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Revelation on the Horizon

Thor announced, “Well, now that everything is fine and all of us are here together, I suggest we go back … we still need to discuss a few things. Try to put our minds together to come up with the best possible solution to a devastating situation that is just on the horizon.”

Everyone stood just waiting for someone else to make a move.

Thana walked over to her dear friend with deep concern, asking her, “Ally, are you really alright? Your face seems different ... you have this look about you.”

Allessia looked up at her to reply, “Oh… I think I am definitely different. What about you?” Glancing at Thana from head to toe, “what are you wearing… what happened to your other clothes?”

Thana looking down at the piece of clothing she was wearing, she had forgotten that Indra had given her a few things. Chuckling she said, “It’s kind of a long story, let’s just say I burned up my other outfit and Indra was kind enough to lend me a few of her things … she assures me these can’t be burned. I love this material, it feels so soft. Feel it.”

Allessia looked confused, “How did you burn them up?” as she touched the sleeve.

Thana said quietly, “It’s amazing, I’ll have to show you for you to believe it.”

Thor coughed to interrupt them, “Please, let’s move down the hall, we really need to put some type of plan together. Allessia, Thana if you want to join us, do so, or if would you rather not that will be fine, as well. ”

Now, he just began walking from the room, calling out names, “Ethan, Hunter, Indra, Jace, Kendrietta and Talon join me,” like it was a command no longer giving a choice. Briefly turning his head to the girls, as they followed, as he knew they would, he added, “Allessia bring your sword … I don’t want anymore of you feeling odd and incomplete, and you taking us all down, again. Thana, I think you have gotten control of your fire, just be careful.”

Without skipping a step he added, “Hunter, quickly introduce Thana and Allessia to Jace and Talon. Come on we have much to do in a short time.”

As the group proceeded down the hallway, Hunter did as he was told, “Well, Allessia you just met Talon. But, Thana this guy here is Talon he will be giving her some instructions on the use of her sword, to become an excellent swordswoman. You might want to ask for his help, as well, Thana. And, this other guy is Jace….” He paused, smiled before adding, “Let’s just say he is well versed in dealing with many undead creatures. I’m sure Thor will want him to give us all some advice on what all we will need. I know how to deal with my brothers and their kind. You already have met Ethan. So, it looks like we all know each others names, at least.”

Both, Thana and Allessia was looking over the two new guys. One at a time they said, “Hello.”

Allessia leaned around the group as they all continued to walk, to shake the hand of these two men.

Thana added, “I would shake your hand but I might set it afire, forgive me that one small gesture, please. I’m not as confident as Thor is that I have it under control.”

When Thor heard her say her comment, he had to chuckle to himself. Out loud he said, “Well, Thana I trusted you had it under control for the simple fact that my courtyard wasn’t completely burned to Hell and back.”

Indra actually found she had to laughed, adding, “Well, that one area by the pond doesn’t look too good, at this moment… it took me a few seconds to bring enough water up to put it all out.”

Thana’s cheeks turned red, “How many times do I have to say, sorry, for that, at least I didn’t get you, Indra, be thankful for that small thing, please.”

Now, as they all entered the huge room. Once again, they began taking the places they had been sitting in before they rushed from the room.

Indra went on to say, “AND I am very thankful for that as well. But, you wouldn’t have harmed me too bad. I can handle a little fire, when I’m dressed for it. I make sure that I have the correct garments on when I know you will be around.”

Allessia asked with impatience, “Okay, I really want to know what the Hell you all are talking about. Will someone tell me?”

As Thor took his chair, he just deeply sighed, knowing it was going to be another round of horseplay, unless he did something about it.

Hunter was already guiding Thana over to sit in the chair by Thor’s left, allowing her to sit where he normally sat, with him sitting on the arm of her chair.

Thor spoke up, “Hunter, place a large piece of wood in the fireplace. Thana before you get too comfortable. I give you permission to show your dear friend Allessia what you and Indra are discussing.”

Raising a hand up he added, “But, Thana, be very careful and just stroke up the fire in the fireplace … concentrate and aim precisely. I trust you not to set my room in flames.”

Thana stood up.

Indra immediately took a few steps away.

Thor thought ‘Indra … how dare you ... show some respect to your student. Now, move closer to her.’

Indra shook her head, but, she took those steps back to stand close to Thana, as she was told. Sending up a silent prayer.

He sense they all were about to move away, when the saw Indra stepping away. Thor thought, ‘The rest of you stay put.’

Now, everyone just stood and watched.

Thana took a deep breath, closed her eyes to concentrate. As she was raising her hand to point at the wood in the fireplace…. her eyes opened they were glowing like the color of fire… her hand turned the color of red-orange for a brief second before the flame of the fire shot forward in a straight line to the wood, it burst into flames. She turned her palm up and closed her other hand around it… capturing and extinguishing the flame that had rested in her palm. She closed her eyes again as a huge smile broke out over her face. She had done it… she felt proud.

Indra, said, “Well, done, very well done.”

Allessia, “Holy shit, when did that happen…no How did that happen… Thana are you alright? Thor what is going on here?”

Hunter touched Thana’s shoulder, and immediately removed his hand, shaking it, saying, “Shit… she’s hot… I mean like burning … Thana are you alright.” He took a step in front of her.

Talon just said, “You think that is wise, walking in front of her. Are you that brave?”

Thor announced, “She is fine. She will be our weapon of fire, we will need to accomplish what needs to be done. Now, everyone sit down, please.”

He thought, ‘Talon, get a chair for Allessia, if you want her by your side, unless, Ethan will switch with you.’

Talon immediately went to the side of the room to pick up a nice easy chair, placing it beside the one he had used just a few minutes ago, saying, “Allessia, here would you like to have a seat, here?”

Jace had walked over to the sofa where Ethan had sat … wanting to be close to Allessia also, saying, “Allessia, you can sit here, Ethan you can have my chair.”

Ethan said, “Take your own fucking seat,” as he sat back down where he was at.

On one sofa sat Indra and Kendrietta, smiling at the men… as they proceeded to make asses of themselves.

Allessia looked from one man to the other, finally, she said, “Thank you Talon and Jace. But, I think I will just take a sit over on the floor by Thor, it’s closer to the fireplace. I feel a little chilled.” And that is what she did.

Thor already seated moved his head from one to the other, like he was staring at them individually, in his mind he was saying to the group, ‘let’s please have some silence and self discipline, you are all warriors are you not’ ... it took less than half a second until everyone became silent, serious and took their designated seats.

Finally, he was looking at Hunter, as he made his request, “Hunter, lift the lid to the table…” placing one hand out to the coffee table in the middle of the group.

Hunter immediately stood back up. He began handing Ethan all the loose pictures and items from the table top.

Ethan sat them on the sofa by him.

Hunter lifted the lid from the coffee table, carried it over and set in down on the floor behind the chairs.

As the lid came off, a very pleasant aroma came from within the inside of the table the lavender scent floated over the room.

Everyone became very calm as they scooted up to the edge of their seats to peer into the opening trying to see what was inside the table’s bottom. All that was visible was two huge rectangle pieces of wood on the back was two hooks and a wire attached to the hooks. They looked like picture frames turned upside down lying on a piece of velvet material. The material was a deep purple color.

Hunter came back to where he had been sitting, “Thor, the lid is off, now what do you want me to do?”

“Just wait,” as Thor instructed, “Indra, see the large ruby in the center on the north side of the case in front of you … twist it half a turn, then push it in.”

Indra leaned forward and did as she was told…

Suddenly, they heard a squeaking sound ….. as the bottom of the compartment of the table, began to move up to become the new top of the coffee table.

Thor looked at his right side, saying, “Allessia, would you please lift the two frames off, hand one to Indra and the other to Kendriette.”

She stood back up and moved over. She picked one up and just handed it to Indra, then took the other one out handed it to Kendriette.

Thor said, “Indra, turn it to face the group.”

As she did everyone gasped out loud.

With a deeper gasping sound that first came from Allessia, as well as her surprised voice asking, “Thor, how did you get this… When ….”

Thana interrupted as she said, “I remember it, Ally.”

Thor said, “Allessia, I would like for you to describe to me what …. you see on it? What it represented to you?”

Now, Hunter had chimed in, “I don’t believe it.” He stood up and moved closer, “How could she have….”

Allessia began talking, “Thor, this is one of my paintings. I painted it probably, well, I would have to guess years ago. Way before I put them in any art shows.” Taking a very deep breath she stated, “The one that Indra is holding is of a sad lonely lady, sitting in a room all by her self. She is seated facing the window, so you don’t see her directly. But, the way I had her sitting on a wooden window seat in front of an extremely large bay window looking out into a darken night. There are clouds that surround the area that she is looking at, with several high scraper buildings in the distance with a mountain in the east. It is like she is wishing for something or someone… looking very much in despair. Her left hand is raised up to her forehead, pushing some strains of her long hair away from her brow. And although she isn’t directly visible to the viewers eye, like a true portrait would. Her reflection appears back at her from the glass of the window. It shows her overall beauty, she is dressed in a formal looking gown with a scooped neckline. In her deep violet eyes you can see the sadness that the woman feels. Even with all her despondent look she still has a very gentleness about her, almost like a radiant being, an angel without the wings.”

She paused, as she looked closer making a connection, “She almost looks like Indra, only the woman in my painting is much older than Indra is now. Where Indra’s hair is a shade darker, then the woman’s it is almost light brown to blonde. And, on her lap is her right hand she holds a picture. It is of a cute young boy with the same coloring of hair as hers, and a man … and ….” She stopped talking.

Thor said, “and … go on.”

Allessia looked at the picture and then back up at him, “Well, Hell Master, it looks like you. But, I have never met you before this trip, I swear. I mean you might be a few years younger than now, but, the resemblance is eerie. Even if I say so myself it is very remarkable,” she glanced around the room to the others and asked, “AM I right, doesn’t it? It looks like Master Thor.”

You could hear “yes…” from several voices.

From Ethan was, “It’s fucking amazing… weird.”

Hunter said, “I have to say it is more than Fucking weird… because, that’s my mother, Velnetta and I’m that little boy I would guess probably when I was around age twelve, and yes Uncle it is you. We are the ones in the photograph she holding and what is even, more strange, is I do not remember ever taking a picture with you.”

He walked on over to kneel down in front of Indra, to say, “I never realized how much you do look like our mother. But, you do. She is beautiful and you are, too.”

Indra immediately looked closer to the picture, “So, that’s our mom? I never got to know her like you got, too. I was still so young when she was taken. I only have vague memories of her. She is pretty isn’t she? Thor, it is you and Hunter.”

Thor asked, “So, Allessia do you remember why you painted that picture.”

She thought for a second, “It just came to me one day in a dream. Then that next morning I couldn’t do anything until I sketched it out and then I started painting it…I think it took me maybe two days to paint it. It was like something I had to get done, right then. It was like the woman was asking for my help, like she was being held as a prisoner. And yet, I didn’t know what to do or anything. So, I just painted it… and eventually put it up for sale.” Then she brought her hand up to the mouth, saying very excitedly, “wait a minute. But, this painting wasn’t the only one I did around that same time. I had a series of dreams, each night… for a week or more, until I painted the Damn things, then they disappeared from my night dreams.”

Thor laughed, “No, you are correct, this is not the only one, Kendrietta turn your painting around.”

When she did, everyone shouted out.



Thana joined them, “Jesus Christ… Allessia I don’t remember this one.. but, I know that face … it is of pure evil. Although, I only saw it in my own nightmare, he’s a monster in the flesh.”

Hatred filled his voice as Hunter exclaimed, “And, this one is of that evil man that was the sperm donor to my mother, to produce me. I refuse to call him my father.” He stormed away from the picture stating, “Thor, she does not need to tell you how it looks… she has captured his image to perfection.” But, with a tone in his voice that showed his confusion and questionably he added, “How…. I do not know… but, I know without a doubt this is of him. I see some of both Viktor and James in him, even unfortunately my self.”

Hunter looked at Allessia, thinking why had she painted him that scene, the one of his mother… what the Hell is Thor up, too? He continued to walk over to the other side of the room and suddenly he was being consumed into the dark shadows, as his anger took him into it.

Thor heard Hunter’s thoughts ….

And just as sudden Hunter heard Thor thoughts … yelling inside his head…. it sounded as if he was shouting at him.

Thor thought, ‘Hunter, don’t you go off sulking like a spiteful child, get your ass back over here.’

Hunter’s thought was, ‘You’re the ass, why didn’t you prepare me for this,’ as he walked back over to the group and just sat down on the floor beside the chair Thana was sitting in … his chair at Thor’s side.

But, now, he said so everyone else could hear, “Okay, old man what do you want us to see next. Maybe, I need another Damn drink before the next show and tell, someone hand me that fucking bottle.”

Jace handed the bottle over to him…

Hunter just looked at it and decided there was only enough for him, he just drank from the bottle.

Thor asked, “Allessia, please tell us about this picture in your own words.”

Allessia looked at the man on the floor, “Hunter, I’m sorry it upsets you.”

To the rest of the group she said, “Well, this painting is like a collage with several images around the edges, it has a background that looks like the setting was in a cave. There is an open coffin setting up high on a stone based pedestal behind the main image. That one main image is dead center on the page … and strange as it seems, that image is of a person. As Thana mentioned, more like a monster. And as we all heard from Hunter, that one image has a few features that I now think has a slight resemblance to Hunter … Sorry, Hunter, but I can see some of his facial features, that looks like yours. Like your high forehead, your firm jaw line, those strong cheek bones of yours, even the straight nose between those deep set eyes of yours. I know right at this minute your pupils have turned that same deep dark, almost black color, as his. I think it is because Hunter’s your eyes become that dark when you get very angry …. and you seem to be right now. But, usually, you look a lot nicer and friendlier.”

Talon joined in saying, “Yeah.. .lighten up Hunter, we all know you aren’t anything like this ugly guy.”

Ethan added, “Even in your dreams, I could never see anything like this monster. Take another drink and then ease up, bud.”

Thana first just touched his shoulder very lightly with her hand, trying to give him some comfort. He felt so tensed she began to massage his neck and shoulder area.

Allessia continued, “But, I think most importantly was the look of strength and power the image had, that Hunter possess, also. And, Hunter you are so much more handsome then this guy.” She smiled at him, as he was relaxing again, “But, there of course are many differences and very noticeable. The picture is of evil incarnate … showing two fangs dripping with blood from the sides of his mouth against a face that looked as if there was not a drop of blood running in his veins. I remember thinking that he had just taken several more lives, to feed on.”

She paused, adding, “Another difference, as well is the deep dark black head of hair that hangs down to his dark covered shoulders. He has a black shirt on, and you can see his shoulders and upper arms, but, that’s all. Back to his eyes, if you look very close there is a touch of red flame, you could almost see Hell’s fire rising up in the very center of his eyes as he stares back from the canvas. The images that I placed strategically around him are of several other Vampires males and females. All on the feed, some are large and some smaller images, plus if you look closer you will see some show signs of aging and others are in their prime of life, or I should say were. Now,” she pointed to some areas, “here you can see deep dark shadows along the walls of the cave that everything is portrayed in. If you look, even closer to the walls of the cave there are superficial pictures of innocent people’s faces that I heard screaming in torment during this dream.”

She shivered as she finished, “I remember feeling very frightened as I painted this one, not knowing for sure why it came out this way.”

Thor asked, “So, other than what you described you have nothing else to say about this one. Does anyone else see anything that Allessia hasn’t told us?”

Kendriette spoke up, “I see that it looks like a cave yes, but, to me it could easily represent some type of underground subway … Allessia, are these tracks here?” she pointed to some dark lines that looked like wooden planks with a steel rod in the center of two rows, two sets.

“Yes, oh… my I forgot that. Yes, those are railways for a subway train… and I never thought anything of it before now, but, right here.” Allessia pointed to one of the walls in the background, adding, “are the words barely visible, but it reads New York City, NY.”

Talon asked, “So, Thor do you believe these are symbols for us to find HIM there? Hunter, what do you think?”

Thor answered, “Be patient… we might not need to find HIM he might be coming to us.” Then he said, “Now, Allessia please remove the velvet material from the object that is left in the case?” turning back to his left looking down he asked, “Hunter, will you help her lift it out. After, everyone looks at it I want you to tell me what you see?”

Ethan said, “Shit, I don’t know if I can stand looking at another one of these. Sorry, Allessia nothing against your painting, I’m just not sure what you think we need to figure out, Thor.”

Allessia had move the material off to the sides of the item. As she saw it, she nodded her head, smiling saying, “Oh, I think you will enjoy this one.”

Hunter said, “Okay, Talon help me with that end, I don’t want to stumble and break it in two.”

Both men took the huge painting out and moved it to the end and propped it up.

Everyone said almost in unison, “Alright…”

Talon said, “I can really relate to this one.”

Jace yelled, “Finally, something I’m interested in…”

Ethan added, “Okay, I stand corrected… this might be good.”

Allessia was excited about this one, she interrupted them, “Oh, Thor… I remember this one very well, it took me a long time to paint it…. like a month, before I felt I had captured everything in it, that I dreamt.”

“Okay, tell us about it. What did it mean to you?” Thor smiled as he asked her, “In your own words tell me, what I can look forward too.”

Everyone stood up and moved closer sitting on the floor to look at every detail.

Allessia started, “Well, it is a huge battle scene of I believe, now, us fighting to the death those that would be classified as …. undead, our enemies. But, it isn’t just vampires, but, creatures that for a better name I will call Demons. Where should I start?” She thought for a second.

Thana said, “Start there… Hell is that me? I not only see my face but, I see the fire not only coming from my hands, but, my eyes as well. But, Shit… Allessia I love my outfit…and is that you… Shit it is… and of course your outfit is better, Damn it all to Hell,” her voice sounded envious, “Why couldn’t you paint my outfit like that.”

Hunter had to laugh, “It sure the Hell does, and I’m speaking for all of us males, we love them too, sweetie. Both… outfits. But, why wear them it barely covers your bodies.”

All the men were laughing and nodding their heads, “Oh yeah, you two are looking good … very fine.”

Thana looked over to Indra, “Can I wear a bra and thong, like that, would leather burn up or should it be of something else. It’s looks like leather.”

Indra only said, “We will work on something.”

Allessia said, “Hey, this is my painting… Thor, what they are referring to is that Thana and I are in what I would like to refer to as a woman’s warrior outfits. They are basically skimpy. We do have arm protectors for our forearms. Tops that are barely breast cups. Bottoms which is a pretty much a scabbard, hanging from our waists for the swords in our hands. High boots that come up to our knees, with sheaves for daggers and a wooden stake. In the painting I made one image in the likings to Thana, not knowing why, but, there she is. With one woman, in my own image swirling a sword. Now I know it is with my Keris sword Sage. I’m wearing something like chain mail that barely covers parts of my body.”

Thor asked, “And that is all that’s in the painting?” smiling as he knew better.

“Well, no.” she said.

Jace interrupted, “Hell, no there’s a whole battle ground and Thor I believe that’s you standing up on a mountain watching us.. it almost looks like the courtyard in that area, over there," he pointed to an area that was off center of the painting. Before he continued, "AND, I repeat you are watching us, your eyes are not covered, but, looked very focus and dashing vibrant green. I say us, because I can recognize several here in this room, among the many on the painting. Talon there’s you, isn’t it, you are doing that double sword thing you do… taking off several heads from those ‘undead’ creatures. I can almost see it in action, as some of the bodies are lying on the ground ... headless. And, I have no doubt that’s me over there, Allessia tell me if I’m wrong. It’s like two images … of the same person with a flashing light between them, like I’m flying across the field before I kneel down and use my crossbow shooting that long staff up to the that guy…. ” he looked over to Hunter.

“Yeah.. I know who it is .. it is Grand Master Hector Bera,” Hunter added, “He is commanding his league to destroy us, I’m sure.”

In a sweet voice Indra interrupted everyone, saying, “But, I believe over here,” she pointed to a building in the upper left corner, “See, Hunter, that looks like you climbing on the outer edges of the stones, you are looking up to that window. Look isn’t that our mother looking out the window. You are going to her.”

Ethan had moved up and was studying the picture very closely, looking at every inch of the detailed piece of art, trying to memorize the whole structured scene.

Allessia tried again to interject her own comments, “I believe this whole picture is what Thor was stating earlier… what’s out on the horizon for us all to put our plan of attack in place and this picture should be study hard. It tells us a lot that we can learn from. But, Thor I would still like to know how you came across these that I painted. They were only shown once and it was gone before I knew it and I never got a name who bought them.”

Thor looked at her and said, “Even though physically you have only been with us for hours. You have been with me, spiritually, for a very long time, I knew that you painted magical portraits and I sent Christi to purchase these. Before the others got to them,” To him self he was thinking he only wished he knew which ones Roni had gotten before him …

Thana asked, “Christi… I haven’t had the pleasure to meet her, have we?” She looked around the room.

Thor answered, “I believe she is also in that picture, look for a young petit woman. I think she told me she’s down by the courtyard, on the dead barren field that Allessia brought everything, man and beast, to their knees dying that was in her way when she used her power of the Lifestream. Christi is helping a wounded warrior of ours, she’s has the healing power … If she can reach them before they take their last breath. If not, well, let’s just hope she is around when one of us needs her.”

Allessia said very enthusiast, “I remembered naming the picture…

Kendrietta being closest to the lower left corner, “It’s called, The Last Coming of the Storm …. the Dark Ones and the Order of the Light. You actually put that right there…” she pointed to the corner, “… by Ally M and 2222 beside your name.”

Thor began clapping his hands and said, “Good for you… now you know why you have all come to me, at this time. This picture with its details will become our plan ... study it long and hard, find every possible hint of a weapon or strategy we might need. We will meet often to discuss what each of you have discovered... and Allessia you can tell us more.”

Talon said, “When do we start training?”

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