Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Meeting

Shadows created from the fire danced along the stonewalls of the spacious room. The room itself seemed old and worn. Antique objects littered the floors and walls. Old oil paintings, faded black and white photos, tarnished candelabras, and many mystical type objects were found a plenty. All the walls were partially covered with shelves and shelves of dusty books. It seemed as if the room breathed of knowledge and age. Thor sat in one of the more comfortable chairs by the fireplace. There was another empty chair to his left and two more directly across from him. A large coffee table was centered between them. On the other two sides of the table were two sofas opposite of each other, both empty. A collection of papers, maps, and photographs were scattered over the top of the table in no organized fashion. He took a large puff of his pipe and blew out a smoke ring has he gathered his thoughts. He could hear the soft ticking of the ancient clock that hung above the fireplace. They should be arriving soon, he thought to himself. He leaned forward carefully feeling for his drink when he sensed a presence near him. He felt a small shift in the atmosphere and the slight movement of air.
“Hunter my good boy, would you be so kind as to grab that bottle of bourbon before taking a seat?” he smiled to himself. Hunter always had to try and sneak by him. It had become somewhat of a game between them. He heard a sigh.
“How do you ALWAYS know?” Hunter said as he walked out one of the darkened corners in the large room.
“Well, if it would stroke that small ego of yours, I’ll let you sneak up on me one of these days,” Thor said with a smug grin. Thor knew when ANYONE was around him. He had the ability of tremor sense; he could automatically sense the location of anything/anyone that was in contact with the ground and within his metaphysical range.
“Don’t do me any favors old man,” Hunter said with a friendly chuckle. “I will get you one of these days.”
“Maybe,” said Thor. “Well, I guess if I was hanging out in the middle of a dark room you might be able to, as long as you were careful enough to not touch the ground while you were traveling from shadow to shadow.” Hunter had crossed the room and seated himself in the chair next to Thor, placing the bottle on the table.
“So, have you spoken with Allessia today?” Hunter asked.
“Oh yes, and what a conversation we had,” Thor replied, “but let’s save the recount for the others to hear as well.”
“She seemed terribly shaken,” Hunter stated. After spending so long watching the two women to make sure they were not in danger, Hunter had a bit of a protective spot for both girls.
Thor laid a strong hand on Hunter’s shoulder, “She was in good hands Hunter,” reassured Thor, “There was always going to be a certain degree of pain during the transition, Ethan and I had discussed it thoroughly ahead of time. We discussed the most efficient way to bring her into her power and eliminate a considerable amount of pain.” Thor explained. “It was done according to plan, I promise.” Hunter nodded. He trusted Thor at his word.
Ahhhhh…they come,” Thor said.
There was a polite knock at the door and then the door opened. Indra, Kendrietta, and two other men entered the room.
“Please, make yourselves comfortable,” Thor offered. Indra glided to the sofa on Thor’s right side and Kendrietta took the one on the left. Both men sat in the chairs opposite of Thor and Hunter. The man across from Hunter was tall and slender, but every inch was toned muscle. He had dark black hair that was tied back with a piece of leather into a loose ponytail at the base of his neck. Some straggles of hair had freed themselves from their bond and hung over his right eye. His skin was a light tan and his facial features were striking. A small scar could be seen on his left cheek. Around his thin lips was a carefully trimmed goatee. He was leaning forward surveying the clutter on the tabletop.
“Well Hunter, it looks as though you are an exceptional photographer as well as a very thorough investigator,” he commented. Hunter smiled, “When you have such interesting subjects, it’s not hard to record their every move.”
“True,” said the dark haired man. “I must say some of these pictures are quite boring though.” He leaned back in his chair. “I would have been more than happy to take the assignment for you and get some really good shots of these two.”
Hunter let out a hearty laugh, “That may be Talon, but we both know that you would not have been able to refrain yourself from getting ‘too’ personal with them.” The others joined in the laughter. Talon just shrugged and replied, “Probably.”
“Talon, please tell me you have learned to control that hormone you call a body after all these years,” Indra inquired.
“Of course, I am a Master of discipline,” he said “but the question is ‘will’ I control it, and would you want me to….” Talon turned to her giving her the full strength of his hazel eyes. Indra blushed and looked away. Talon smiled, and looked over at his neighbor.
“What do you think Jace?” Jace had short spiky blond hair. He was very tan and muscular. His face was hard and his chin strong. His eyes were the color of the ocean, a bluish green. He sat in his chair with perfect posture, his back straight, head high, chin parallel to the floor. He turned to Talon with a look of boredom.
“I thought we were here to plan a war or something…not mingle,” he said his tone deep.
Talon sighed. “Well, don’t you just take the fun out of everything?”
“I think we are just waiting for one more before we start,” Indra said to Jace. He looked at her and his whole face softened. He smiled a perfect row of teeth at her. He had a great smile and knew it. She returned the smile. Jace had always found Indra most beautiful. “Oh, I didn’t realize we were missing one,” he said. “I apologize for my abruptness.”
Kendrietta stood up, “Would anyone else like a drink,” she asked in her soft mousy voice. Everyone but Thor murmured that they would love a drink.
“I’ll help you,” said Hunter standing up. Kendrietta and Hunter moved across the room to a corner where there was a wooden bar and various types of liquor. As they were filing glasses and talking, the door to the room opened again.
“Sorry I am late…it was a long journey,” Ethan said taking off his jacket. He walked over to the group shaking hands and greeting everyone.
Hunter and Kendrietta came back with drinks for everyone including Ethan. Kendrietta moved to sit by Indra and Ethan ended up claiming her old seat.
“Now that we have all arrived, let’s speak openly,” Thor said. “We have much to discuss and many decisions to make.” Thor reached into his pocket and pulled out a velvet pouch. He stuck his thumb and fore finger inside it and retrieved a pinch of tobacco to replenish his pipe. While Thor was busy with emptying his old tobacco, Ethan took this opportunity to ask a question that had been on his mind since last night.
“May I ask how Allessia is doing?” Ethan inquired.
“Which one is she again?” Talon asked as her thumbed through a few pictures on the table.
“This one.” Indra stated.
“Well, I would say she is damn fine!” he looked at the picture giving a soft whistle.
“And this one is Thana,” Indra offered as she handed him another picture.
“Wow!” Talon said. “Hunter you lucky son of a bitch! You just spent all day following this two around and peeking in their windows…nice,” He chuckled. Hunter’s cheeks burned pink. “If only you knew the half of it,” he thought to himself.
“That’s quite enough Talon,” Thor said. “Please kept that brilliant mind of yours on business.”
“Yes sir,” Talon said his voice low, like a child that just got in trouble with their parent.
Hunter shot Talon a victorious smile. Talon responded with a squint of the eyes and mischievous grin, as if to say…better watch it buddy…I will kick your ass later.
Kendrietta answered Ethan’s question, “Allessia is doing well. She has been sleeping away most of the day. She had a long night, she probably only got a few hours of sleep before you came along.” She continued, “She got up for a few hours, walked around a bit, ate something, talked with Thor for awhile, and then laid back down.”
“So…Ethan ‘visited’ her last night in her sleep?” Jace asked.
“Yes, he did,” Thor said.
“Man, I hate it when you do that shit. It’s freaky,” Jace said to Ethan.
“Yeah, like I want to get inside your dreams ever again Jace,” Ethan joked. “Talk about some freaky shit.”
Thor sighed. He should have known better than to expect this meeting to go smoothly or straight to business. Most of these people haven’t seen each other in months. A little catching up and giving each other shit was usually first priority when they got around each other.
Thor sat in silence packing his pipe listening to them chatter. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a lighter. He brought the fire to his pipe when a soft breeze blew over him and put out his flame. He sighed again…asshole. He clicked his lighter again and brought it to his pipe…a gush of wind, and the flame was out.
“Talon…” Thor threatened.
“It’s not me!” he said in his defense.
“Humph,” was Thor’s reply. He heard giggles and laughter. “Fine, it’s not you then…but if I do not succeed in lighting my pipe this time, I will hold you personally responsible.” He said with a smile. He lifted his lighter to his pipe, clicked it, and inhaled deeply.
Ahhhhh…” he said. “Thank you for not making me hurt you.”
“My pleasure,” said Indra smiling.
“See…told you it wasn’t me,” said Talon.
“Indra?” Thor said in disbelief.
Her voice was in his head. Also, I don’t appreciate you calling me an asshole. Laughter echoed all around in his mind.
He turned to her. But you were an asshole…who would do that to a helpless blind man?
Yeah, helpless…that is the word I would use to describe you. She smiled.
“So have we all decided to be children again?” More laughter was heard. “I hope it is all out your system now. Urgent matters require our attention, let us not forget why we have come together.” Immediately everyone became serious. “OK, let’s try this again. Yes, last night Ethan entered Ally’s dreams to guide her to a place where she could be reunited with her past lives. It was successful. She not only can remember the important details from those lives, but also has manifested all her powers from lives past.”
Jace choked on his drink, “Are you fucking serious?”
“Yes Jace,” Thor said.
“Holy shit.” Hunter said his eyes wide.
“Now, even though she has these powers, she has no idea how to call them or control them. Also, she is one of the only people that have ever wielded the Sword of Light. She will need training in both her abilities and sword play.”
“What is the Sword of Light?” Ethan asked.
Thor took a long puff off his pipe, and blew out smoke; he stood up and walked across the room. He walked over to where the bar was and left of the bar was an old wooden cabinet. He reached up around his neck and pulled a necklace over his head. On the necklace held an old skeleton looking key. He felt the front of the cabinet, brushing away cobwebs and fingered an old lock. He inserted the key in to the lock and the doors opened with an eerie groan. The room was filled with a pungent aroma. He reached inside and pulled out a sword. Carefully holding the sword in both hands, he walked back to the group. Everyone was on the edge of their seat trying to get a clear view of it.
“Is that it?” Talon asked with excitement in his voice. Jace was next to him practically salivating.
“It is part of it,” replied Thor. He sat back down holding the sword gently in his lap. “This is an ancient keris sword. This keris was constructed entirely for a magic and spiritual purpose, to slay vampires.”
All eyes were huge and mouths were open.
“A keris?” Talon said in awe. “Creating a keris is a long and complicated magical ritual.”
“I know, it involves the blending of the metal with magical ingredients and the invoking of a powerful jinn or khodam spirit directly into the blade.” Indra informed everyone. She too was looking at it with astounded eyes.
Thor smiled, “Yes, this is Sage, named after the energy it consumes. Most spirits that inhabit a keris sword needs to be fed to become increasingly powerful. Anointing it with oils or smells make it more and more powerful overtime. Some need to be set out into the moonlight and so on. This one feeds off the energy of sage, so I made sure to place a large amount of sage extract on the blade and in the cabinet when I locked it up. It was made centuries ago, by a very gifted sword crafter.”
“That’s what that smell was! I could quite place it,” said Kendrietta. “Sage is a very powerful herb. In most cultures it is used to ward of evil spirits and to bless places.”
“Exactly my child,” Thor said. “It could be considered a holy item. It is a very powerful weapon against evil. Now combine that with the power that Ally carries within herself.” He raised an eyebrow and gave a wicked grin.
“Oh my god,” Hunter said, “Combined, they would be the perfect weapon.”
“Oh yes…they would indeed.” Thor said.
“Excuse me,” Jace said sounding a bit confused. “Would someone mind telling me what abilities Ally actually has?”
“Well, I met with Ally earlier today and after talking a bit I convinced her into letting me tap into her psyche,” said Thor. “I learned much. Have you heard of the Lifestream?”
Uhhh…no I can’t say I have,” said Jace.
“The Lifestream is responsible for creating all living things. Ally has the ability to tap into the Lifestream. She can add energy to the Lifestream or wield that power in healing or in fighting.”
Ok…” said Jace. “I get how her being able to heal would be a benefit in our war, but how can she use life energy to fight?”
“It is not just merely healing, Jace.” Hunter said putting the pieces together.
“She can replenish the Lifesteam as well, that means she can take life energy and add it to the Lifestream.” Talon offered. “Easy way to put it, she could bring life to a dead tree, or kill a live tree by using its life force.”
“If she took too much energy from the Lifestream around her, the land would become barren,” said Thor. “So she would need to be very careful not to bring death to the living things around her…. I am not just talking about vegetation.”
“You mean people?” Ethan asked.
“Precisely.” Thor said
“Oh wow,” said Jace. “I didn’t even think of that. This lifestream is connected to everyone. She could be extremely powerful…but at a cost.”
“If she were able to channel that type of energy through Sage it would incinerate anything evil or undead,” said Indra
“And that my children, would be the Sword of Light,” revealed Thor.

Everyone sat in silence for a few minutes letting the recent conversation sink in.

“If she has the capability to be that powerful, then she is a danger to us all at the moment. She definitely needs to be taught control immediately,” said Kendrietta.
“Yes, as well as remind her body on how to use a sword,” said Thor. “Talon, as you are an excellent swordsmen, I would like you to take responsibility for this task.” Talon just nodded in acceptance.
“That would take months for her to learn all the fundamentals of sword play,” replied Jace.
“Her body and mind has accepted her past lives, now all we have to do is channel them. One of her beings was a hell of a swordsmen… once upon a time.”
“I remember,” said Talon as he stared at the ground. Everyone turned to look at him.
“What do you mean you remember?” said Hunter
Everyone sat in silence waiting for him to answer the question.
“He was a Light Warrior,” Indra said with pride in her voice.
“You mean in a past life?” asked Ethan.
“No,” said Thor smiling.
“How could…how old…I don’t…” said Jace, not able to make up his mind on which question he wanted to ask first.
“Accelerated regeneration,” said Talon. “It basically makes me invincible. I do not age, and so far I can heal or regenerate anything. I developed my abilities when I was around 22.”
“Where’d the scar come from?” asked Kendriette.
“When I was very young, before I tapped into my abilities. I had an accident that resulted in my cheek being gashed open,” said Talon. “I think I was 9 or 10 yrs old.”
As Talon ended his quick tale, a glass shattered on the floor. Jace was slumped in his chair and his hand was holding his forehead. Sweat had formed all over his face and he grunted as if he was in tremendous pain.
Jace, what’s wrong?” Indra knelt on the floor next to the big man.
“I don’t know,” he said through gritted teeth. “All the sudden I felt dizzy, then a pain shot through my head. I feel weak.”
“Someone get some water,” Indra instructed. Kendrietta jumped off the chair and rushed to get it. As she was running to the bar area, she began to slow, and eventually fell to her knees grabbing her head. “Oh God,” she said weakly.
“What’s happening?” Hunter asked, he was moving to Kendretta to help.
“I have no idea,” said Indra.
Hunter swayed a bit and blew out some air. “I am starting to get a little dizzy as well.”
Thor hadn’t moved from his chair. He sat eyes closed, concentrating. He eyes flew open, “Ally! She’s in her room! We must stop her!”
“Look!” Indra pointed to the sword that was now lying on the table…it was slightly bathed in a white light. “What’s she doing? What’s happening?”
“No time to explain, someone grab the sword and take it to her now!” yelled Thor.
Talon grabbed the sword and moved to the door. He felt light headed, but he could still walk. He stopped in the doorway. “Where is she?”
“In her room, she is the forth door down on this side.” Thor said as he climbed out of his chair to offer help to the others.
Talon disappeared from the room and rushed down the hallway. “1…2….3…here it is,” he took a deep breath and opened the door. Ally was sitting cross-legged on the floor by her stove, her eyes closed. She seemed peaceful.
Talon swallowed. “Allessia?”
Ally opened her eyes and scrambled onto her feet clearly frightened. “Who are you?!” she demanded. “Don’t come any closer!” He took a few steps towards her.
“Help Me!”she yelled. She screamed and screamed for help as Talon tried to talk to her.
“Ally you have to stop! Thor told me to come in here and stop you!” Talon yelled at her trying to talk over her pleas for help.
“Thor told you to kill me?” she said anger flashed across her face. THOR? I trusted him! With that thought Talon was brought to his knees in pain. He felt weak…so weak. Remembering the sword in his hand he realized how this must have looked to her. Oh God, she thinks I am attacking her! He cried out as a wave of tremendous agony hit him in the chest. Fear gripped every once of his body. Holy shit! She’s going to kill me!
“Ally, listen to me! I am not here to harm you!” He said through stabs of pain. “I am supposed to give you this and make you stop whatever you are doing.” He unsteadily held up the sword so she could see it. He could feel the darkness closing in on him; he was about to lose consciousness. He could hear the blood thundering in his ears…or was that footsteps?
“Ally stop! You’ll kill him!” Indra was in the room like a flash, standing between Ally and Talon. Thor was close behind her. Indra grabbed the sword and held it out for Ally. Confused, Ally took the sword. As her petite hands wrapped around the hilt of the blade, she felt whole…. complete at last. She let out a sigh of relief and sat on the bed staring at it like an old lost lover. She looked up at Thor tears in her eyes, “I didn’t mean to hurt anyone,” she sniffed. “I felt odd, incomplete…I was just trying to satisfy that missing part of me, it was like a hole that could never be filled. All I was doing was meditating.”
“I know my dear,” Thor said gently sitting next to her, he put his arm around her shoulders and hugged her. “How do you feel now?”
She looked into his unseeing eyes, “I feel wonderful,” she whispered. He smiled at hearing that. “I am sure you do dear, for now you should feel complete.”
Ally looked up to see everyone in the open doorway staring at her and Thor. Indra was helping Talon onto his feet, but he didn’t seem to need the help anymore. He looked perfectly healthy. Thana was staring at her like she had sprouted a second head, her mouth open in disbelief. Hunter was whispering into her ear, no doubt telling her what just happened.
“Ally, let me introduce to you Talon, the man you nearly killed,” Thor said palm open and extended in the direction of Talon. “He will be instructing you on becoming a proper swordfighter.”
Talon looked at her, his face blank.
“Unless, you have changed your mind….” Thor directed the statement to Talon. Raising his eyebrows.
“Nothing has changed sir,” Talon said.
Ally scooted off the bed towards him and extended her hand to him. Not expecting the sudden movement, he flinched. Fuck secretly he cussed himself. He took her hand in his, polielty shaking her hand.
"Nice to met you Talon,” she said in a musical voice.
“Wasn’t quite the introduction I had in mind, but no less exciting,” he said smiling. “The only request I have for now, is that before we start training you in the art of the sword, that maybe you should take a day and learn some control over that incredible ability of yours.”
Ally nodded, “I agree.”
“Thank you,” he nodded. “I would hate for you to lose control during our training, in which case I would really be attacking you.”
“I can’t make any promises,” she said smiling sweetly.


  1. I loved it... great JOB .. can't wait for more.

    Fantastic, way of expanding on the sword of Light. THANK YOU!

    I love the term 'lifestream'...a very powerful weapon, indeed.

  2. Great job! Now, how in the hell am I supposed to follow THAT?? well, dammit, give me a few days, I'll see what I can come up with...

    And good job on the "filling in the blanks" on some of that stuff. :)