Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Connection

With unshed tears still filling their eyes, they held them in check … not allowing them to overflow completely down their cheeks. Not, yet.

They looked at each other and then back to the elderly man in front of them … Thor.

Immediately, as their eyes rested upon him their hearts filled with a peacefully ease … cleansing their deep rooted emotions, as a deep recognition, filtered through them. Not, only through their minds eye, but, their united souls. They saw what they had never seen before.

Allessia was the first to nod her head in agreement, surprise filled her voice as she spoke, “Yes, I do remember the Light.” Her voice changed with a deep pride, she stood up, before adding, “My mother, from that past life was known as Queen Camilla. She was the Creator of the Light Warrior’s. Those beings were a special group of males and females trained to be warriors, given the mission to protect the Order of the Light. I was known as Princess Eva of the Light. I ended up being the last known female to have the secret knowledge of how to bring forth the internal sword of light …. from my being. I vaguely have memory of it all.” She paused looked around, stating, “I believe to remember all that I need too from that life and all the powers that were bestowed upon me. I will need a place to meditate and self sacrifice for 48 hours to cleanse my body and my soul. I need to find the connection to my inner being …. I need to remember all that was taught to me.”

Her voice change to uncertainty while saying, “I’m not sure I have the power and the strength. Now, today, as I once had …. as that female …. Princess Eva of the Light, I believe I am different now.” Her voice shook, “I know I am different,” held doubt in her ability even though she knew she had the knowledge of what he was referring too.

Thor smiled, “Yes, Allessia, you are most definitely different, now. In fact, you are much stronger in this life… then you lived those years’ before. You must trust me… have faith. Because, unfortunately, you will not have 48 hours to discover all you need. But, what you need to do is to look deep inside you. To see just how strong and powerful you have become, through the many passages of times you have crossed. Time and events have made you stronger than ever. And, now not only is it in the strength you possess and need. But, with the powers you can share with others’, as well especially your best friend here …. Thana.” He waved his hand towards her.

Thana had sat there in awe of what all was being said and with what she had actually found herself remembering ..... about her own past lives. But, once she finally found her voice to speak, “Unfortunately, I do remember some of those past lives…. the hunger I felt when the Dark One’s habitat was forced upon … into me. I remember the fight of refusal at first…. then truly joining with them for the hunt and the kill …at first I joined because of the betrayal I felt. But, then my inner balance came forth, I just couldn’t understand how I could do those awful acts of violence to those unsuspecting men, women and children. But, I justified it as being forced, too. I remember trying to limit what I did.” Her tears fell as she remembered how her heart ached as she stood outside her body looking down on those she had harmed.

She wiped her eyes to add, “But, I especially remember, how and what one particular Dark One did and would command to be done. He was known, as their Grand Master. He was a mean fucking son of a bitch. I truly believe he was more than just a simple Vampire. Hell, he was closer to the devil himself. His powers seemed unlimited. We all knew him by the name of Grand Master Bera….”

As that name was spoken….an inhuman groan came from their elderly trainer, Thor, as he cried out, “You knew the Grand Master, you have been with him,” in disbelief, thinking he had been wrong in allowing her entry into his paradise, the first time doubt had ever enter his mind for many years. His own hand came quickly up to his throat and his face was distorted in pain, before he quickly recovered to hide his inner painful encounter.

Thana immediately clarified, “No, no… not actually knew him, as far as meeting with him, being with him. But, yes, I was aware of him. I heard countless stories of his horrors. No, I was never allowed closer than probably hundred feet from wherever he was kept. But, I saw the destruction he could do. All he had to do was put forth a command out to his creatures to do something and they did it. His name was bantered around to put fear into one.”

She took a deep breath, “If forced, now, I would chose death over life … I mean true death… not reborn death, then to truly follow him, again.” Thana looked at this gentle man, “I am sorry, if he was the one that took your eye sight from you,” She had risen to move before the elder to bend in front of him, adding, “if I brought pain to you by mentioning his name that way, I’m deeply sorry.”

Thor’s voice held a pleasant tolerance as he told them, “No, that is not it. Please, my child do not humble before me. I lost my eye sight from another, a few years back. What pains me most is the simple fact from many years ago.” Now, his smiling mouth became sobering, “In another lifetime, for us immortals, time has no boundaries. But, Bera seduced my sweet loving sister…. Velnetta Thornton, she was known among… the Order of the Light as one of our High Priestess. She was one of the most kind and loving beings’ ever known to grace this universe. In her prime Velnetta was granted the unity with one of our High Guardian Priest of the order. They gave birth to Indra. You just met her. She’s the one that brought you in here to me.”

He paused, as he told them the story, “Many years later, after Indra’s birth, Bera came upon my sister, Velnetta … he used his powers of seduction on her and eventually she gave birth to another …. you have met him, too. He is known as Hunter Gamlin. He has a torn placement… between the Dark Ones and the Order of the Light; with both of his parents’ true blood running deep in him. So, far he has chosen the Light over the Dark.” His mouth smiled again, “I consider Hunter more than a dear nephew of mine. He is closer to my son… I helped raised him. As an infant child, Velnetta used her powers to send him to me, and by my own I sent him back to her as needed. Bera never suspected she and I were influencing him as we have done. However, Indra was left here with her father, when Bera took Velnetta. Since then her father was destroyed by Bera himself, and I have had the pleasure to raise her.”

Thor, continued, “But, with Bera as Hunter’s father, he must show some appearance to be one of them, and until lately everything was working perfectly in our plans. Now, his older half brother has become suspicious of him. Viktor watches him closely when he is around them. Hunter mainly complies with them because of a hope and his unconditional love to one day reunited with his loving mother. Bera holds my sister captive somewhere in his den. I no longer have a way to contact her. But, I continuously hear her screams of wanting to be released. Her tortured soul has haunted me throughout the many years. She has lost her way back to the Order of the Light; and, neither Hunter nor I can get to her. That is what brings pain to my heart and makes me grieve her loss way.” Thor bent his head.

“I’m very confused.” Ally asked, “I thought Hunter was the younger brother to James and the older one named Viktor, the Gamlin brothers? Are they all Vampires or some other night creature? They were all together at the club, I assumed as part owners of that club.”

“Yes, in this day and time they took the name Gamlin. And Hunter is half-brother to both of them. They share the same father Hektor Bera. Hektor was married, still is married to the mother of the two older boys. Their mother is as wicked as their father. But, I do believe she not only prowls the night, but, the day as well. She has discovered powers to allow her creatures to overcome the night passage. Through her, she passed that ability through to James, he has access to day and night. But, I do believe Viktor is more like his father… he is strictly a night creature.” He turned towards Thana, “I believe you have met James. In fact, Thana, what I sensed, tonight between the two of you. James has already put designs on you. I have no doubt he picked up on your past life together …well…. almost one of them.”

Thana said, “Yes, I felt weird around him. Like almost a sexual desire that needed to be fulfilled… if it already hadn’t been. It was strange. I’m not usually like that when I first meet someone,” she shook her head, laughed lifting her left eye brow up a little, “Well, maybe on the second meeting….but never on just the first time. But, I felt as if I had … you know… been with him before… intimately.”

“Ah…ah…” Thor nodded, “Maybe, you have. You need to look deep inside, and figure that out. It could be a weapon to use in your favor.”

“So, we were brought to you for you to train us?” Ally, asked, “How and when does this training begin?”

“Impatient …. Good,” his smile was earth shattering, “Ally, now I asked you... how can... I ... train you and Thana when you already have the knowledge …. No, as your teacher… I will be here to help guide you. If and when you need a push in the correct direction or position to achieve all that you have available within you. All you really needed was somewhere to begin your own re-training. As Light Warriors you once were, you have the ability and powers deep," he waved his hands as he spoke, "...pull them forth.. get control of them again. Then between the two of you take the authority to lead the many warriors here in the Order of the Light.”

Thor said, “It has come the time where the Dark Ones need to be shown their limits. They no longer have the right to prowl through the night and day taking victims, as they please, to build their stronghold.”

Thana asked, “So, where do we go, here or to another place for us to begin?” She now stood beside Ally.

Ally said, “I need to fast and meditate, first, before I will be good to anyone, especially myself.”

Thor raised his hands, “Please, take Allessia to her dwelling.” Thor stood as he turned he said, “Thana, stay here, this should give you what you need. Look into the fire... find what you need.”

Smiling to himself, … Thor thought he should know by now he can’t pull his shadow trick by him. He sent a message out telepathically, ‘Hunter be gentle… she might not remember everything just yet,’ chuckling and thinking as he walked out of the area, leaving the two misguided lovers alone.

In the near distance a shadow that had been blended into the walls, shook his head as Thor’s message reached his inner soul… thinking ‘Damn you, Thor, how do you do that?’

You could hear the chuckle as the elderly continued to walk away.


James was staring out onto the dance floor .. several women had caught his attention. He needed to release his frustration with someone from the opposite sex… he really didn’t care who it would be this evening. He just needed a bed partner for the rest of the night.

He had hoped that Thana would be the one. But, now that was impossible…. He had no idea where the Hell, she took flight, too. Plus, he could no longer sense her. When they had met downstairs, he had sent several images to her of what it could be like.. them together. Her eyes had lit up and her breathe caught in her throat as those visions floated through her minds eyes, she had been very receptive to the idea …. But, now she was gone, until he found her again.

He still needed someone … who could he choose… his eyes and mind was roaming from one young lady to another cruising around the room to find someone that was here ….. all alone….. that no one would miss.

Viktor could read James’ sexual drive stirring inside his brother’s body … he was eying several of their patrons… he sent his brother a friendly reminder… ‘No … none of our guests or customers… we do not need to have the morning paper and TV broadcasts… headlines to read ….. ‘New Nightclub the Point --- Missing Young Women on Opening Night.’ Take Roni she’s always willing, and you’ve always come away from her very satisfied.

James’ head snapped up as he glared at this older brother, thinking, “Fuck you Viktor…. I want a fresh piece… I’m just wanting a bed partner for tonight .. I’m not hungry … I don’t always have to devour them…. make them mine… like you do. Unlike you, I can control that side of my animal instinct during sex, you and your animals never think about control… just the lust and taste of blood.”

Now, James just stood up and was walking towards a nice young woman … probably barely in her twenties… his nostrils flared as he sensed a virgin…. just what he needed.

Viktor stepped in front of his brother, now he growled …. between clenched teeth he said just under his breath.. “I said, No. Go to Roni or some other place… not one of our club patrons. I mean it…. we will not be closing this establishment down because of your inabilities to get control.” He tossed up his hand, “Disguise yourself ….. go down the street …… to another club.... pick someone off the streets… I don’t fucking care who or where else, but, just not one of our customers. Not from this club… never!”

James knew better than to take on his deadly brother… Viktor would come out victorious …. not him. He turned and stormed out the building. As he rushed down the street, he knew Roni probably had her hands full trying to make amends with Kalena, he didn’t want to get in the middle of that argument. He would find someone willing.


Once Thana was alone, she did as she was told… she sat down in front of the fire to begin to revisit her past …. those lives she had endured over the centuries, she kept coming back to a vision of one particular life .... a life she had shared with another. How long she had sat there she wasn’t sure…. But, hours had passed by.

Finally, Hunter quietly stepped forward … until he was directly beside her. As he uncloaked himself from the darkness with ease, he simply sat down beside her.

Thana was startled at first, her throat closed up as a shot of fear took root. Then as she found her green eyes locked onto his darker green eyes ... his was beckoning to hers almost saying ... meet me half way.

Then her heart recognized his. Without knowing what brought him to her, she leaned towards him as he leaned towards her, his deep voice whispered, “I believe this is at least the second time we meet in this life time…but, oh I have missed you in my others.”

She smiled and nodded as if agreement.

His lips touched hers, heated breaths mixed with the others’ a pleasurable moan was released against the other’s hot mouth.

His hand was gentle as he slowly began to caress it down her slim shoulder, down her arched back, up and under her top to the side of her incredibly soft full breast, the other was making its way on up to press gently to the back of her head.

Her soft sweet hands were slowly moving around his back to hold him closer to her, caressing up around his neck.

An instinctive need to deepen the kiss, made him press his tongue gently against her tightened lips. Those soft lips of hers remained closed. He moved his mouth and his lips gently over her lips, taking the upper lip between his lips. As his hand caressed back to her soft shoulder, his hand continuing up the slender neck up to open his hand under her ear as he kissed her lips between his lips. Now, his fingertips slowly began caressing her jaw bone to softly stroking the outer side of her cheek. With his gentle touches, she inhaled a soft breath through slightly parted lips. Allowing his tongue to slip into her honey sweet mouth, now, his hot thick tongue met with her delicate soft one.

An electrifying heated sensation shook the two bodies to the depth of their souls. Sending a shock wave through the woman’s body, she moaned with a delightful emotion. For a brief second, she seemed stunned as his tongue moved around with hers. She was hesitating for only a second. Before suddenly, he felt her tongue as she moved it along his, to stroke his. As tongues intertwined with the others, a deeper moan was expelled from the man.

Taking a quick inhaled breathe through his nose brought the sweet hint of her scent of cologne she wore… it was intoxicating.

All he knew, it felt wonderful having Thana in his arms. It had been a lifetime or two since he had held this warm vibrant woman in his arms. A deep need drove him to continue to kiss those luscious lips of hers.

He withdrew, opened his mouth wider and took hers again. Kissing her lips another time and then another, his mouth was roaming over the softness of those full lips with a hunger of a starving man.

She met him with a hunger of her own, as she realized they were actually one in the same … he was her soul mate… she had missed him forever. Tears had filled her eyes with that knowledge as they were threatening to overflow, to run down her cheeks. As, now she felt he was back within her arms surrounding his body against hers.

When he laid them back onto the floor, she willingly went with his arms wrapped around her, hip to hip. Before either knew what had happened they had stripped off their clothing laying naked in the others arms.

Hunter began to explore Thana's lower slender backside, over her bare hip to cup her naked bottom. He held her tightly to his body. His large powerful hands began to touch the warm softness of the naked flesh of this gentle but powerful woman beside him. Trying to spark an excitement from her …. he wasn’t disappointed.

At the soft velvet gentle touch of her hands found the firmness of his hot body.

He wanted to kiss her forever. As one long slow kiss ended, another began, with another and another kiss. As their shared kisses lengthened, it became a devouring of the other’s mouth with the hot sizzling fiery tongues swirling within the others.

With the intensifying passion consuming their bodies, his common sense, was trying to resurface … telling him they had just gotten back together …. they should take it slow. But, then he perished the thought of what was right or wrong…. vanishing those thoughts in the extreme feelings being created in him.

With each kiss he could hear the deep emotional filled panting, their labored breathing increasing between them. He could feel her yielding breasts pressed hard up against his firm chest. He felt all those beckoning sensations of hers, as her legs moved up over onto his own, rubbing over them up and down his calf driving him completely wild.

A slow flowing surge of desire he could no more control than the rising of the day’s morning sun, burst through his body. It was nothing like simple pure lust, but, a wanting he felt to the depths of his bones. He knew he must take them to heaven, plus he just needed her. He needed to have all of her, every gentle round curve of her body.

With every quickening response by his touch, he was completely aware of the knowledge, that he could have her. He felt the truth of it with every trespass she allowed. With each caress he made with his hands over her body, the slide of his hands over her buttocks, the press of his hips against hers. He sucked on her tongue, a sweet lewdness he couldn’t resist, and her groan nearly undid him on the spot.

He angled his head to kiss her throat, but, his lips no sooner touched her skin when he sensed the first soft touches of hers searching over his entire body. Now, her hands were touching his body, caressing up his back over his shoulders. As her hands tunneled through his hair, holding him closer, and he was compelled by her touch.

Moving his leg up to the ‘v’, between her legs, he heard her moan, again. As he pressed his knee gently over her womanly hotness, she moaned loudly and moved into him.

He lower his mouth to take the harden bud of her full breast into his mouth, his tongue rolled over one, then over it again… and again. He heard a slight moan of pleasure from her. He moved to the next breast ….. giving each one equal time.

The softness of her hands roamed all over his hard muscular body. He felt those velvet soft hands caressing off his neck, down the side of the back of his shoulder. She smoothed her hands slowly down the wall of his iron firm chest to the hard ridged places over his abdomen. She was hesitating at his hips to move over the hard muscled of his upper thigh. She stopped…. with a sudden show of shyness. His pelvis came forward in a slow, rhythmic thrust. His erection was immediate and undeniable. She came to life again, as she slipped her hand between them, to enfold his male hardness in her velvet soft hand. His moan was loud with her soft gentle touch to his hot body.

This irresistible angel woman of his was overwhelming him with all her eagerness to be closer to him. He easily rolled them flat as he was on top of her. He eased his hand down to the juncture of her thighs, a heavenly place made even more so, as he slipped his fingers between her legs. She eased them apart … consenting to his invasion as his finger stroked through the folds of her sex, her whimper of pleasure was heard through the room. He inserted his finger into her incredibly hotness, as he moved in and out she was incredibly soft and suddenly wet, relaxing, as her tightness eased. She was ripe for making love.

Her hand found his hardness, once again, stroking her hand up and down over his erection in a slow rhythmic movement.

He caressed her outer thigh down to her knee to help bring it up, as he pressed forward, she guided him carefully slowly into her silky satin softness. As he pushed partway inside of her, the extreme tightness of her womanly prize wrapped around his hard shaft, it felt like a tight glove, as he went deeper.

He pause his movement. He couldn’t think, his mind was unable to make sense of anything. All he knew he was lost, but she was so hot, and he so wondrously wanted her to fit to him. His last reasonable thought was he needed to go slow, not to rush through this first love making between them .. take it slow and easy. No, he probably needed to stop and he began too…. he just held himself in check, not moving. Thinking he needed to pull away, they need to get reacquainted.

Then he felt her soft mouth panting feverishly at his neck … he felt the soft arch of her neck under his mouth. Suddenly, she arched her lower body up against his hard shaft … embedding him in her. Now, he was buried deep inside her.

From his own desire, he released a low surprising moan of complete pleasure, “Oh…yeah…hmmp…Thana…”

As he heard her soft sigh, “Oh yesss, Hunter…more...”

He no longer could stop as he withdrew partway and slid in again, deeper. They began to move slowly with each other like they were made for each other. He had never known of a time he had made love to any other like they made love to one another… so openly affectionate… passionate.. he missed her all these life times. But, now she was back in his arms.

He softly licked her neck with his tongue, then he began to place a wet kiss there with his mouth, he gently sucked the base of her neck, he felt the hot breath of her own sweet mouth on his neck.

Suddenly, that sweet mouth of hers latched onto a section of his skin, drew his skin into her small dainty mouth and held it there, he could feel a petite tongue moving back and forth over his skin, before she gently began to suck on his neck.

As they continued to slowly rock back and forth moving as one together. Her sucking action became powerfully strong, forceful and with an even more concentrated passion on his bare skin, not letting go. She was moaning and moaning over and over and as she inhaled a quick breath, he felt the sharpness of her teeth around the skin at his neck.... not breaking the skin... just holding it there.. she had her power over him.

Now, their slow rocking motion gradually increased becoming wilder. At first, they were out of sync. Now, his brain was functioning once more, enough to realize he needed to change the rhythm of their loving movements to a smooth tempo, to bring them back to an even pace. To ensure each reached an organism together. He shifted their bodies slightly, moving up and down with her.

He whispered, “Oh… sweet angel….”

Her sharp fingertips were caressing digging into his back as her hands continued to massage him all over his back. Her hands were caressing him everywhere, her soft mouth broke its suction from his neck to move to another place on his upper chest… as she starting latching her mouth onto his upper chest, over and over to suck hard for a few seconds before letting go and moving to another area to latch on there. Leaving signs of love marks wherever her mouth went.

Her moans were becoming one of need, she seemed out of control. She moved her legs tighter around him, he felt her heels dig deeper into his backside to hold his body tighter against her body.

Now, he could feel her soft mouth as she sucked deeply back in the middle of his neck, this time not letting go as she drew more and more of his skin into her hot mouth…as she moaned deeply in her throat.

Her lovely body was moving with his keeping the fast pace he was moving them at. His hand moved down under her firm slender butt to lift her up more into him as he plunged deeper into her hot wetness.

She moaned with unbiased pleasure.

Hunter could feel the dampness of their perspiration building up over their bodies … it was dripping off the sides of his arms … as he continued to pump his body into hers.

Her heave of sigh of pleasure, as she yelled, “Oh… almost … oh … yesss…more…”

It was his undoing as he found he could barely hold onto his own release. He was completely aware of this slender loving woman under him … of how her hot moistness was clenching tighter around his harden shaft. The heels of her feet were locked around him… holding him closer into her, driving him insane.

As he sensed her lovely body was beginning to reach her climax, he quicken their rocking movements.. he knew she was seconds away … he felt the trembling clenching of her muscles sending sensations of extreme tightness all around him was more intense …. she was close to her climax …. almost there… he couldn’t hold his any longer he released his hot semen into her, just as she let out an gentle yell as she gasped, “Oh… my oh … . God ….ohhhhh… Hunter… .”

He exclaimed, “Hmmmm…..oh…. hmmmp.”

As her body began to quiver with her emotional release he felt her mouth clamped down on his shoulder blade, her sharp teeth gently biting him.

Just as sudden, she relaxed her hold, but her mouth stayed at his bare shoulder for a moment, placing wet kisses there, before he felt her body ease in his arms.

Hunter was completely drained with all his spent emotions. Desperately he was trying not to collapse his body onto Thana slender body. Somewhere in the loving of her, he came to realize she was his again, not just in a dream, but she was here with him … his Thana an extremely real passionate woman.

Gently, he rolled over onto one side keeping his arm wrapped around her soft yielding body bringing her with him, his whispered confession, “Thana … you are mine… we are one again. Never leave me.”

She snuggled into his chest and stay there, her sweet emotion filled voice, “Always, through time and space… you never leave me… Hunter,” in an accusing tone.

He chucked, “I never meant too the last time… now rest … when we wake your training awaits you.”

Within seconds the intimate once strangers… now, lovers again …. slept.


  1. Well, oh my goodness, oh my goodness! So there is the hot and heavy sex scene that was asked for!

    Great job, Walkinginadream. I thought the story line is great and the sex was done very tastefully... just dirty enough. :)

    Good luck on the follow up Needsleepy!!! lol Can't wait to see where it goes next!

  2. You ask...you shall recieve!!! Sex, sex, and more sex!

    :-( /cry, sniff, sniff....Thana you stole my Hunter!! He was my yummy! lol I guess I will have to create me a new man then. LOL

    Ok, give me a couple days...a lot has happened I need to go mediatate and reflect on where I want to take it. You guys go have sex or something with out me....(wink) ROFL

  3. Thanks for the sex! Gotta love it when you are awake by yourself at night!