Saturday, November 8, 2008

Point Club, during the Storm, or Something Else !

Smiling up at him, slanting her head off to the side just a bit, Thana in her soft sweet voice agreed, “Alright, James, it shall be,” as she acknowledge his informality with her own, adding, “and, please just Thana will do, not Ms Sinclair.”

As she continued to walk beside this marvelous hunk of a man, her mind began to race with her deep thoughts. He immediately took her hand, placing her arm around his bent elbow. Taking a liberty, she had not even given this new acquaintance, yet.

He seemed very confident of himself. She always like that about men… and so far she liked what she had seen.

As her other hand caressed up to touch his arm, she actually felt his muscles twitched beneath his suit jacket. Unable to quell her mind, she began thinking ahead of when those arms of his would be wrapped around her body. As she glanced to see him smiling back at her, she caught herself before she actually jumped with the image of a stunning sensation that melted her …. deep … inside the pit of her stomach. Finding her breath, now, lodged in her throat she began thinking about her fingers weaving up through the thickness of his hair as his mouth covered hers. She could almost feel his thick tongue stroking hers as their embrace went from very sweet to sweltering heat… hot to touch.

She almost found herself moaning with a consuming desire, she took a death breath trying to contain it deep in her throat. Not let it out..

Blinking her eyes she broke the contact his eyes had with hers they were glued on hers. In her naughty ways, she wondered if he had the same thoughts.

Quickly, she glanced behind them, to ensure that Ally and Max were indeed following them up the winding magnificent staircase that flanked the dance floors.

She glimpsed to see people dancing wildly on them, trying to divert her attention somewhere else, any where else but on this man that held her arm leading her upstairs.

Now, all Thana could think was ohhhh shit … this one male was a hot mother …. what had she gotten them into.

Mr. Gamlin being the sophisticated gentleman that he appeared to be, including the woman behind them exclaimed, “Ms. Merrick, I would like to tell you, I have had the pleasure of seeing many of your masterpieces … your artwork.”

Ally not one on ceremony either, quickly amended him, by saying, “James, please it’s Ally. And, please go on… what were you saying in regards to my masterpieces?” She liked how he described her art. But, surprised was heard in her voice as she asked smiling, “Have you attended one of my shows? I am sure I would have noticed, had you,” flirting a tad bit with him, he was hunky after all, and definitely a hot blooded male, ripe for the taking.

“No, not I, but, I had the pleasure of viewing several pieces that a….” pausing, somewhat skeptically added, “….well, I guess you could say a relative of mine had purchased. She has them hanging in her home, hanging there …. in a place of honor, in fact. I do believe she saw them at one of your shows or maybe it was two of your shows… well, any way sometime in previous years.” James added, “In fact, she has just returned to the states. Especially, to attend your upcoming show this next weekend. You are having another showing, correct?”

Politely, Ally answered, “Yes, I am having another art show this weekend. Thana and I were just discussing it earlier this evening. I was mentioning how things were coming together very nicely for it. I have a couple more pieces I desperately want to get finished to place them in it. We will see if that happens.”

Now, he had spiked her interest, she asked him, “So, James, what were the ones you saw, those masterpieces of mine,” pride coming forth in her seductive voice.

He stopped walking, they all stopped. He turned to give her one of his smiles, raised his eyebrow up and proceeded to say, “There were indeed several. But, one was a painting of a lone wolf in the darken night. He was sitting on all fours, his back straight as his head was extended up howling at a full moon. I must say that particular one really struck a chord in me. I could almost hear the howl in the night.”

He paused allowing her to think about it, “Another was of a glistening white fairy. She was surrounded by a multitude of sparkling colored lights. Her wings were spread out, flying up high in the air. It looked as if she was taking the moon back up in the sky, in her small dainty hands.”

His voice added “Plus, there was one she mentioned that you had done specifically for her, she commissioned you to paint it. And, then there was one other,” he stopped talking, took Thana’s hand in his again, turned to begin walking, finishing with, “…even though you are the artist. I just can’t describe it, not in mixed company. It just wouldn’t be proper, for me, too.”

After the four of them took a few more steps James continued to talk to Thana walking beside him and the two behind them. As he began to clarify, “The woman that owns them now, well, she and Max traveled together, from Rome, Italy. Just the other night, didn’t you Max?”

Max nodded as he agreed, “Yes, we did, James.”

James added, “We will be joining her shortly, she’s waiting upstairs. I guess in all honestly she’s closer to Max’s relative than mine. But, she claims us both, as hers.”

Now, mentally Ally was trying to go over the list of people that had been a repeat client of hers that would be traveling from Rome. She had many clients she had done art pieces for, but, who lived in Rome. Plus, the many others that had just came to a show to purchase them randomly, over the years. But, who were those that she had sold some of her more risqué pieces, to. Those were the only ones she could think of that HE might not want to describe in mixed company.

She looked at Max, smiling her breathtaking sweet smile up at him, “Okay, Max tell me who she is? Who came back with you? And, to think you were trying to let on you came back only to see little ol’ me, and Thana. You devil, you?” Squeezing her chest up against his arm, letting him feel the harden bud of her breast, as she rubbed it against his arm. Now, her curiosity was heightened. She was trying to sense what might be going on.

Max chuckled and answered, “Well, I wanted it to be a surprise. But, leave it to my good friend James for ruining surprises. So, sorry, Ally.” Then he looked closely in those deep brown eyes of hers, “I promised not to say. I can’t say.”

By now, they had walked the two flights up and James was inserting his key into the secure lock on his executive elevator. Turning the key, the doors opened. They all stepped inside. It would take them further up.

He informed them, “I thought we would have a few drinks up in the family’s private area, before, we go on down to have dinner and watch the performance.” He glanced at his watch, as he took Thana’s hand in his once more, to mention, “Our feature entertainers are schedule to be on in about forty minutes. I do believe they are clients of yours, Thana, you are their talent agent. Or is it their manager? They have told me some things about you, in fact just raved about you. How you got them their job here, and another spot before we opened.”

He leaned in close to her ear, whispers softly, “I feel I want to know you inside and out,” his voice tickled her ear.

Max was watching very carefully what James was doing. He didn’t like it when James began to whisper to a person, where he couldn’t hear what he was saying.

Both Ally and Thana looked at the other, across the small enclosed elevator.

Thana’s immediate thoughts were maybe they should have stayed home. And, yet, James was someone that could take her to another dimension and back she had no doubt. Plus, she would give as good as she got.

As Ally was thinking, Max seemed like he had changed, or was she imaging things.

Max’s voice interrupted the women thoughts, as he attempted to redirect his host, “You know James, I already reserved that table below for all of us. I thought my cousin was meeting us downstairs. We could drink there, and eat while we visit. Just wait for the entertainment to begin.”

James shook his head, “Oh…that’s not a problem I’ll just call downstairs and tell them we will be a few minutes longer.” James was determined, “They wouldn’t dare give the table away…knowing I will be joining you, as well.” He had his orders to bring these two upstairs. He would do that, one way or another. He picked up the phone in the elevator, to inform the maître d of the changes. They heard him demand, "Max Valeman made reservations for this evening, hold the family table for his party and me. We will be down later, my brothers, might be joining as well."

As the elevator reached the top floor, it took a minute before the elevator doors opened.

Now, James stood to the side as he extended his hand out, saying, “Signorina’s, Thana, Ally, please,” waving it allowing them to exit first, “join me in my salone, Oh, excuse me, I mean … you would call it the living room.”

They did. Stepping out into a most elegant living room they had seen, and they had seen many stylish ones, and not so stylish ones, as well.

There was a huge fireplace made with large boulder stones. A mantle extended out well over a couple of feet. Above the mantel hung a panting of an woman and a man… from years past.

In front of the fireplace were two beautiful long settees flanked by comfy over stuffed arm chairs. Between the groupings was a long glass top coffee table, a lovely flower arrangement served as the centerpiece. The floor was covered with a pure white plush carpet.

Ascents tables were place strategically around the room, a large hurricane lamp was setting on each with a chair or two beside the tables.

Along the south inner wall held shelves of books … hundred of them with an enormous desk sitting in front of the bookcases.

At the other end of the room a baby grand piano sat just begging for someone to play it.

Three doors were visible leading to other rooms or a hallway, Thana was unsure what all was behind them, but she wanted to know. They had reached their goal... they were here in these rooms.

A full length beveled mirror hung on the wall closest to the door to the right. She felt like someone or possibly several people could be watching them. She looked closer to it, trying to sense anything.

Thana was the first to comment, “Your living room is exquisite, James, thank you for sharing this with us.”

Ally on the other hand wanted a drink, “James, you did say something about having a drink before going to dinner. We were going to talk, spend some time getting to know one another.” She too was looking all around, making a mental note of where things were at... what she could see and not. Thinking... hmmm where could it be?

He was already walking over, chuckling, “Please, be comfortable.” He turned a knob and the wall moved up and out, showing a hidden bar, with apparently a glass door that could be seen through to the refrigerator position behind the bar. James, took several glasses out from the behind the glass door, and a couple of magnum sized bottles. He carefully opened two bottles. He poured a small amount in a glass.

They watched as their host, proceeded to inspect the liquid.

As he held it up, swirling it gently around in the glass, brought the glass to his nose, sniff waiting a mill-a-second then took a small sip. Leaning his head back just slightly he opened his mouth to inhale a nice breath of air into his mouth, rolling the liquid over his tongue, before he slowly swallowed it.

He smiled to no one in particular, “Oh… yes… perfect.” Now, he began to pour the off clear sparkling liquid into the fluted champagne glasses. One bottle was empted right off the start as he filled all the glasses. Putting the other opened bottle in a silver ice bucket.

The two young women took a seat in front of the fireplace.

“Max, will you take Ally’s, please?” as he handed Max two full glasses.

He carried the ice bucket and a glass over to the sofa, “Here, Thana,” handing her a glass, “I hope you ladies enjoy a nice chilled glass of Moët's Dom Pérignon champagne. I find that is the only thing that hits the spot with me to drink, late in the evening. I enjoy a glass or two before I dine.” He sat the ice bucket on the coffee table and walked back over to get his own glass.

Ally took a sip, “Yes, I do believe I like it, much thanks.”

Thana nodded her head, “I love champagne, and this is fantastic.” She saw the two other glasses sitting over on the bar. She looked around, taking the lead, “You said something about a cousin being up here. Where is she?”

James sat next to her, taking a nice long drink before he opened his mouth to answer, “I believe she will be coming out any time. She’s still trying to get over the jet lag and she’s still on Rome time.” Asking them a question mainly to change the subject, “So, tell me more about you two?” As if his arm, belong there he put it behind her shoulder.

Before either started talking, a door opened.

Both, Max and James stood immediately.

A woman framed the doorway. She looked enchanting, petite, with delicate features, and very sexy in the glorious form fitted full length midnight blue dress. The bodice was cut low, very low, showing a nice cleavage from her breasts… those breast were plump and full… most men would just say …. large…. they would overfill their hands when cupped around them. Her body had a natural hourglass shape, with long slender legs that were visible from the slit on either side of her dress skirt. Those slits were dangerous high, showing her upper thighs.

Once you moved past her body to her other features. A person's eyes would float immediately to her eyes. They were a deep blue. As she looked towards the men they became closer to the color of violet. You could see they would easily become passion filled. Dark thick lashes covered her eyes, as she blinked.

An oval shape face was blemish free smooth and flawless with a small tiny dip in the center of her chin. As she stepped forward she smiled to those in the room, showing both dimples on either side of her cheeks. She appeared to be in her mid to late twenty’s.

James took the step forward, taking the hand that she extended out to him speaking in Italian, “Buonasera, Roni,” placing a slight kiss on her knuckles as he raise her hand to his lips.

Now, the woman spoke, “Buonasera James, and Max.” Gracefully, she took the few steps from one to the other kissing both of their cheeks, with a gentle peck of her shapely lips.

As she came closer to where the women sat, she placed a hand on her throat adding softly, “… per mia saddisfazione.”

Immediately, she said, “How rude of us? Please, forgive us… we need to show our manners. I tend to slip in and out of languages...I do apologize.” Her voice was heavy with an Italian ascent, and a hint of some other intonation of a language.

Now, both Thana and Ally stood up, as the woman came up to them.

First, she took Ally’s hand in hers, “Welcome, my dear, Ms Allessia Merrick, I would know you anywhere. Your art work is amazing, I own many pieces and I have come to purchase a few more. And, I hope maybe entice you to paint another one or two for me. We must talk later.”

She just reached for Thana’s hand, taking it in her other hand, “My dear, welcome, Ms. Thana Sinclair. I finally meet you.”

Nodding her head, she turned to the men, “Please, introduce us. I know them, but, I do not think they know who I am.”

Ally spoke first, “Oh… but I do remember seeing you, now. You came to a couple of my shows. You were with a group of people. And, now I apologize, I can’t place your name… I’m sorry.” As her thoughts were racing inside her head, thinking... hmmmm .....indeed we know you....or better phrase would be heard about you. She glanced over to Thana, realizing she too was concentrating on the woman.

The woman just waved her hand like it was perfectly fine.

Max said, “Ms. Allessia Merrick, and Ms. Thana Sinclair, may I present my cousin from our grandmother’s side…” he took the other woman’s hand in his, now, in his heavy ascent voice, “Signorina Petroneia Lashko, we call her Roni.”

James added, “Roni, was born in Romania. But, she relocated several years ago to Rome, Italy. She lives close to Max’s family, now. And, she and I are still trying to figure out exactly our family connection it. But, we believe it is on her father’s side, and I believe on my grandfather’s brother side. Maybe, a third or fourth cousin removed.” He laughed, like it was a joke.

Thana said, “Nice to meet you, Miss Lashko.”

Ally was looking at her thinking something was very strange here, she was getting a sense that things were about to change. But, she also said, “My pleasure to finally know your name. I look forward to seeing you at the art gallery next weekend, Miss Lashko..and yes, we can discuss what you would like for me to paint, for you.”

She put her hands up waving them side to side, saying, “No…No.. No… just … Roni.. please, we are friends, tonight.”

Now, James asked, “My dear Roni, is your other friend joining us for dinner or did she decide to rest this evening?”

Roni assured him, “No, she’s just putting on some finishing touches, Kalena should be coming shortly. She wouldn’t miss this if her life depended on it.” Thinking and it very well could.

Behind the beveled glass mirror two people stood watching. One patted the other’s shoulder. On a table in front of them a large envelope with the agreed amount sat. The envelope was opened displaying inside the many bills and a hand written note visible, ‘until the next assignment you are needed’ be available.

As dismissal of the person absently a dark hand was waved. The person blended into the dark shadow from winch he came.

James took control of the group, “I guess it shall be two on one, for the evening. Does anyone have a problem with that? WE can dance all night long, and decide what to do as the dawn breaks. ” Thinking four beautiful women with the two of them, it might become quite challenging and more than fun.

Thana smiled, hoping he was at least referring her as one of the two with him.

Ally smiled saying, “It’s never been a problem before, I doubt if this evening will be any different…lead on.”

Another door slowly opened, as the second woman stepped slowly inside… so gracefully it appeared as if she was floating across the floor. One would almost think the, room darken as the windows on the west side of the building became cloud covered, dark, thunder rattle the panes of glass and hail beat upon it. It was like another storm was about to make it’s presence known. A flash of lightening streaked across the sky in a million different directions. The lights flicker around the room, one after the other, as she took another step forward and then they settled to light the room, again. As she finally was in the room.

She was closest to James, he stepped over took her hand, “May I present Madam Kalena Raducan….”

Max had picked up the one remaining glass of champagne, handed it to her. She took a drink.

Not, hesitating for a second James knew his job was to say, “Madam Kalena, this is Ms. Allessia Merrick, and Ms. Thana Sinclair. We are just getting to know one another and about to go down to dine and enjoy some entertainment,” paused to add, “… before we go to the dance floors,” astonishing her with that dazzling smile of his. “Would you care to join us?”

She smiled at him…. like Hell yes… and then as she turn to smile to those she had just been introduced to.. her smile was like that of a cat as she ate a canary …one almost thought she might actually lick her hands, to savor the flavor.

But, then her smile became warm and sincere and likeable. Draining the glass, she handed it back to Max.

“It is my pleasure….,” as she took a step forward towards the younger women, “.. to meet you, lovely ladies.” However, she did not extend out her hands. She knew better than to allow either to touch her being. She needed to keep her mind clear, her actions sharp… her eyes focused… and her distance.

She knew of these two women, Thana and Allessia, together were a force to be reckoned with… if they ever felt the need … to show just how powerful they could become.

As she looked at them, she wondered did they .... even know what all powers they possessed..

For now, friends they all shall be…. Well, until the time changes her mind.


  1. Nice job Walkingingadream! :) Now something is starting to happen :) Looking forward to see where the next segment takes us!

  2. I loved it! Sorry about the delay in posting ladies. Had a fun weekend, but I am now ready to finish writing lol Got lots of ideas from that post....hope you are ready!