think?”

Thor answered, “Be patient… we might not need to find HIM he might be coming to us.” Then he said, “Now, Allessia please remove the velvet material from the object that is left in the case?” turning back to his left looking down he asked, “Hunter, will you help her lift it out. After, everyone looks at it I want you to tell me what you see?”

Ethan said, “Shit, I don’t know if I can stand looking at another one of these. Sorry, Allessia nothing against your painting, I’m just not sure what you think we need to figure out, Thor.”

Allessia had move the material off to the sides of the item. As she saw it, she nodded her head, smiling saying, “Oh, I think you will enjoy this one.”

Hunter said, “Okay, Talon help me with that end, I don’t want to stumble and break it in two.”

Both men took the huge painting out and moved it to the end and propped it up.

Everyone said almost in unison, “Alright…”

Talon said, “I can really relate to this one.”

Jace yelled, “Finally, something I’m interested in…”

Ethan added, “Okay, I stand corrected… this might be good.”

Allessia was excited about this one, she interrupted them, “Oh, Thor… I remember this one very well, it took me a long time to paint it…. like a month, before I felt I had captured everything in it, that I dreamt.”

“Okay, tell us about it. What did it mean to you?” Thor smiled as he asked her, “In your own words tell me, what I can look forward too.”

Everyone stood up and moved closer sitting on the floor to look at every detail.

Allessia started, “Well, it is a huge battle scene of I believe, now, us fighting to the death those that would be classified as …. undead, our enemies. But, it isn’t just vampires, but, creatures that for a better name I will call Demons. Where should I start?” She thought for a second.

Thana said, “Start there… Hell is that me? I not only see my face but, I see the fire not only coming from my hands, but, my eyes as well. But, Shit… Allessia I love my outfit…and is that you… Shit it is… and of course your outfit is better, Damn it all to Hell,” her voice sounded envious, “Why couldn’t you paint my outfit like that.”

Hunter had to laugh, “It sure the Hell does, and I’m speaking for all of us males, we love them too, sweetie. Both… outfits. But, why wear them it barely covers your bodies.”

All the men were laughing and nodding their heads, “Oh yeah, you two are looking good … very fine.”

Thana looked over to Indra, “Can I wear a bra and thong, like that, would leather burn up or should it be of something else. It’s looks like leather.”

Indra only said, “We will work on something.”

Allessia said, “Hey, this is my painting… Thor, what they are referring to is that Thana and I are in what I would like to refer to as a woman’s warrior outfits. They are basically skimpy. We do have arm protectors for our forearms. Tops that are barely breast cups. Bottoms which is a pretty much a scabbard, hanging from our waists for the swords in our hands. High boots that come up to our knees, with sheaves for daggers and a wooden stake. In the painting I made one image in the likings to Thana, not knowing why, but, there she is. With one woman, in my own image swirling a sword. Now I know it is with my Keris sword Sage. I’m wearing something like chain mail that barely covers parts of my body.”

Thor asked, “And that is all that’s in the painting?” smiling as he knew better.

“Well, no.” she said.

Jace interrupted, “Hell, no there’s a whole battle ground and Thor I believe that’s you standing up on a mountain watching us.. it almost looks like the courtyard in that area, over there," he pointed to an area that was off center of the painting. Before he continued, "AND, I repeat you are watching us, your eyes are not covered, but, looked very focus and dashing vibrant green. I say us, because I can recognize several here in this room, among the many on the painting. Talon there’s you, isn’t it, you are doing that double sword thing you do… taking off several heads from those ‘undead’ creatures. I can almost see it in action, as some of the bodies are lying on the ground ... headless. And, I have no doubt that’s me over there, Allessia tell me if I’m wrong. It’s like two images … of the same person with a flashing light between them, like I’m flying across the field before I kneel down and use my crossbow shooting that long staff up to the that guy…. ” he looked over to Hunter.

“Yeah.. I know who it is .. it is Grand Master Hector Bera,” Hunter added, “He is commanding his league to destroy us, I’m sure.”

In a sweet voice Indra interrupted everyone, saying, “But, I believe over here,” she pointed to a building in the upper left corner, “See, Hunter, that looks like you climbing on the outer edges of the stones, you are looking up to that window. Look isn’t that our mother looking out the window. You are going to her.”

Ethan had moved up and was studying the picture very closely, looking at every inch of the detailed piece of art, trying to memorize the whole structured scene.

Allessia tried again to interject her own comments, “I believe this whole picture is what Thor was stating earlier… what’s out on the horizon for us all to put our plan of attack in place and this picture should be study hard. It tells us a lot that we can learn from. But, Thor I would still like to know how you came across these that I painted. They were only shown once and it was gone before I knew it and I never got a name who bought them.”

Thor looked at her and said, “Even though physically you have only been with us for hours. You have been with me, spiritually, for a very long time, I knew that you painted magical portraits and I sent Christi to purchase these. Before the others got to them,” To him self he was thinking he only wished he knew which ones Roni had gotten before him …

Thana asked, “Christi… I haven’t had the pleasure to meet her, have we?” She looked around the room.

Thor answered, “I believe she is also in that picture, look for a young petit woman. I think she told me she’s down by the courtyard, on the dead barren field that Allessia brought everything, man and beast, to their knees dying that was in her way when she used her power of the Lifestream. Christi is helping a wounded warrior of ours, she’s has the healing power … If she can reach them before they take their last breath. If not, well, let’s just hope she is around when one of us needs her.”

Allessia said very enthusiast, “I remembered naming the picture…

Kendrietta being closest to the lower left corner, “It’s called, The Last Coming of the Storm …. the Dark Ones and the Order of the Light. You actually put that right there…” she pointed to the corner, “… by Ally M and 2222 beside your name.”

Thor began clapping his hands and said, “Good for you… now you know why you have all come to me, at this time. This picture with its details will become our plan ... study it long and hard, find every possible hint of a weapon or strategy we might need. We will meet often to discuss what each of you have discovered... and Allessia you can tell us more.”

Talon said, “When do we start training?”

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Meeting

Shadows created from the fire danced along the stonewalls of the spacious room. The room itself seemed old and worn. Antique objects littered the floors and walls. Old oil paintings, faded black and white photos, tarnished candelabras, and many mystical type objects were found a plenty. All the walls were partially covered with shelves and shelves of dusty books. It seemed as if the room breathed of knowledge and age. Thor sat in one of the more comfortable chairs by the fireplace. There was another empty chair to his left and two more directly across from him. A large coffee table was centered between them. On the other two sides of the table were two sofas opposite of each other, both empty. A collection of papers, maps, and photographs were scattered over the top of the table in no organized fashion. He took a large puff of his pipe and blew out a smoke ring has he gathered his thoughts. He could hear the soft ticking of the ancient clock that hung above the fireplace. They should be arriving soon, he thought to himself. He leaned forward carefully feeling for his drink when he sensed a presence near him. He felt a small shift in the atmosphere and the slight movement of air.
“Hunter my good boy, would you be so kind as to grab that bottle of bourbon before taking a seat?” he smiled to himself. Hunter always had to try and sneak by him. It had become somewhat of a game between them. He heard a sigh.
“How do you ALWAYS know?” Hunter said as he walked out one of the darkened corners in the large room.
“Well, if it would stroke that small ego of yours, I’ll let you sneak up on me one of these days,” Thor said with a smug grin. Thor knew when ANYONE was around him. He had the ability of tremor sense; he could automatically sense the location of anything/anyone that was in contact with the ground and within his metaphysical range.
“Don’t do me any favors old man,” Hunter said with a friendly chuckle. “I will get you one of these days.”
“Maybe,” said Thor. “Well, I guess if I was hanging out in the middle of a dark room you might be able to, as long as you were careful enough to not touch the ground while you were traveling from shadow to shadow.” Hunter had crossed the room and seated himself in the chair next to Thor, placing the bottle on the table.
“So, have you spoken with Allessia today?” Hunter asked.
“Oh yes, and what a conversation we had,” Thor replied, “but let’s save the recount for the others to hear as well.”
“She seemed terribly shaken,” Hunter stated. After spending so long watching the two women to make sure they were not in danger, Hunter had a bit of a protective spot for both girls.
Thor laid a strong hand on Hunter’s shoulder, “She was in good hands Hunter,” reassured Thor, “There was always going to be a certain degree of pain during the transition, Ethan and I had discussed it thoroughly ahead of time. We discussed the most efficient way to bring her into her power and eliminate a considerable amount of pain.” Thor explained. “It was done according to plan, I promise.” Hunter nodded. He trusted Thor at his word.
Ahhhhh…they come,” Thor said.
There was a polite knock at the door and then the door opened. Indra, Kendrietta, and two other men entered the room.
“Please, make yourselves comfortable,” Thor offered. Indra glided to the sofa on Thor’s right side and Kendrietta took the one on the left. Both men sat in the chairs opposite of Thor and Hunter. The man across from Hunter was tall and slender, but every inch was toned muscle. He had dark black hair that was tied back with a piece of leather into a loose ponytail at the base of his neck. Some straggles of hair had freed themselves from their bond and hung over his right eye. His skin was a light tan and his facial features were striking. A small scar could be seen on his left cheek. Around his thin lips was a carefully trimmed goatee. He was leaning forward surveying the clutter on the tabletop.
“Well Hunter, it looks as though you are an exceptional photographer as well as a very thorough investigator,” he commented. Hunter smiled, “When you have such interesting subjects, it’s not hard to record their every move.”
“True,” said the dark haired man. “I must say some of these pictures are quite boring though.” He leaned back in his chair. “I would have been more than happy to take the assignment for you and get some really good shots of these two.”
Hunter let out a hearty laugh, “That may be Talon, but we both know that you would not have been able to refrain yourself from getting ‘too’ personal with them.” The others joined in the laughter. Talon just shrugged and replied, “Probably.”
“Talon, please tell me you have learned to control that hormone you call a body after all these years,” Indra inquired.
“Of course, I am a Master of discipline,” he said “but the question is ‘will’ I control it, and would you want me to….” Talon turned to her giving her the full strength of his hazel eyes. Indra blushed and looked away. Talon smiled, and looked over at his neighbor.
“What do you think Jace?” Jace had short spiky blond hair. He was very tan and muscular. His face was hard and his chin strong. His eyes were the color of the ocean, a bluish green. He sat in his chair with perfect posture, his back straight, head high, chin parallel to the floor. He turned to Talon with a look of boredom.
“I thought we were here to plan a war or something…not mingle,” he said his tone deep.
Talon sighed. “Well, don’t you just take the fun out of everything?”
“I think we are just waiting for one more before we start,” Indra said to Jace. He looked at her and his whole face softened. He smiled a perfect row of teeth at her. He had a great smile and knew it. She returned the smile. Jace had always found Indra most beautiful. “Oh, I didn’t realize we were missing one,” he said. “I apologize for my abruptness.”
Kendrietta stood up, “Would anyone else like a drink,” she asked in her soft mousy voice. Everyone but Thor murmured that they would love a drink.
“I’ll help you,” said Hunter standing up. Kendrietta and Hunter moved across the room to a corner where there was a wooden bar and various types of liquor. As they were filing glasses and talking, the door to the room opened again.
“Sorry I am late…it was a long journey,” Ethan said taking off his jacket. He walked over to the group shaking hands and greeting everyone.
Hunter and Kendrietta came back with drinks for everyone including Ethan. Kendrietta moved to sit by Indra and Ethan ended up claiming her old seat.
“Now that we have all arrived, let’s speak openly,” Thor said. “We have much to discuss and many decisions to make.” Thor reached into his pocket and pulled out a velvet pouch. He stuck his thumb and fore finger inside it and retrieved a pinch of tobacco to replenish his pipe. While Thor was busy with emptying his old tobacco, Ethan took this opportunity to ask a question that had been on his mind since last night.
“May I ask how Allessia is doing?” Ethan inquired.
“Which one is she again?” Talon asked as her thumbed through a few pictures on the table.
“This one.” Indra stated.
“Well, I would say she is damn fine!” he looked at the picture giving a soft whistle.
“And this one is Thana,” Indra offered as she handed him another picture.
“Wow!” Talon said. “Hunter you lucky son of a bitch! You just spent all day following this two around and peeking in their windows…nice,” He chuckled. Hunter’s cheeks burned pink. “If only you knew the half of it,” he thought to himself.
“That’s quite enough Talon,” Thor said. “Please kept that brilliant mind of yours on business.”
“Yes sir,” Talon said his voice low, like a child that just got in trouble with their parent.
Hunter shot Talon a victorious smile. Talon responded with a squint of the eyes and mischievous grin, as if to say…better watch it buddy…I will kick your ass later.
Kendrietta answered Ethan’s question, “Allessia is doing well. She has been sleeping away most of the day. She had a long night, she probably only got a few hours of sleep before you came along.” She continued, “She got up for a few hours, walked around a bit, ate something, talked with Thor for awhile, and then laid back down.”
“So…Ethan ‘visited’ her last night in her sleep?” Jace asked.
“Yes, he did,” Thor said.
“Man, I hate it when you do that shit. It’s freaky,” Jace said to Ethan.
“Yeah, like I want to get inside your dreams ever again Jace,” Ethan joked. “Talk about some freaky shit.”
Thor sighed. He should have known better than to expect this meeting to go smoothly or straight to business. Most of these people haven’t seen each other in months. A little catching up and giving each other shit was usually first priority when they got around each other.
Thor sat in silence packing his pipe listening to them chatter. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a lighter. He brought the fire to his pipe when a soft breeze blew over him and put out his flame. He sighed again…asshole. He clicked his lighter again and brought it to his pipe…a gush of wind, and the flame was out.
“Talon…” Thor threatened.
“It’s not me!” he said in his defense.
“Humph,” was Thor’s reply. He heard giggles and laughter. “Fine, it’s not you then…but if I do not succeed in lighting my pipe this time, I will hold you personally responsible.” He said with a smile. He lifted his lighter to his pipe, clicked it, and inhaled deeply.
Ahhhhh…” he said. “Thank you for not making me hurt you.”
“My pleasure,” said Indra smiling.
“See…told you it wasn’t me,” said Talon.
“Indra?” Thor said in disbelief.
Her voice was in his head. Also, I don’t appreciate you calling me an asshole. Laughter echoed all around in his mind.
He turned to her. But you were an asshole…who would do that to a helpless blind man?
Yeah, helpless…that is the word I would use to describe you. She smiled.
“So have we all decided to be children again?” More laughter was heard. “I hope it is all out your system now. Urgent matters require our attention, let us not forget why we have come together.” Immediately everyone became serious. “OK, let’s try this again. Yes, last night Ethan entered Ally’s dreams to guide her to a place where she could be reunited with her past lives. It was successful. She not only can remember the important details from those lives, but also has manifested all her powers from lives past.”
Jace choked on his drink, “Are you fucking serious?”
“Yes Jace,” Thor said.
“Holy shit.” Hunter said his eyes wide.
“Now, even though she has these powers, she has no idea how to call them or control them. Also, she is one of the only people that have ever wielded the Sword of Light. She will need training in both her abilities and sword play.”
“What is the Sword of Light?” Ethan asked.
Thor took a long puff off his pipe, and blew out smoke; he stood up and walked across the room. He walked over to where the bar was and left of the bar was an old wooden cabinet. He reached up around his neck and pulled a necklace over his head. On the necklace held an old skeleton looking key. He felt the front of the cabinet, brushing away cobwebs and fingered an old lock. He inserted the key in to the lock and the doors opened with an eerie groan. The room was filled with a pungent aroma. He reached inside and pulled out a sword. Carefully holding the sword in both hands, he walked back to the group. Everyone was on the edge of their seat trying to get a clear view of it.
“Is that it?” Talon asked with excitement in his voice. Jace was next to him practically salivating.
“It is part of it,” replied Thor. He sat back down holding the sword gently in his lap. “This is an ancient keris sword. This keris was constructed entirely for a magic and spiritual purpose, to slay vampires.”
All eyes were huge and mouths were open.
“A keris?” Talon said in awe. “Creating a keris is a long and complicated magical ritual.”
“I know, it involves the blending of the metal with magical ingredients and the invoking of a powerful jinn or khodam spirit directly into the blade.” Indra informed everyone. She too was looking at it with astounded eyes.
Thor smiled, “Yes, this is Sage, named after the energy it consumes. Most spirits that inhabit a keris sword needs to be fed to become increasingly powerful. Anointing it with oils or smells make it more and more powerful overtime. Some need to be set out into the moonlight and so on. This one feeds off the energy of sage, so I made sure to place a large amount of sage extract on the blade and in the cabinet when I locked it up. It was made centuries ago, by a very gifted sword crafter.”
“That’s what that smell was! I could quite place it,” said Kendrietta. “Sage is a very powerful herb. In most cultures it is used to ward of evil spirits and to bless places.”
“Exactly my child,” Thor said. “It could be considered a holy item. It is a very powerful weapon against evil. Now combine that with the power that Ally carries within herself.” He raised an eyebrow and gave a wicked grin.
“Oh my god,” Hunter said, “Combined, they would be the perfect weapon.”
“Oh yes…they would indeed.” Thor said.
“Excuse me,” Jace said sounding a bit confused. “Would someone mind telling me what abilities Ally actually has?”
“Well, I met with Ally earlier today and after talking a bit I convinced her into letting me tap into her psyche,” said Thor. “I learned much. Have you heard of the Lifestream?”
Uhhh…no I can’t say I have,” said Jace.
“The Lifestream is responsible for creating all living things. Ally has the ability to tap into the Lifestream. She can add energy to the Lifestream or wield that power in healing or in fighting.”
Ok…” said Jace. “I get how her being able to heal would be a benefit in our war, but how can she use life energy to fight?”
“It is not just merely healing, Jace.” Hunter said putting the pieces together.
“She can replenish the Lifesteam as well, that means she can take life energy and add it to the Lifestream.” Talon offered. “Easy way to put it, she could bring life to a dead tree, or kill a live tree by using its life force.”
“If she took too much energy from the Lifestream around her, the land would become barren,” said Thor. “So she would need to be very careful not to bring death to the living things around her…. I am not just talking about vegetation.”
“You mean people?” Ethan asked.
“Precisely.” Thor said
“Oh wow,” said Jace. “I didn’t even think of that. This lifestream is connected to everyone. She could be extremely powerful…but at a cost.”
“If she were able to channel that type of energy through Sage it would incinerate anything evil or undead,” said Indra
“And that my children, would be the Sword of Light,” revealed Thor.

Everyone sat in silence for a few minutes letting the recent conversation sink in.

“If she has the capability to be that powerful, then she is a danger to us all at the moment. She definitely needs to be taught control immediately,” said Kendrietta.
“Yes, as well as remind her body on how to use a sword,” said Thor. “Talon, as you are an excellent swordsmen, I would like you to take responsibility for this task.” Talon just nodded in acceptance.
“That would take months for her to learn all the fundamentals of sword play,” replied Jace.
“Her body and mind has accepted her past lives, now all we have to do is channel them. One of her beings was a hell of a swordsmen… once upon a time.”
“I remember,” said Talon as he stared at the ground. Everyone turned to look at him.
“What do you mean you remember?” said Hunter
Everyone sat in silence waiting for him to answer the question.
“He was a Light Warrior,” Indra said with pride in her voice.
“You mean in a past life?” asked Ethan.
“No,” said Thor smiling.
“How could…how old…I don’t…” said Jace, not able to make up his mind on which question he wanted to ask first.
“Accelerated regeneration,” said Talon. “It basically makes me invincible. I do not age, and so far I can heal or regenerate anything. I developed my abilities when I was around 22.”
“Where’d the scar come from?” asked Kendriette.
“When I was very young, before I tapped into my abilities. I had an accident that resulted in my cheek being gashed open,” said Talon. “I think I was 9 or 10 yrs old.”
As Talon ended his quick tale, a glass shattered on the floor. Jace was slumped in his chair and his hand was holding his forehead. Sweat had formed all over his face and he grunted as if he was in tremendous pain.
Jace, what’s wrong?” Indra knelt on the floor next to the big man.
“I don’t know,” he said through gritted teeth. “All the sudden I felt dizzy, then a pain shot through my head. I feel weak.”
“Someone get some water,” Indra instructed. Kendrietta jumped off the chair and rushed to get it. As she was running to the bar area, she began to slow, and eventually fell to her knees grabbing her head. “Oh God,” she said weakly.
“What’s happening?” Hunter asked, he was moving to Kendretta to help.
“I have no idea,” said Indra.
Hunter swayed a bit and blew out some air. “I am starting to get a little dizzy as well.”
Thor hadn’t moved from his chair. He sat eyes closed, concentrating. He eyes flew open, “Ally! She’s in her room! We must stop her!”
“Look!” Indra pointed to the sword that was now lying on the table…it was slightly bathed in a white light. “What’s she doing? What’s happening?”
“No time to explain, someone grab the sword and take it to her now!” yelled Thor.
Talon grabbed the sword and moved to the door. He felt light headed, but he could still walk. He stopped in the doorway. “Where is she?”
“In her room, she is the forth door down on this side.” Thor said as he climbed out of his chair to offer help to the others.
Talon disappeared from the room and rushed down the hallway. “1…2….3…here it is,” he took a deep breath and opened the door. Ally was sitting cross-legged on the floor by her stove, her eyes closed. She seemed peaceful.
Talon swallowed. “Allessia?”
Ally opened her eyes and scrambled onto her feet clearly frightened. “Who are you?!” she demanded. “Don’t come any closer!” He took a few steps towards her.
“Help Me!”she yelled. She screamed and screamed for help as Talon tried to talk to her.
“Ally you have to stop! Thor told me to come in here and stop you!” Talon yelled at her trying to talk over her pleas for help.
“Thor told you to kill me?” she said anger flashed across her face. THOR? I trusted him! With that thought Talon was brought to his knees in pain. He felt weak…so weak. Remembering the sword in his hand he realized how this must have looked to her. Oh God, she thinks I am attacking her! He cried out as a wave of tremendous agony hit him in the chest. Fear gripped every once of his body. Holy shit! She’s going to kill me!
“Ally, listen to me! I am not here to harm you!” He said through stabs of pain. “I am supposed to give you this and make you stop whatever you are doing.” He unsteadily held up the sword so she could see it. He could feel the darkness closing in on him; he was about to lose consciousness. He could hear the blood thundering in his ears…or was that footsteps?
“Ally stop! You’ll kill him!” Indra was in the room like a flash, standing between Ally and Talon. Thor was close behind her. Indra grabbed the sword and held it out for Ally. Confused, Ally took the sword. As her petite hands wrapped around the hilt of the blade, she felt whole…. complete at last. She let out a sigh of relief and sat on the bed staring at it like an old lost lover. She looked up at Thor tears in her eyes, “I didn’t mean to hurt anyone,” she sniffed. “I felt odd, incomplete…I was just trying to satisfy that missing part of me, it was like a hole that could never be filled. All I was doing was meditating.”
“I know my dear,” Thor said gently sitting next to her, he put his arm around her shoulders and hugged her. “How do you feel now?”
She looked into his unseeing eyes, “I feel wonderful,” she whispered. He smiled at hearing that. “I am sure you do dear, for now you should feel complete.”
Ally looked up to see everyone in the open doorway staring at her and Thor. Indra was helping Talon onto his feet, but he didn’t seem to need the help anymore. He looked perfectly healthy. Thana was staring at her like she had sprouted a second head, her mouth open in disbelief. Hunter was whispering into her ear, no doubt telling her what just happened.
“Ally, let me introduce to you Talon, the man you nearly killed,” Thor said palm open and extended in the direction of Talon. “He will be instructing you on becoming a proper swordfighter.”
Talon looked at her, his face blank.
“Unless, you have changed your mind….” Thor directed the statement to Talon. Raising his eyebrows.
“Nothing has changed sir,” Talon said.
Ally scooted off the bed towards him and extended her hand to him. Not expecting the sudden movement, he flinched. Fuck secretly he cussed himself. He took her hand in his, polielty shaking her hand.
"Nice to met you Talon,” she said in a musical voice.
“Wasn’t quite the introduction I had in mind, but no less exciting,” he said smiling. “The only request I have for now, is that before we start training you in the art of the sword, that maybe you should take a day and learn some control over that incredible ability of yours.”
Ally nodded, “I agree.”
“Thank you,” he nodded. “I would hate for you to lose control during our training, in which case I would really be attacking you.”
“I can’t make any promises,” she said smiling sweetly.

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