Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The New Dawn Has Arrived With A New Generation

Out in the courtyard, Jace had just offered his hand down to help her up, telling her the whole time, “Allessia, be glad it was grass you hit and not concrete, or solid ground. That hurts like Hell.”

“Thanks,” she said.

Then Ally looked over and demanded, “Why, the Hell did you do that … just because I mentioned that I needed to get to my art show this weekend.”

Talon being the cause of her laying flat on her Ass, “No, that wasn’t the reason, I tossed you on your butt, because you weren’t concentrating;” he was trying to teach her hand to hand combat, as he asked, “Now, do you see how that’s done?” He had thrown her over his hip and down to the ground to teach her a lesson.

Ally’s smartass comeback, “No …I don’t see…But, I sure felt it. Let’s go again,” not one for giving up she now stood in front of him… in a fighters’ stance, legs slightly apart, knees bent both arms out to her side, now watching Talon, her opponent very carefully. She quickly diverted her thoughts to what a personal private teacher, he was, too, smiling inside.

Jace thoughts went quickly to just how very good looking and sexy she was, in that small little two piece outfit, shorts and top. If that top could be called a top, it barely was more than a bra, cradling those nice breasts in it. Her dark hair was braided into one long braid that hung down her back. He wondered how Talon could concentrate, staring deep into her eyes, as they practice fighting. He knew he wouldn’t be able to, nor would he want too.

“Let’s try once more, before we move on back to the swords,” Talon was moving slowly towards her, as he began telling her the instructions once more, “Really, it isn’t that hard, just watch your enemy as it gets close, plant your feet firmly … your hips should be parallel directly above …. “

Suddenly, as Talon moved in close to Ally, she quickly reached in grabbed and just flipped him over using her hipbone, as he fell splat onto the ground. Ally, stood over him, asking, “Something like that, huh? Right, Hon?”

Taking Talon completely by surprise, he just laid there, with the air knocked completely out of him, looking up at her, barely able to speak, “Ally, that was not fair…”

Jace was always the more serious one out of the bunch, not being one that laughed much. But, once he saw the shocked expression on Talon’s face … as he went up and over her slim little hip. He couldn’t help containing the laughter that erupted from his chest. It was a loud laugh, then he just bent over continue laughing bringing tears to his eyes.

Now, Ally was offering Talon her hand, smiling down at him, “You didn’t say it had to be fair,” she told him, adding smugly, “In fact, I thought your exact words were … anything is fair in war and combat.”

As he took her offered hand, he said, “You are so right… I said when you can catch your opponent off guard,” lifting his leg, twisting his hips to bring her down between his two legs, finishing his statement, “…is a better strategy all around.” Now, he rolled her completely under his hard body, smiling down at her.

She laughed up at him.

Standing up, Jace sobered quickly to interrupt, “I think we need to move on to the handling of weapons,” he didn’t like how the two of them were reacting together.

Talon sent Jace a silent little message, ‘Not to your liking huh… get over it.” But, quickly, he was up on his feet bringing Ally up to hers in his arms, too.

Ally eagerly said, “Yes, let’s.” She bent down and picked up Sage to wait for more instructions.

Jace just sent Talon a drop dead go to Hell look.

Talon just said, “Okay, not a problem, I think Jace might be right we need for you to become a master with that sword. Learn to have complete control to wield the Sword of Light and to use it in battle.”

Now, Talon moved up very close behind her, adding softly in her ear, “Ally, I’ve already taught you the proper way to hold the sword in one hand and then switch it over to the other and also to hold it in both hands for more strength and power. Now, we will move on to the next lesson.” He glanced over to Jace smiling, as he added, “Jace, you can be her attacker…. But, go slow so I can help her with her movements.”

Talon had leaned his large body up against Ally’s backside with his strong arms supporting her arms with his hand over her wrist.

As Jace approached them, together he showed her how to knock the on-coming blade away from her body. He then lifted her easily with one arm, to swiftly pivot her around on his foot, bringing the sword back up high, to get her body back in position… ready for the next attack.

They went several more rounds, when suddenly they all stopped as they heard a cry in the far distance ….

Talon sensed Thor’s message where it was coming from he yelled, “Help is needed in Thor’s room…”

Jace was already gone… in a burst of lightening speed.


Hunter was trying to get Thana some help, as he gently carried her through the winding corridors. Thana heads’ rested against his upper left arm and his chest, with his right arm under her knees …she felt light as a feather in his arms. With each step he took she would glance up at him, and then loose conscious, going in and out of waking consciousness.

Suddenly, she went totally limp in his arm. Her arm fell off to her side her body slumped over his arms. Glancing down he couldn’t see her chest rise up or down. Completely horrified Hunter thought she had just died in his arms, yelling at the top of his lungs, “I need help, Thana needs help …” he began running quickly through the hallways. At Thor’s room he lifted his right leg up to kick the door, it flew open and off the hinges. The room was dimly lit only from a few candles and a small fire in the fireplace.

Thor finally, for once in his life was caught … off guard … with his pants off … yelling out to the intrusion, “What the Fuck!” as the cold air swished over the emotionally heated room and his sweaty backside.

“... Thana’s dying…,” Hunter was yelling, “… I don’t think she’s breathing hurry… she needs….” Not wanting to believe she was already dead.

Both, Thor and Christi had jumped out from their loving embrace, off the bed… completely naked breathing very heavily …

Instantly as Christi saw the lifeless body in Hunter’s arm, she immediately gave instructions in a quiet breathless voice, “Lay her down there… quickly,” pointing to the plush rugs on the floor.

Thor had already grabbed a light wrap for Christi’s naked body, and one for his own. As she walked by him, she easily slipped her petit hands through the arms opening, tying it quickly at her slim waist.

Hunter was carefully kneeling down to lay his lady love on the cushioned carpet floor. Her head lie towards the north, with her feet fell slightly apart, with arms stretched out. Not taking his eyes off her, he said, “Do something… hurry.”

Thana’s eye lids barely lifted to see Hunter and Thor before they floated shut, again.

Hunter sent up a blessing of thanks for keeping her alive, as he was kneeling by her right shoulder, saying, “Tell me what to do…”

Without telling him any thing, Christi just reached for Thor’s long blade dagger resting in its place of honor on the side table. Taking it with her she rushed over to kneel beside Thana’s, left side by her hip. She gently placed the dagger by her knees, just in case she might need it.

Christi began roaming her hands over the younger woman’s body. Starting with the top of her head, over her face, she paused, and sent up a silent prayer as she felt the deep pain the young woman was suffering. Then she, move both hands completely down Thana body, her arms, her sides, over her abdomen, down her legs and back up. Her voice was filled with sadness and bewildered hopelessness, as she apologetically said to Hunter, “She has too many fatal injuries…”

Not wanting to believe this entrusted healer of theirs could do nothing to help, Hunter, yelled in her face, “Heal her DAMN IT!”

Her reply was spoken softly, “Patience, I’m not giving up….” Then seriously, the healer asked, “Hunter, what happened,” in her soft spoken voice.

The voice that answered didn’t sound like Hunter’s, but, he said, “I don’t know… I heard her scream out, I woke up … she was out of bed and then I saw she was hunkered bent over vomiting on the floor… she just collapsed as I got to her. I heard her say, pain …so much pain… As I carried her here, she went limp in my arms, I couldn’t see or hear or sense that she was breathing, I thought her heart had stopped,” he felt helpless as he knelt at Thana’s lifeless body holding her hand to his lips.

Christi was already closing her deep blue eyes and was going into her healing trance. At first a tremendous amount of strange words were softly spoken, quieter than a whisper. Then she reached down for the dagger at her knees. She drew the sharp blade across her own palm slicing a deep gash down from her middle finger through the middle of her palm. Placing the blade at Thana’s upper arm she put an even larger gash down it. Quickly, Christi placed her open wound against Thana’s open wound.

The dagger fell at Christi’s knees.

She began gently to sway going into a chant, “Oh… Great Goddess Mother of Mercy and Healing, I pray to you … come to my aid… give me the healing strength that I need to help this young woman.” As her other hand went up to Thana’s heart to begin to apply compressing pressure over her heart, she kept moving the gashed hand over her body. She added, “Keep her alive under my care.” Every few seconds she was place her cut hand on the cut on Thana, all the while pressing the other one on her heart.

Without the two kneeling on the floor noticing, Thor had left the room. He returned in a second, with both, Indra and Kendrietta by his side. They had several oils, potions and herbs they laid on the table.

Kendreitta began mixing some together, as Indra immediately began to sprinkle amounts of sage clippings all over the area, surrounding Thana, Hunter and Christi with a heavier amount of dried sage bundles in a large circle around them.

Hunter saw what Christi was trying to do to keep her heart beating. His voice whispered, “Let me take over here …” bending over Thana’s upper body he began using both hands one over the other, to compress, as he counted to thirty. Then lifting her chin up, he placed his mouth over hers ….breathing life into her. He inhaled another breath to repeat the process, counting to three….then he went back to the compression of her heart. Administrating, CPR over and over to help keep her alive.

Indra fell to her knees, holding a small bowl of mixed oils in her hand, holding it out to Christi.

Now, that Christi had both hands free, she dipped one hand in the bowl and rubbed the oils over both hands. She easily was moving them over the body on the floor adding, “Allow me to receive Thana’s energy, as she receives mine.” Dipping a finger in the bowl once more, using the oil to make the sign of the cross on the forehead of Thana, “Oh… Great Goddess Mother we pray to you..”

Indra, beside her brother, she placed a hand on his shoulder and reached her other hand to Christi’s shoulder to help chant after her, “Oh, Great Goddess Mother hear our prayers…”

Christi continued to chant, “Deep in my body and bones, the Goddess is alive within me. Deep in my heart and spirit I believe I will heal …I ask be gracious and give me the power …I will accept the power….” As she placed her open wound against Thana’s open wound, once more, she said, “Deep in my cells and my blood the Life Force is strong …. I feel it. Take it into Thana’s body…. give her strength to heal…. Make her feel it….”

Indra repeated, “Give her the power to heal… let her heal…”

Suddenly, everyone was showing up into Thor’s room …..

Jace was first to get there. He stopped as he entered swiftly into the room, with his sword drawn with his crossbows and quarterstaff hanging from his body. He was ready to fight if needed. But, realizing it wasn’t a fight, he was trying to comprehend what was happening, he stood and watched. They he moved over to the side where their healer was knelt.

Several minutes later, Talon and Ally stood at the door way … each carried their swords and quarterstaff.

Ally took one step forward, and as she saw her dear friend lying lifeless on the floor … she screamed out …. then instantly became paralyzed with fear, she couldn’t move.

Talon went to the opposite side where Hunter knelt as he quickly looked over the scene he realized what they were trying to do. As he knelt, taking his own sword removing it from its sheath. He said in a confident voice, “Christi, we need to act quick, when I cut myself … my blood will surface fast …remove your hand from her open wound … I will give her some of my blood,” he looked over to Hunter, “You’re next … here,” picking up the smaller dagger he saw down at his knees, “Cut your hand …give her your blood.” Tossing it to Hunter then he said, “Jace, you take over on the giving her CPR ….”

Now, using his own sword Talon yelled, “Christi move,” running his open palm down the sharp blade cutting a long slash over his the inside of his hand, slapping it quickly over Thana’s gash, as he prayed, ‘Take my blood…heal thyself…’ saying the prayer over and over.

Christi was continuing to chant, “Goddess, I feel you at my core filling me with faith and courage, fill me with all the Abundant Life Forces of the Universe let it flow through me, into Thana beneath my hands. I pray to you Goddess banish all her injuries, all the broken bones from this young woman beneath my hands.”

Indra repeated, “We ask this of the Great Mother of God… banish all injuries and broken bones from Thana… Mother of God ….hear our prayers …. “

Jace had already squeezed between Talon and Christi, placing his hands over her heart to press lift press… repeating it as he called out, “One.. two.. three…” counting all the way to thirty.

Hunter leaned back as he took the dagger, instead of cutting his palm he placed it on his inner left arm cutting a long gash into it, then he put the blade against Thana’s arm, quickly cutting her arm, laying his slashed arm down onto top of her open wound wrapping his fingers around her arm, squeezing his fingers to pump the flow of his blood to mingle into her body.

Jace couldn’t reach her mouth so he yelled out, “…now, Hunter … breath, into her….”

Hunter inhaled a deep breath quickly leaning up over to place his mouth over hers to exhale into her mouth watching as his breath lifted her lungs, rising back up to take another breath, as he heard Jace voice.

Jace was counting, “One breath, two breaths, three breaths… stop”

Between them they were giving Thana CPR…..

Now, Christi had begun chanting louder, “Accept this healing blood, take the strength from our bones, take our cells to heal …. now… I know The Goddess force is within me to heal Thana … I-O DEEA HA HE YAY!”

Indra began to say over and over, “… I-O DEEA HA HE YAY!” continuously to repeat the ancient chant, “I-O DEEA HA HE YAY!”

As Hunter saw the looks of pity on the two women faces, he pleaded to them all, “Don’t give up… give her life…” his blood was dripping over Thana’s arm, running down it, he moved his hand to press his arm over hers… trying to force his blood into hers.

Jace continued to compress her chest, as he counted to thirty…

Talon’s opened wound had already healed its self. He quickly was slicing his arm, again, down on his sword to open another wound, placing it against her open wound. Not, giving up either, letting his blood flow into the young lady’s body. Quickly, he had healed again. He just cut another place on his arm.

Kendrietta was as busy now blending together the essential healing oils from Carnation, Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Peppermint in a bowl of hot water, swirling it together and then handing the concoction over to Thor, telling him, “This is for healing and to give them all the strength they will need to endure.”

Thor dipped his fingertips into the mixture then sprinkled it over the team, as he walked around the group in a circle, adding his own prayer as he did. Making sure he sprinkled the liquid over them, including the floor they knelt on and on the sage he felt at his feet.

Now, Kendrietta just began to put together another blend of oils from her herbs, as she added; Basil, Clary sage and Jasmine… together it would help to heal muscular pain and strengthen bones. As she finished she went to stand at Thana’s left leg …she began flicking the liquid out and over the length of Thana’s body, covering her with the hot liquid. Then she too began to circle the area, sprinkling the hot liquid over them and the area.

Christi reached on open palm up to Thor’s asking, “Pour some liquid into my cupped hand.”

Thor felt for her hand and did as requested.

Christi took the liquid in her palm letting it run down over her onto Thana, singing, “Send the energy of Brigid to heal with this water from her Sacred Well … take the Pains and Aches and all damages of Evil Things from this body” she paused, added, “… I-O DEEA HA HE YAY!”

Indra still was chanting “… I-O DEEA HA HE YAY!” then she added, “…we pray to you … remove all damages from Thana.” She stood and began to circle the group, repeating the ancient chant.

Kendrietta joined in with, “I-O DEEA HA HE YAY!” repeating it… several times

With tears in her eyes, Christi looked to Hunter, crying out, “I’m loosing her… I’m sorry,” glancing over them all adding, “I can’t get her pain to leave …. it’s deep, most all her bones are broken… I can’t get them healed fast enough and she has lost so much blood…she has massive internal bleeding…” she slowly began to slide her hands over Thana’s broken body… adding, “I can’t sense that she wants to heal … it’s like she broken more than her bones…. Her spirit … ”

Hunter, yelled between breaths, “Don’t give up..” his voice caught in a sob…

Ethan had entered the room a few minutes prior he heard Christi’s, cry. He went to Thana’s head. He directly sat down on the floor, with her head between his upper thighs he bent over to place his open palms on either side by her temples. He closed his eyes, as he massaged his fingertips over her forehead he easily was able to move forward into this death dream of hers. He knew his mission would be to encourage her to live. So, he began to speak to her in this state of unconsciousness, “Thana, you want to hang on … you need to stay with us … remember you don’t want to die… you want to live …you have a life here among us… we care…” he continue his encouraging, “do not go to the spirit side, stay here…fight and over come this pain of yours ..… allow the healing power of Christi to come to your aid..…release the pain…. You have much to live for… Hunter loves you…. ” he paused as he began to visualize what had destroy her… he flinched and moaned as he felt he was entering her death with her… it was a strong pain that filled them both.

Thor sprinkled more of the healing liquid over them as he said to Christi, “Love, continue ... I believe you can bring her back … do it … believe.”

Christi began again, “I pray to the five elements that now surround this body of Thana’s. The element of Air from Jace with his lightening speed. The element of Fire of from Thana’s with the fire inferno in her core. The element of Earth from Kendrietta from the deep bond she had to Mother Earth. The element of Spirit from Ethan the Dream Walker with his power to walk among others dreams. And the element of Water from myself, through my power to transcend liquid into healing power,” she chanted once more, “Fly to me on rapid wings! Send the energy of Demeter to restore life to these withering cells.”

Indra added, “Restore life to withering cells… We pray to you Mother of God… Goddess of all that is good and strong, allow us to heal….”

Both Indra and Kendrietta were still following Thor in his circle of prayer.

Kendrietta added, “I-O DEEA HA HE YAY!... Mother of God.. we pray to you… help us … help her…”

Jace had counted to thirty and said, “Breath…”

Hunter exhaled another breath into his lover’s open mouth, expanding her lung up.

Jace counted for Hunter, saying, “..one breath.. two breaths… three breaths… stop…”

Jace and Hunter continued with applying the CPR.

And, Hunter was making his blood surface and then forcing it in her arm.

Christi chanted, “Send quickly the energy of Quan Yin to bless this healing with peace and tranquility. Magick to mend…..Sickness be banish. Good health to return.” Her hands were continuing to caress over Thana’s body, with open palm and then closing them to bring them up from her to open them up … to lift the pain from her releasing it out into the universe.

Indra, was still repeating portions of what the healer was asking, “Bless this healing.” Plus, she stopped over Thana’s body with her wet hand… she bent down to make the sign of the cross… letting the healing oil liquid pool on her body.

Suddenly, Christi, stood up and actually went up and over Thana’s body placing one foot on either side at her thighs, with one hand on either side, keeping her body an inch from Thana’s. She leaned her head up as she said, louder, “Oh, Great Goddess Mother we pray to you…Work the will for which we pray - I-O DEEA HA HE YAY!” waiting a second. Then Christi told them, “Pour some of the liquid over my back to drip on Thana.”

Both Indra and Kendrietta from opposite sides poured some of the liquid over her.

Christi now added, “Remove all the deadly pain and broken bones, take them from Thana’s body, come forth and enter my body, let me wash it away to never return. Surround me in your radiant light. I pray for the Magic and power pure and white. For peace from pain and give health, I do yearn. Banish this ….. ….flow them to me … allow me to accept her pain…as mine…. I ask in the Name of the Goddess, bring them into my vessel….and use my body in place of hers…”

Both Indra and Kendrietta, bowed to one knee and said, “We pray to you oh Mother Goddess… take the pain and give it to our healer.”

Hunter no longer could stay quiet as he yelled, “She’s not responding ….she feels cold…not hot like she should …. Damn it.. some one do something.” He sent an evil look up at Thor, as he now shouted at him, “OLD MAN … Do Something ….I know you can…..”

Thor silently thought, “Hunter, you know I can’t… my limit is with Christi as my other half….”

Then Hunter pleaded, “Or, tell me what I can do …”

Now, he switch his eyes to looking at Christi, “ NOW.” He screamed.

Christi shook her head, as she moved her body back over to a kneeling position, “I’m at a loss….” lifting her hands up to say, “Mother of God… help me… help her…allow me my healing powers….do not forsake me now in this hour of my need …let my touch heal …. take my life into Thana’s… bless me by giving me all of her pain…. ”

Thor reached his hand down to Christi’s uplifted hand, taking it in his hand, saying in a strong voice, “Christi, offer up my Tremor Sense and…,” hesitantly, he added, “… go ahead add my eye sight …. forever more … no longer to be used just as my weapon of defensive shields for our protection in this our Heavenly Paradise … … it must be time. Take it… ” as he thought we will deal with all the enemies, as they will be able now to track us here…

Christi look at him in total despair, “No, Thor… we need you to keep ….” It was the first time she ever openly disobeys.

Thor’s voice was firm as he stated, “I command you to do it…”

Now, tears were streaming down Christi’s cheek, “I will not ….”
Everyone else was continuing to try to do whatever possible for Thana.

Suddenly, Ally realizing what she had just heard, it registered in her mind of what Thor had said…. his eyesight was a weapon of defense. She no longer stood frozen as a statue in fear. Taking the few steps forward, asking loudly, “Thor, you said I have the power of the Lifestream .. tell me how to use Sage to its full advantage … to give life not take it ….”

She stood at her dear friends’ right side, with Sage in her hands.

Finally, Thor smiled, as he told her in a very soothingly voice, “You must believe you can give the source of life, hold Sage up over Thana then bring it back down to gently pressed its tip into Thana flesh, place it directly over her heart…as you press… let the Sword of Light, become the source of her Life. Believe in your power…”

Quickly, removing Sage from its sheath she tossed the casing to the ground. Planting a foot beside Thana’s right knee and one at her left knee, Ally took a deep breath, to hold it into her lungs as she raised the heavy Sage high up over her head. She closed her eyes to concentrate…remembering Talon’s words to concentrate… then what Thor said she needed to believe … but what she thought was a doubtful ….. I think I can.

Instantly a vision.. was delivered in a flash of light as she saw …

the strange color of the small round eyes, light green with a sky blue rim around the edges of them. Showing deep concern, love and peace, with a greater show of kindness as Ally realized.. whose eyes they were.

Suddenly, she heard in her inner soul, the voice of The Angel of Valor repeat what they were told just a few days before….. It went on to say;

use one hundred and ten percent of your mind …. Both of you… need to open up and
concentrate… open and receive the thoughts that surround you … they will tell you a
mountain of wealth. Evaluate those you encounter between good and evil… get to know
both sides. Allow your mind, your body and your spirit to enter the others …. to become
one….. the United One …. no one will be able to harm you once you do. Seek the knowledge
that over flows …. fills your bodies, in your blood, in your heart, and in your emotions,
especially your compassion for those around you. You love Thana…Thana you love Ally …
now you have the ability inside to turn your knowledge into forces of weapons that will
defeat those that have been ordered to do you both harm. Now, accept the knowledge …
bend to the will of the guardian’s teachings….”

Then it added, “Ally believe… I believe in you… .”

She heard Christi voice yelling loudly trying once more, “Fire flame and fire burn, make the mill of magick turn. Work the will for which we pray - I-O DEEA HA HE YAY!”

Then as if rehearsed, each of them that was surrounding Thana, doing what ever they could at the same time. Everyone repeated, “… we pray - I-O DEEA HA HE YAY!”

Then out of the blue, “I think her soul’s leaving her body….” Christi cried out, “She’s going over …. Death has come …”

Hunter screams of, “NOOOOOOOO,” echoed through the room as he quickly leaned over Thana’s body completely with his upper body … quickly he flexed his mind to send all of his power to blanket them all in a shadow of darkness, as it immediately surrounded them, he yelled, “I will command her soul to stay in tack, continue Allessia DO IT, No one give up… ”

Hunter closed his eyes and brought more of the void of darkness around them as in his mind, heart and soul he was saying over, over, ‘Thana, love stay with me… don’t go.’ Allessia held Sage above her friends body .... her eyes glanced down quickly realized to get to her chest… she had to press the blade through Hunter’s flesh … her last thought was she would give Thana life, then she pressed the tip of the sharp blade onto his flesh it went through a metal chain that hung off his neck into the flesh part of Hunter’s shoulder where it met his neck. She continued to apply a steady pressure until the tip went gently into the flesh of Thana’s body.

Hunter had stayed still barely flinching… as he felt the cold blade enter his arm.

Simultaneously, Sage began to glisten into a shimming of lights. First a bright white light then the blade began to change into one of many colors one after the other… there was a bright blue, a deep golden yellow, a deep purple, a blinding silver with a blood red … as the many colors quickly bullet shooting inside Thana chest.

At the same time, it was as if an electrical lightening blast shot through her whole body at once. There was a bright yellow golden red shooting from her hands, feet and the top of her head. The forces of this strange energy began to ricochet around the cloak of void darkness that Hunter had engulfed all of them trapping it and them inside …

As this energy discharges touched the invisible shield it went bouncing all around them with flashes, sending the power from the Lifestream from Allessia through Sage to finally hit upon them all at once, it sounded like was a huge thunderous dynamite explosion.

Thana’s body shot upward off the floor, actually arcing as the stunning energy became an astonishing silver glow.

Hunter’s large body remained where he was over hers he barely flinched from it.

Talon’s larger body was leaning over her placing his open would once more over Thana, as he realized what happed he was yelling and reaching at the same time, “Hunter grab Ally’s leg… keep her grounded and firm.”

Hunter grab Allessia’s left leg as Talon had the right leg, holding her down firmly to the floor, or so they thought.

But, for a brief instant, all of their bodies moved a few inches off the floor with hers as they floated before, they were all settling back onto the floor.

Jace’s body had already been shot back a few inches from the force of the blast, away from Thana’s body.

All of the other women; Christi’s, Kendrietta’s, and Indra’s bodies had fallen to her sides onto floor.

Ethan’s body was actually blasted back scooting his butt slightly away from her head … tossing him flat on his back with his legs no longer anchored onto Thana’s shoulder, they fell to the side. His extreme shot from her was not only delivered from the Lifestreams’ force. But, at that exact moment Thana’s internal element of defense, a wave of darkness transcended … she had created the strongest barricade that closed her mind from his, tossing his existence from her inner soul.

The only ones that were physically left connected with Thana body lying on the floor; were Hunter lying over hers stretching his right arm down Thana upper leg to hold Allessia’s left leg firm to the floor. Talon was lying over Thana, as well, stretching his left arm down Thana upper leg to hold Ally’s right leg. The two men had held her grounded and firm, during the extraordinary blast.

But, unbeknownst to any of them, at the very last moment Thor had been more worried then he led them to believe. So he placed both of his hands above Allessia’s shoulders …then touched her giving her a boost of his life’s strength as he prayed, ‘Let them give her life.’

Between the five of them they had created a Human Element of 5 Pentagram the symbol of Faith encased in the circle of sage.

Now, once Sage began to cool down, the shine of the blade went to a light blue, Allessia withdrew it from her dearest friend chest…and quickly out of Hunter’s shoulder …. blood began to drip from his deep wound, the blade was a bright white to a light shimmer of pale silver.

As Hunter lifted his body, the chain and medallion that had hung from his neck, was on Thana’s chest … the cross of the medallion had been burned into the upper flesh of her chest.

From the small cut on Thana’ chest above her heart a bright deep orange blood red spit of fire was spurting up and out … then instantly it settled back into her body to turn a light reddish. The blood was already beginning to coagulate containing the bleeding within her.

Thana suddenly shot up gasping, coughing, as she sputtered, “What the Hell?” and yet, it barely came out as a whispered. Then she took a deeper cleansing breath.

Hunter’s medallion and broken chain slid from her side onto his knee, by reflex he picked it up in his hand.

When she opened her bright orange red eyes, she saw Hunters’ loving eyes absorbing hers. Suddenly the cloak of darkness faded away. Now, as his emotions were no longer of anguish and anger. He had calmed enabling him to hold his powers in control, once more.

He reached for her and brought her lips to his for a long loving embrace, as they pulled apart, he said, “I thought I had lost you…” Now, they stared into the others eyes. His lips felt hot, as he had felt the deep heat of her fiery flame it was just at the boiling state … and her body was still hot to his touch. He didn’t care, let him blister up, he kept his hands around her.

She saw the tears in his eyes as her own were tearing she leaned into him to say, “I’m sorry… “

Her eyes glanced further over to see Thor standing.

He smiled… sensing Thana was out of danger, with the help of all of them… he thought … good they came together as a unit. That was what he wanted to find out if they would… they had passed this strange unexpected test of strength and abilities… using all their known powers to over come whatever happened.

Now, Thor could easily sense his Christi was in pain, he bent down picking her up in his arms… she was not only spent from all of her efforts to heal the dying Thana, probably more like dead Thana. But, as he brought her close to his chest, she whispered to him, “This pain she had is excruciating …I feel the broken bones …in my body …. I must lie down… to release it.”

Thor easily carried, now her injured body to their bed and placed her gently onto the jumbled covers, holding her hand as she let loose all of the damages to the Goddess as she whispered, “Mother of God, blessed be to you for giving me the healing power… please take this pain from my body.”

Thana eyes continued to roam around the room as she realized everyone was around her, finally her eyes rested on Aley, still standing over her, holding her blade.

Jace handed Ethan his hand to help him to sit back up, asking, “You alright?”

“Shit, that was very very disturbing…and ugly…” was all Ethan said. He had seen what Thana had gone through this evening, from one of her latest memories. He stood there, wondering if he should tell Hunter or not. Deciding against it, he only told Jace, in a very quiet troubled voice, “I was there with her, we were heading for the brightest light I had ever seen and beyond it looked heavenly…a hand was reaching out to Thana, I could feel her reluctance to touch it, but her fingertips were almost there at the other’s fingertips. Then just as sudden we were pulled back with a force I can’t believe, and I don’t understand… but we went fast into a deep darkness of warmth… I heard Hunter’s loud voice he was screaming … no for a long time. Plus, I saw something it was at the very edge of the pit of her core I saw this amazing inferno… like a wall of fire heading up.” He shook his head and added, “I’ve seen many scary things but nothing compares to this Dream Walk. I think I was close to death with her….” He stood there as he thought about that darkness that tossed him from her, it was different then other shields he had encountered. He could only stare in awe of the woman still lying on the floor, as he began to remember some of the things he felt, some of the memories he had encounter… and her worries. But, mainly he was in awe of what she was becoming.

Thana said, with a stunned shocked voice, “Ally .. that was most strange ….very strange, I could see myself through your eyes .. …once you placed that blade into my chest…I could see all of you doing everything possible trying to help me,” she looked again around the room to say softly, “… thank you.” Lifting her hand up to touch Hunter’s face, as she did… she noticed the long gash on her arm… then she looked over to her other arm by Talon… there were several longer slashes over it. Even stranger no blood was dripping from them… just opened wounds.

As they all stood to watch, magically the slashes on the side where Talon’s blood had entered Thana began to close to heal without a scar … then she held up the other one and the open flesh that Hunter had gashed open was now closing and healing. She looked down at the small pinpoint on her chest and it was like nothing had ever happened there at all. As she did, she noticed the burned mark of the Cross, she touched it… it was permanently embedded in her skin. She looked puzzled.

Hunter showed her his medallion she took it in her hand.

Now, Talon was saying, “If, I’m not mistaken, I believe my ability to regenerate has just became part of your DNA now. I ended up giving you quite a bit of my blood, any way I believe so. If I was to guess … you .. are now invincible, as well.”

Thana placed her hand up to Hunter’s shoulder where it was cut from Sage’s blade, she tearfully said, “You’re hurt,” her face was filled with a deep lovingly pain for him.

He shook his head, “It’s nothing,” smiling at her.

Then she quietly asked him, “please, help me up…” she felt her bones were no longer broken and her pain was gone.

Hunter carefully helped her to stand up keeping an arm around her to make sure she was steady. Realizing she was fine, better then ever.

As everyone began to walk away from the place they had all knelt on the carpet.

As they did, both, Indra and Kendrietta handing each a cup of tea made from some special herbs, “This is a simple tea it will help to calm your nerves.”

Hunter walked over to Talon, held out his open arm and said, “Give me your blood, too.”

Talon only hesitated for a mill-a-second…

Hunter grabbed his arm, flexed his power to reopen one of gashes in Talon’s arms and then quickly placed their arms together, open palms intertwining their fingers.

Looking back over to Thana, he thought, ‘If she’s invincible I never want to leave this world without her…’.

Since, Thor was preoccupied with Christi, he was not fast enough as Thor’s own thoughts shouted out, ‘Hunter, Talon… no…’

They both thought back, ‘too late..’

But, Thor already knew it was too late the flow of their blood was already blending together. If Hunter would have just waited, he probably got more than he needed from Thana’s blood flowing between the three of them.

Thor stood there as he realized now several of them had entered cellular evolution, allowing these powerful warriors to literally change their molecular structure. They would become increasingly resistant to certain types of damage, empowering them as non-magical weapons. Turning them all into formidable weapons.

Hunter actually called out with his voice to ask, “Thor… why… did you let Thana almost die …” not really waiting for the elder to tell them.

Hunter simply asked another, “Thana what happened, how did this happen….”

Her voice sounded troubling disturbed as she said without thinking, “Viktor beat the Hell out of my body.”

Hunter furiously repeated, “Viktor, did this…how….” And, his last thought was said a loud, “He’ll regret hurting you, my love.”

Again, Hunter’s impatience got the better of him, as anger seethed through him then he immediately was gone into the shadows of darkness.

Thana yelled out, “Hunter….”

But, he was long gone.

Pointing to the floor, Indra said, “Look! ”

As everyone was staring down at the floor in amazement, there embedded into the floor beneath the scorched carpet, was burn markings was the symbol of a human pentagram encased in a circle of the carpet remains.

Christi, said, “Thor, Hunter took your Hikayat Hang Tuah Keris dagger …”

Thor became very still, as he said, “I no longer sense Hunter…” he knew without a doubt Hunter had gone deep into the Void of Darkness.

The remaining group heard Thor thoughts, ‘I wonder how this will affect the balance of the worlds …. He’ll become too powerful now that all of his emotions are involved …’


It took him one week to find out where his brother Viktor’s Keep was located … and another week to gain access deep beneath the Point. He had lived up to his name …as he had become a Hunter.

The longer it took, with all the consuming anger eating at Hunter, he became much stronger and more powerful than he ever thought possible.

But, now, finally he had infiltrated Viktor’s resting place. As he entered the edge of the area Hunter strangely felt more at home, in this darken room, actually the walls looked closer to a cave then a room. However, there were several nice pieces of furniture in the room like a sofa, a few chairs, table with a lamp…not lit, and a fireplace across the room with a roaring fire.

His dear brother, Viktor was standing across the room, about to take a drink from the glass he held in his hand. He looked as if he was about to go under for the day. And, Hunter was extremely surprise to find Viktor all alone, but, he was.

Hunger uncloaked his body from the darken Void of the shadows, that he had lived in them for these past weeks. His body felt strange, torn between Good and Evil between Love and Hate as he stood looking at his brother.

Viktor’s head snapped towards him completely shocked as that moment instance was the first he had felt of the sensation from his brother presence, and to see Hunter actually standing there. It was very usually that he had not sensed that his brother was this close by. Normally, he could tell if he was in close proximity to him.

But, now, they barely stood a few yards from the other, he said, “Well, hello, Brother Hunter what a surprise. What do I owe this honor of your presence, too?”

Forcing a smile on his face, putting up the shields around his feelings and without blinking his reply was, “I decided to take James’ suggestion, I have come to end the feud between us, Brother,” Hunter took a step forward, and then another and another weaving his body between the furniture that was between them.

Viktor asked, “So, you have visited again with James. I take it he mentioned how Max is now one of us.”

“Yes, I spoke with James,” not giving anything away, he added, “So, he finally took his first taste of good blood.”

Viktor laughed, “You might say that.”

As Hunter got closer he added, “And, he liked it, enjoyed it.”

“Immensely, can’t get enough of it these days.” Viktor’s speculation was on high alert, “So, you have decided to join ranks with James and I.” tossing the glass down into the fire, it flamed higher, “Good, father will be pleased,” Now, his fangs became apparently visible, adding, “So, you are willingly going to give me the pleasure of giving you the joy of re-birth to join me…”

Hunter stood directly in front of Viktor…eye level, equal in strength, powerful, and evil as he let his anger and hatred soar forth… Yet, his love for Thana balanced him to remain calm, cool and collected. As Hunter lifting his head up, exposing his neck to his brother, as he smiled, saying, “Do what you will …” he put his skins shields up just in case those fangs got too close.

Viktor not to look a gift horse in the mouth, leaned in, thinking he would have that seat on the council…soon. He was within a fraction of an inch… from biting his fangs deep into his brother’s flesh …. he could almost taste the fresh blood.

Hunter waited, as he sensed his brother’s eyes close.

Hunter’s eyes went from their chocolate brown, to the light green and then quickly completely black as he engulfed the two of them in the total Void of Darkness, the room began blacker … capturing Viktor in his power, he lifted one hand to his brothers shoulder as he warned, “You should never have hurt Thana,” quickly his other hand went up to his brother’s neck.

Viktor’s puzzling comment was, “Thana, how did I hurt…” was all he got out, as he jerked back.

The long blade of the magical treasured Ancient Keris dagger was already embedded deep into his brother’s neck … Hunter added, “I doubt father will be pleased at all… ” as he swiftly twisted his hand to move the blade back and over cutting completely through his thick neck … severing his Brother’s head off….. blood was already spurting out and running down his body from the cut.

As the Vampire’s head rolled down onto the floor, blood spurting from where it once was, it went everywhere as his lifeless body fell to the floor. Viktor’s protected cape had fallen first as the knife had cut the lacings from the tie.

Hunter let his brother’s body fall.

Thousands of the deadly cries of Viktor Kiss were heard throughout the underground world as they were being obliterated from this ones death.

He bent down to pick up both the cape and the head of Viktor taking them with him to burn. He wrapped the head in a tablecloth and the cape around the bloody mass. His thoughts were he didn’t want James to get the cape for his protection.

Knowing now the war had begun, and he had drawn first blood.

Hunter turned to walk away… As he came to a piece of furniture, he leaned down and with his fingertips he lifted it up and tossed it out of his exit path.

As he reached the exit, he paused and as he did… he let his inflamed anger burst through his body, giving him more strength and power. With ease he flexed his powers out across the room …wanting to destroy everything. Suddenly, there was a volcanic explosion.

Hunter, was pleasantly surprise, as it all went into an exploding flame and ended up in a pile of blacken dust.

Except Viktor’s body … Hunter had wanted it to be found, it lay where it had fallen. But, already, the body had begun to decompose and wither to the ugly being he was.

His deepest thoughts were, “No, Father and the Council Heads will be very displeased ….”

Smiling, he looked back at the pile of burned ash dust…. He narrowed his eyebrows and the burned ashes began to form a message in the blood of his brother… it said. “You will be next, Love Hunter.”

He quickly blended into the darken void of the shadows, now, with his only thought was, “I need to go home to Thana’s loving arms… I’ve been gone too long.”


In front of the courtyard’s fire Thor sat crossed legs, with a shawl blanket around his bare chest, playing a sweet melody on his flute… sensing the others around him, as they became the warriors that were required.

Instantly, he stopped playing, as he knew the scale of Good and Evil just tipped, he said, “Hunter’s coming.”

As he stood up tall, the blanket fell to the ground to show the large tattoo on his back. It had become visible to all that stood and stared at him.

The design was a Dragon in flight, the large wings spread out and coming from its nostrils was a blast of fire, Thos shook his head, ‘We will soon become the battleground, get prepared.’


  1. WOW, nice job! A lot happened in that one. I love the direction in this one. Lots of questions were answered as well...very well done. So, now it my turn right? lol Hopefully I can get my ass writing soon, sorry about dropping the ball the last time.

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