Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Stranger Danger

Thana and Ally eyed Kalena. Both had seen the reluctance in Kalena’s actions as they were introduced. They had held out their hands for the polite handshake while being introduced, but Kalena had purposely avoided their outstretched hands…very odd. They exchanged a look between them, each raising an eyebrow and shrugged. Besides the avoided handshake, there was something about Kalena that was unnerving. She had long jet-black hair that flowed down to her hips and pale skin that was a lovely contrast next to it. Her bright red lips and dark eyes complimented her pale complexion. Her dark orbs reminded Ally of coal, her face was heart shaped and sculptured perfect. She was wearing a form fitted gown that touched her ankles. The color of the gown matched her lipstick; it was such a deep red that her white skin gave off a slight glimmer. Kalena was beautiful, but her overall presence could be described as chilling.
Ally nonchalantly walked over to the bar for a refill, trying to keep her distance from this woman. Goosebumps had formed on her arms. As she moved away, she felt them melt back into her skin. “Ahhhhh….much better,” she thought to herself. She placed her empty glass on top of the bar. James anticipated her want, and had grabbed the bottle and was pouring her another glass full. He handed the glass back to her with a smile. Giving her attention back to the group, Ally leaned her back to the bar so that she was facing the others.
Max and Roni had monopolized the conversation now, and were telling of their adventures in Rome. Though it seemed that no one was really listening to them. Ally wasn’t listening at all. She had been distracted by the weirdness happening in the room…James and Thana. They had also intrigued Kalena. She had seated herself in one of the chairs by the fireplace, farthest from the bar. Her eyes were fixed on them, ignoring the conversation. She was smiling at them; the expression on her face was pleased. James had made his way over to Thana, and was once again seated next to her, with his arm around her shoulders. He whispered in her ear again and she blushed and giggled. Thana seemed like a lovesick schoolgirl the way she stared at him. Lust filled her eyes. It was unlike her. Thana could play the game of seduction better than anyone. What was going on here? Lust was a familiar friend and ally of Thana’s, but instead it seemed like it had taken her hostage. A little tapping sound interrupted Ally’s thoughts.

“Excuse me, Mr. Gamlin?” said an unremarkable voice from behind one of the mystery doors.

James moved to the door, opening it slightly. “Yes, what is it?” he sounded irritated. Whispering back and forth for a moment, the two men seemed to have a quick disagreement.

“I apologize, but I must excuse myself for a few minutes,” he said to the group. “I should be back shortly.” With that, he slipped through the opening and vanished as the door closed.

“Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I came out to have some fun and get my drink on,” announced Ally. She shot back her head and emptied the rest of the golden liquid in her glass and set it in the bar. Taking her friend’s lead, Thana stood up.

“I second that,” answered Thana. “My clients are probably wondering where the hell I am,” She laughed. “I hadn’t even mingled with them yet, and then I disappeared.”

“I think we will have take a rain check for dinner, I’m not really hungry anyway.” said Ally. “It was very nice meeting you guys. Thank you for the drinks.”

Roni and Max exchanged looks then they both looked at Kalena. Kalena stood up moving towards Thana and Ally. Ally started to feel nervous. The look in her eyes was that of disappointment and maybe a touch of anger. Kalena was now standing in front of them, smiling the anger dissolved right before their eyes.

“It was a pleasure to met you as well. If you would be so kind to permit us to join you later, I find your presence most enjoyable.” Kalena finally said.

“I do not see why not,” Thana said returning the smile.

“Good,” she said. Kalena moved past them, to the door that James had used and opened it. “Through here is the VIP level of the Point. Max will take you to get your bracelets. It will be your admission into the VIP level if you decide to come back up.” Ally looked at the open door, and then her eyes shifted to the elevator door that they had used earlier. As if Kalena was reading her mind she spoke again, “that is James and Viktor’s private elevator. They are the only ones that have the keys. So unfortunately you will have to take the longer way down to the main club, if that is where you wish to go.”

“Viktor?” Ally asked.

“He is James’s older brother, part owner of the club. He might drop by later. I would be happy to introduce you.” Roni said behind them.

“Ahhh,” said Ally in response. “How many brothers does he have?”

“Two,” said Roni. “He has a younger brother as well, his name is Hunter. He is a free spirit. Comes and goes as he pleases. Not into business practices, so he opted out of being partners concerning the club. I doubt you will be meeting him anytime soon though.” She laughed. “He has his own interests and talents that takes up most of his time. He travels all over the world; you just never know when or where he’ll turn up.”

Thana pointed to the door that Kalena had entered the room from, “What’s through that door?”

Max answered this time, “That is just another part of the office, it is where they count money, go over figures, stuff like that. It is just a more private part of the office where they do the business end of the club.” Max smiled. He moved through the open door way and prompted them, “Shall we go?”

Sensing that they were through talking, Ally decided not to ask about the last mystery door. Instead she moved past Kalena and joined Max in the hallway. Thana followed as well. Entering the hallway, they had two choices go to the right or go to the left. Max headed right and the girls fell in step behind him. The hallway shortly turned left and they found themselves on the edge of the VIP area. Two men were standing on either side of the mouth of the hallway they just left; both were wearing suits and earpieces. Thana looked at them briefly and noticed that they carried guns as well.

Max strategically maneuvered them through the crowd of people to a large booth in the opposite corner from where the came from. They ascended about five steps, went through two bouncers, and had to be ushered through a few velvet ropes to get there. Thana and Ally sat down on the one of the large sofas and laid their purses on the table. Max announced that he would be back, but needed to make a phone call.

“Wow, talk about security,” Ally said.

“No shit,” replied Thana. Looking around she added, “I feel a little under dressed up here.” Almost everyone in the VIP area was wearing dresses and suits.

“Who gives a shit, let’s start having some fun!” said Ally with enthusiasm. She motion over a waitress and put in her drink order. “I do not know about you, but I am ready to let my hair down.”

“Here, here,” agreed Thana. “Tonight has not gone as I had hoped it would.”

“You mean with James?” Ally asked teasing. “Upset he had to leave? I have to say I was a bit surprised at you tonight. I was sure you guys would find someway to kick us out of that one room and just use the bar top.”

“I KNOW!” exclaimed Thana. I have NO idea was what wrong with me earlier. I mean he is attractive and all, but wow…. ever since I met him all I wanted to do was rip his clothes off. I kept having these urges…” her sentence trailed off as she stared at her hands. She looked back up at Ally, “It was like I had no control over myself.”

“What about now?” Ally asked.

“I feel fine right now…normal.” Thana said. “I have felt like myself ever since he left the room back there.”

Ally frowned, “I wasn’t effected at all. I mean I thought he was very sexy, definitely pictured him with his clothes off once or twice, but I didn’t fell like I was in heat or anything.” Ally added laughing, “ I mean I am only human.”

“Yeah,” replied Thana. “I wonder if he slipped me something in my drink.”

“Not possible T,” said Ally. “You went instant lust the moment you met him. You hadn’t had anything to drink at that time. Well at least, not a drink he gave you. Plus, you didn’t get that way around Max. If it was a drug I would think it would have had a similar effect with him too.”

“True,” Thana stated. “Just keep him away from me until we figure out what is going on. Okay?”

Ally looked Thana straight in the eyes; Thana could see fire behind them. “I promise.”

Max came back with gifts. First, he gave each woman a clear bracelet with a bar code and the letters J & V printed on it. He explained that it was admission to the VIP area. The bouncers use a scanning gun to scan the code and it let’s them know if it is valid for the evening. Next, he gave each one of them a golden plastic card. “These are for your drinks. Just give the waitress your cards, she will scan them, and the club will pay for them,” he explained. “All your drinks are on the house tonight.”

A bouncer came up behind Max and said, “Mr. Valemen, some of your guests are arriving at the club entrance.”

Max nodded, “Excuse me again, I need to go get them set up downstairs before the entertainment starts.” He turned to leave and then added, “If you two are wanting to see the next show, it should start in about 45 min on the main floor.” He darted off waving good-bye.

The waitress showed up minutes later with their drink order. “Alright,” Thana said rubbing her hands together. “Cheers!” she said raising her drink in the air. “To good times!”

“To good times,” repeated Ally.

They had drank about half of their drinks when I man entered the reserved area. He stopped short and looked at them with a surprised look upon his face. Ally and Thana both looked at him and smiled.

“Lost?” asked Ally.

“Uhhh, I was going to ask you the same question,” was his reply. Everyone looked at each other clearly confused now.

Thana stood up, “Hi, I am Thana Sinclair.” She extended her hand to him. He took it and brought it to his mouth giving it a kiss. She smiled again, and then motioned to Ally, “and this is Allessia Merrick.”

“A pleasure,” he said. His voice was deep, but soft. He smiled at her and his chocolate brown eyes held a gentle sparkle. He walked over to Ally extending his hand. She complied as he kissed her knuckles ever so tender.

“We were invited to sit here by Max Valemen and James Gamlin. They are supposed to be joining us soon. Is that who you are looking for?” Ally said.

“Yes, I was.” He said. “They don’t know I was going to be here tonight. I thought I might surprise them. Mind if I join you?”

“Of course not, please sit with us.” Ally said. In her head she thought “Yummy!” She instantly liked this man. He had the most adorable smile that was accented with the cutest dimples. He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt that, nothing extravagant. His sandy blond hair was cut short and played loosely on top of his head…no gel, just worn natural. It looked a tad wet, like he just showered recently. He sat down on the sofa with them and his cologne hung in the air.

“God he smells good.” Ally thought to herself. Out loud, she said, “So…you now know ours names, I think it would only be fair if you shared yours.”

“Oh, I am so sorry.” He said with a hint of embarrassment. “Where are my manners? I am Hunter Gamlin. My brothers are James and Viktor.”

“Oh wow,” said Thana “Didn’t expect to meet you tonight.”

He raised his eyebrows, “You know of me?”

“Well not exactly, Roni mentioned you earlier this evening. Pretty much hinted that you are never around.” said Ally.

“Oh I am around, they just don’t know my every move. They hate that.” He chuckled. “I think they are hoping I will reconsider my life choices and join the family business.”
Ordering more drinks, the girls were telling him a little about themselves. He politely asked questions where there should be inquires, and continued the charade of the small talk, all the while looking around for someone he recognized to come join them so that he could slip away. He felt so uncomfortable sitting with these two. He found them enjoyable and beautiful. In any other circumstance, he couldn’t think of better company, but as it was he was feeling increasingly guilty. He needed to contact his employer, nicknamed Thor, immediately. Hunter had just dropped by to meet with his brother to find out what James knew. Here the two ladies were going on about their unique lives trying to become friends with him, but he already knew everything about them, for he had been studying their every move for years. Thor needed to know that neither one of the girls had discovered their abilities yet, nor did they know that they were in great danger.


  1. Very good. Another mystery... another character, very good.

    I'm looking forward to see what happens next. Let me know when it's my turn again.

  2. Well, ok then. Let me see what I can do.... :) Good job, by the way! More mystery...