Monday, December 1, 2008

ATTN Readers!

Hello there!

Just to let you know, the authors have decide to continue with this story line through the month of December because we like the way it is going and feel we have a bit more to tell before we end it. :-)

I am the next one to post (Needsleepy) and I will be posting my next section of our wonderful storyline very soon. I apologize that it has taking me so long to post.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the story so far please feel free to leave comments. We would love to hear your feedback! Our little "fun exercise" has proving to be a great time for us and we hope you have enjoyed it as well.

The polls for November are now closed as of last night. We are delighted to see that so far everyone has selected "Wicked Awesome I LOVE IT" when asked about the story. The two favorite characters so far are Thana and Allessia (they tied), and our readers have let us know that they want to see more abilities and Sex. I am pretty confident that we can accommodate those requests! lol All of the "What do you want to see more of" selections had some votes so of course we will make sure to work them ALL in.

As for the Guest Authors we only had one brave soul to say they would be interested lol. If you are that person please leave a comment so we know we need to add for the next storyline. (All polls are anonymous, so we have no idea who would like to join our writing group.)

I will be putting up another set of polls for the month of December after I finish writing my part of the story. Keep a look out for them!

Anyway, I am off to write some more of our story! Kisses!


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  2. YEA!!! Glad to hear that we are continuing... and just to let you know... it was I that wanted to the Guest Writer (Again...) So, you can quit worrying that someone else is out there wanting to get involved.

    Love ya...

    Waiting for the next part of the story...

    Again, I'll try not to mess it up too bad, but as we know I sometimes get some details confused. I'll try to do better in the future writings.

    AND IT is all for FUN!!! AND I'm having a blast. Thanks for allowing me to come on board.