Friday, November 7, 2008

Part Two: Shadow

He crouched behind the garage, blending into the shadows. He was the best at this, which is why he had been chosen for this job. The dark was his friend, and it blanketed him in shadows in the most unlikely of places, bending to his will.

He watched the women walk out to their car. ‘Oh, good,’ he thought. ‘Kalena will be pleased.’

For a while it had appeared as if the girls were going to stay in for the night, and he had been worried that he would have to go in and get them himself. He had been getting rather anxious with the thought of it, and it sent chills down his spine. He had been told of the powers that these two may possess and he had no desire to see firsthand if the stories were true. He preferred the shadows, watching from a distance.

The car turned in the circle drive and headed for the streets, and large iron gate closing behind the taillights, trapping him on the inside. ‘They are on their way to you, James,’ he thought to himself. ‘It is all up to you now…don’t fuck it up’. Only a few more hours…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Point was located in the ‘old town’ district, squeezed between two other nightclubs. It had once been a hotel. Four stories of the most extravagant luxuries of the time, and only the most important, most renown of guests had stayed there. The Gamlin brothers had bought the hotel when it had been declared condemned 2 years ago. It had sat vacant for 40 years, abandoned by its previous owner. It had been scheduled for demolition when the brothers swept in with their bag full of money, bought it, and immediately began renovating. Two years later, it was reopening as 'Point'– tonight.

The first two floors were combined into one huge area with an enormous dance floor, three bars and the grand spiral staircase right in the center. The staircase took you to the once 3rd floor, which had been converted to a billiards area, complete with a cigar smoke room and private seating, reserved for groups that could afford the $400 a bottle price tag. The top floor, of course, was all VIP. Velvet robes crossed the path to this nirvana, with two men in Armani suits and ear pieces standing at either end. No one would enter without their permission, which they gave out to A-list clientele only.

Tonight, this was the place to be.

The crowd of people outside snaked down the sidewalk all the way down to the next club, with a tall man with a clipboard standing guard at the main entrance. Thana and Allessia walked directly to him, ignoring the hundred plus people waiting in line.

“Thana Sinclair and guest” she stated.

“Of course, Ms. Sinclair,” he said, without even glancing at his list. He stepped aside to let them pass. “Enjoy your evening, ladies.”

As they passed through the opening, and down a dark hall, a sly grin began spreading on Ally’s face. “I have to admit T, that is my favorite part!!” Thana laughed and grinned back. “And hey, the clipboard guy was kind of cute too… wonder what time he gets off work??”

The two laughed as they walked the hall, the music getting louder and louder until they could feel the music rubbing against their skin. Allessia motioned to the coat check and Thana followed to trade her floor length black suede coat for a little paper ticket… didn’t seem like a fair trade, but oh well.

Yelling over the music, Thana asked “Drink or dance first?!” Ally gave her a look and they both replied “Drinks”. They smiled and headed for the first visible bar. They stood there waiting to order their drinks, when a hand grabbed Ally on the shoulder. She spun around, and squealed with excitement “Max! Oh my god I haven’t seen you in ages! How are you??” Ally hugged him tightly and gave him a quick kiss. “I’ve missed you!”

Max grinned back, “I’m better now, babe. I’ve missed you guys! I just got back into town the night before last, so I’ve been recovering from jet lag. Hey, Thana!”

Thana apparently had gotten the bartender’s attention and was ordering drinks, oblivious to her old friend. She finished ordering and turned around, a look of shock on her face.

“Holy shit, where the hell have you been? I heard you were in Europe over the summer, but I never heard when you were coming back! When did you get back? And what are you doing here?”

Max laughed. “The night before last - I figured you guys would be out tonight, and this was the only thing happening. I took a wild guess that you would show up here eventually.”

Max Valeman was the sole heir to an energy drink fortune. His dad started the company 15 years ago and it really took off the past 10 or so. Max was planning on taking over the business eventually, but for now he was just traveling the world, spending daddy’s money. He was well known on the party scene, and if he showed up, you knew you were in the right place.

“Come let’s head upstairs! I checked it out about an hour ago, very nice. I already reserved us a table!” Max coaxed. He grabbed Ally’s hand and started leading the way. Thana followed, though at a distance to give the two some space. They would never admit it, but they have been hot for each other for 5 freakin’ years, but neither one ever made a move. Thana always tried to give them that opportunity, although they never took it. 'Maybe tonight would be a push in the right direction', she thought to herself.

She walked through the crowd and came up to where Max and Ally had stopped to talk a man… a gorgeous man. He was dressed in a tailored suit, that clung against his body in all the right places. His hair was thick and black and his eyes were dark blue, like the night sky just before dusk settles in. He gave her a dazzling smile as she walked up, and Max introduced everyone.

“Thana, Ally, this is one of the owners, Mr. Gamlin. Mr. Gamlin, this is Thana Sinclair and Allessia Merrick.” He took Thana’s hand, bringing it up to his mouth. His breath was hot on her skin, and his lips were incredibly soft as he gently kissed the back of her hand.

“I am enchanted, Ms. Sinclair, Ms. Merrick.” His voice was deep and thick with a fantastic accent that sent shivers up her spine. She eyed him, thinking that if just his voice could do that, it would be very interesting to see some of his other talents.

Please allow me to escort you to our VIP floor. I’m sure you will find it most comfortable. And, please, call me James.”

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  1. Hmmm, very very good! A little mystery goes a long way. I'm looking forward to putting my two cents in. Check tomorrow for my addition. Who will be next?