Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stranger Danger - The Awakening

Thana wanted to scream out for Ally to run, get away… save her self …. tell her she felt some thing awful was about to happen …. her mouth would only open … but the words were stuck … she reached her right hand up to clutch at her throat. She knew somehow this woman… who had acted as their friend not an hour earlier… was now controlling her every thought… and her body.

Thana was trying to fight to no avail, against the powerful need of a force that came from Roni…. to come with her … Thana tried blinking her eyes to break the stare that Roni had on her … holding her in a trance… making her do things she did not want to do. Nothing was working, she felt her body beginning to slowly walk by Roni’s side. She could barely breath … she wanted to faint, yet her feet took one step then another.

Ally had quickly moved closer to her friend reaching out to her, as Thana’s call for help finally registered in her muddled brain, plus as she saw the frightened look on her friends face said so much more to Ally. In the corner of her eye, she saw James walking towards them.

As all of them had taken another few steps …. when suddenly, all around them … it was as if the room was slowing down ….. moving in a slow motion picture ….. all the people surrounding them were beginning to move slowly …. their movements became even slower … and slower …. almost as if they were about to stop ….. as they were walking ….. dancing… talking … then all together …… everyone, except the three of them, Roni, Thana and Ally…

The other three in their group, Max, James and Hunter… also had come to a dead stop in their tracks. But, the three men minds, were opened and watching, unable to speak or help…. But could hear and see everything that was taking place around them.

The deafening hush had fallen over the room, now all the talking had stopped, the music was silent.

And yet, Ally could see the band still trying in the middle of a song …. the singer’s mouth was opened as his eyes were closed, the drummer had his sticks in the air, ready to come down hard on the drums, the guitarist’s hand was up like he was about to strum down onto his guitar.

Now, the remainder of the room every other person stood completely still, mouths opened, drinks held up to their mouths, smiling or laughing. They were …completely frozen …. unable to hear or see what was happening.

The sparking lights from above were a dim blue …. no longer swirling around the room taking it from a brighter light to a dim romantic one… just a dim bluish color.

It was as if the few chosen were caught in a vacuum sealed area.

Ally noticed she could move her eyes, as she was able to glance to the side. She even was able to take a step off to the side, as a stunned sensation took hold of her. She watched her dear friend come forth weaving through the masses of statue people planted in the middle of the room. Her friend continued walking across the floor to where they were standing.

This friend was all of maybe five foot six inches, probably weighed no more than 110 pounds. At first glance you would think just an average person, nothing spectacular. As you took a closer look, you would notice the strange color of the small round eyes. Light green with a sky blue rim around the edges of them. Showing the deep indication of concern, love and peace, now held even a greater sign of kindness as they met Ally’s …. Those eyes were smiling back to her.

Roni, pissed and shocked, looked up and around to see who dare had the power to hold time. Once she saw the person walking towards them. She cursed, “Damn you,” asking in a hatred voice, “How were you able to get access in here? You are not allowed to interfere without being requested.”

With one of the sweetest smiles ever, the reply was dripping with kindness very honest and sincere, “You do not have to tell me, anything. I know my place. And for your information I was requested …. earlier this evening I was asked to come ….. to assist my good friend Ally …. and when as I just walked in … I could hear Thana’s cry for help…. by rights given to me through Ally’s friendship … allowing me the pleasure to intervene.”

Now with a little sarcasm held deep in the voice adding, “Plus, this helped immensely at the door,” holding up an item for all to see, “it is amazing what human people will do when they know the law has come to their doors. Doors are opened, the private VIP status waived. Many people extended out to their better nature. Well, all but you …Roni…I still wonder if you have a better nature, any more?”

Now, the friend’s face became not so sweet and kind. And, with a very quiet but a firm confident voice demanded, “Signorina Petroneia Lashko, I suggest you release your devilish hold, or suffer the consequences. My friend, Thana can barely breathe.”

When the woman did not immediately do as she was told, one word was fiercely spoken, “NOW!” it shook through the corners of the room, echoing back to where they stood. And, she simply raised her small petite hand … up and straight out …. open palm in front of Roni’s face. Now, those peaceful eyes became darken …. firm and hard … looking as if actual daggers were shoot forth… as to say I’m not fucking with you, do it!

Now, those few that stood around, not completely frozen, could hear as Roni’s hold on Thana was released and Thana inhaled a loud deep breath inside to fill her lungs. As she bent forward, coughing for a brief second. Before standing back up in disbelief looking about unable to fathom was she saw around them.

Now, both Thana and Ally were stunned to silence. As they watch their dear friend Heather Goodwin lock wills with this evil person.

Heather’s thick heavy locks were very long, a shade of golden blonde with red streaks. Now it was styled in two braids hanging down her back, one on her left and one of her right. Her normal hair style while she worked her day job. Her face had a slightly tanned color with a few freckles’ sprinkled over her nose. Most people wouldn’t even notice her in a crowd, for she looked just like any other average person.

Her friends were unsure of what to think or do. They just stood there looking in admiration between their friend and this new acquaintance they had just met tonight.

Heather’s hand was still held up in front of Roni’s face, but, now the evil woman was the one having difficulty breathing at this time. Her eyes looked as if they were about to pop out… they were wide with fright. Her hands were gripping her throat … struggling.

Then Heather took one sweeping motion with her hand, everyone including Roni…Max, James and Hunter all became frozen completely …. Unable to talk or hear or see what was about to take place.

Heather sweet friendly smile looked at her friends saying, “I don’t have time to explain in details, just trust me. You will be okay and it is time for your teachings to begin…. a little earlier than originally planned. But, yet still time, and we don’t have much of that now.”

She looked from one to the other. “You are about to take the next phase of your life’s journey…”

Ally was the first to speak, “What are you talking about?”

Thana asked, “A journey where…”

Now, Heather looked at each of them individually as she shook her head, “Yes, a journey…. Thana …”

To Ally she said, “I can only tell you some things…..”

Ally said, “I’m not going anywhere… something has happened to Max, and he isn’t himself … I want some explanations.”

Now, Heather said in her soft velvet voice, “Please, alright, I understand …. your reluctance … after this evening… But, you need to Trust me… open your minds to me, allow me …..”

She gave them a second to comply.

Then Heather barely lowered her head closed her eyes ….. as she slowly became the creature she was…. a golden sparkling sheen surrounded her being ….her whole body began to glow. As those two braids of her hair began to unbraid them selves ….. to flow out and up around her head as if a gust of wind was taking it up and out. Her day uniform she wore in disguise, began to turn into a shimmering blue loose gown covering over her body…. as silver and golden wings began to appear where those two braids of hair once hung at her shoulders …. Wings began to spread out into their full glory ….. widened as she spoke to them …. not in words …. but with her thoughts she began to inform them… ‘I’m the Angel of Valor …. sent here. To protect you, until the time, when you finally asked for my help …..then to serve you. Tonight was that night. But, now, it is your time… you have come to the edge where you need to learn how to handle all the powers within your beings. You will need them to defeat evil such as this one,” pointing to Roni. “I am forbidden to hurt them, only detain them, unless they were about to kill you. Then it would have become a free for all. Yet, I do not want to hurt them. But, allow you to overcome them.” As she smiled to both young women, now, this Angel creature looked timeless… aged with knowledge and yet so young with her gentle appeal.

She looked into Ally’s eyes, as she sent a message only to her through her mind, thinking ‘Ally we have been friends for most of your life, it was at a time back then because you needed me. You requested someone to look over you. I was given to you.’

She turned to look in Thana’s eyes, to send a silent message to her, ‘Thana, because Ally asked me to befriend you … I did and I have, always since we met.’

Now, Heather’s thought were for both of them, ‘Now, because I was called upon…. Through Ally calling me to seek my help… and you Thana yelled for help… with both of you needed me tonight ….I was allowed to not only help you but to show you…. the proof you need to see. …. nod if you hear me.’

Thana nodded, with a serious look on her face.

Ally nodded… with unshed tears building in her eyes..

Now she continued to speak to them, ‘Yes, Ally, your friend Max needs your help. You are correct in your thoughts…. he is not the Max you once knew … he needs you to release the hold they have on him before it is too late. He is your soul mate and you only have until the next full moon… The Gamlin brothers are in need of salvation and possibly Roni, too. Thana, you and one of those brothers have a shared destiny… Nod if you hear me.”

Both girls nodded once more.

But, Ally thought ‘Will, we still be friends.”

Heather smiled, as if to say always. Without answering the question and as quickly as Heather had become the angel, she was now in her human form ….. the police officer.

She said in her human voice, “I will always be with you, but, the next time we met… it will not be in this human form. You will need to look into my eyes … through my reflection… you will know, it is I.”

Heather paused for a long second, looking from Thana back to Ally, “I can only give you both a few more hints, and that is all. First, both of you listen, by using not only the ten percent the normal person uses of their brain, but, one hundred and ten percent of your minds, …. Just open up and concentrate… open and receive the thoughts that surround you … they will tell you a mountain of wealth. Second, evaluate those you encounter between good and evil… get to know both sides. Third, allow your mind, your body and your spirit to enter the others …. to become one….. the united one …. no one will be able to harm you once you do. Seek the knowledge that over flows fills your body, in your blood, in your heart, and in your emotions, especially your compassion for those around you. You have the ability inside to turn your knowledge into forces of weapons that will defeat those that have been ordered to do you harm.” She added, to each, “Ally, remember your painting are magical. Thana those that you have encounter through your help can be your army in need.”

Both, Ally and Thana said, “I’m confused.”

Heather simply smiled at them, “Yes, you will be for the next few hours… then clarity will strike hard and strong….” She glanced around the room, “I only have one more minute. It is time that you soar to your training place. Now, stand close to the other, look into the others eyes… see the place we all were in our youth… at the age of ten when we formed our bond of trust and friendship. Through that you will reach the place you need to be…..”

Thana interrupted, handing a small piece of paper to Heather, “Will you collect my suede coat… I sure as Hell don’t want to loose it, please.”

Heather laughed, “Alright, Thana…. But, after your training you no longer will need its’ warmth to keep you warm and secure.”

And she finished, “Remember, you only have until Tuesday to release Max, and the Gamlin brother’s of this wickedness. Now, close your eyes, think hard… an elder guardian that wishes to lead you on your journey … will be there to receive you and train you. Accept the knowledge… bend to the will of the guardian’s teachings.”

As both Thana and Ally stared into the others eyes for that brief second, before they closed them… thinking of the area they three of them went every day as young ten years olds… where Thana and Ally first met.

Heather waited until just the right moment… before she released her hold of Roni, Max, Hunter and James from under her spell ….

The four stood watching as the two young girls began to fade into a glimmer of silver, gold and blue … bright swirling lights…. something hit the ground, as they disappearing all together. The club’s bracelets were the only evidence that the two women once were there.


  1. BRAVO!! I love it!! Love the twist on Heather's character, very cool. Looks like I have my work cut out for me lol. I will try and do us justice, but who knows?

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  3. I can't wait to read what is next. You guys should get your shit together and get it published. AWESOME!

  4. Yea I can't wait to see what happens next either! You know, we are making this up as we go along!! Thanks for the support!!

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